AMC Update Monday 3/10/08

All My Children Update Monday 3/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rob introduces himself to Jesse and Frankie. They avoid telling Rob their names. Rob leaves. Jesse and Frankie argue about how to go about checking out Rob. Jesse tells Frankie to get some sleep and Frankie reluctantly agrees.

Joe reads JR’s chart. Adam shows up and asks Joe what is wrong. JR tells Joe not to tell Adam anything. JR tells Adam to leave.

Josh tries to arrange a meeting, but gets nowhere. Zach offers the man some time at the casino, but the man gets another call and hangs up. Zach and Josh discuss the possibility that Adam is behind it. Josh turns to leave and Annie shows up.

Ryan finds Kendall and Aidan in a compromising position. Ryan asks why Aidan is being Kendall’s “guard dog.” Aidan explains what Zach asked him to do. Kendall tells Ryan to leave, but he insists on staying.

Josh leaves. Annie apologizes for not calling and tells Zach that she downloaded some articles for Spike. Annie tells Zach that things are better with Ryan.

Aidan tells Ryan that he shouldn’t be there. Ryan says that it is up to Kendall. Kendall asks Ryan what he wants from her. He tells her that he wants to talk to her alone. Aidan and Ryan start arguing. Ryan says that it is important. Kendall explains to Ryan why Zach is worried.

Angie and Tad arrive at the office. Jesse asks them what is going on. Tad and Angie explain that someone was following him. Jesse tells Tad that Rob showed up to see him. Jesse explains that he doesn’t think that Rob recognized him. Tad tells them that they need to find a safer place until they know what is going on. Jesse tells Angie that she and Frankie can’t be at the safer place and Tad agrees with him. Tad explains to Jesse that he already has plans to get Krystal and Jenny out of harms way. Tad leaves.

Adam and JR argue. Joe tells them that JR has an infection. Adam wonders what caused the infection. Joe explains that there are puncture wounds on both of JR’s hips and that is where the infection came from. Joe tells JR that he can go home the following morning and leaves. Adam wants to know what really happened with JR. Adam wonders who kidnapped JR and why, but JR explains that he was unconscious. Adam tells JR that he can’t go home because he wants to help make things better between them.

Krystal tries to get Jenny to go to sleep. Tad walks in and offers to put Jenny down for a few minutes so that they can discuss some things. Jenny starts crying. Tad tells Krystal that he and Angie went to see John Remington’s mother and that someone was watching them while they were there. Tad explains that they can’t call the police. He asks her if there is someone back home that she and Jenny can stay with for a little while.

Kendall tells Ryan that she isn’t afraid of him and tells him to sit down. Aidan reminds Kendall that Zach hired him. Kendall explains that they are all friends. Ryan tells Kendall that he remembered something and explains it. Ryan suggests that he and Kendall go to the place he saw, in hopes that it will jog more memories, but Aidan tells him that it isn’t going to happen.

Adam takes a drink and remembers when JR broke his arm. JR tells Adam that good things never last. JR realizes that if he were more like Tad, people wouldn’t assume the worst about him.

Kendall pulls Aidan to the side and asks him what is wrong with him. Kendall doesn’t see how much harm it could do to spend some time giving Ryan the information he is looking for. Aidan tells her to call Zach and find out what he thinks. Aidan tells her that she can go anywhere she wants with Ryan, but she has to call Zach and let him know first. Kendall agrees not to go with Ryan. She tells Ryan that she can’t, but they can talk when they get back home. Ryan apologizes and turns to leave. Kendall stops him and tells him about the bar and tells him that she does want to help him. They agree to talk when they get back home. Aidan apologizes to Ryan and Ryan accepts.

Zach reads a book to Spike and Annie criticizes Zach’s animal sounds. Zach gets up to answer the phone. He asks Enrico when he is coming down there, but Enrico explains that he has too much work to do. Annie speaks up and tells him that he should come there and Zach explains that she is the wine expert. She plays the part and describes a local wine. She convinces Enrico to come pay them a visit and he agrees to come the next week. She tells Zach that she used to be a waitress and Zach hugs her.

Jesse asks about Angie’s visit to John’s mother. She explains her empathy for John’s mother. They hug.

Rob arrives at the casino and Frankie follows him.

Zach tells Annie how good of a job she did and explains the man that she was talking to. Annie tells Zach that she wanted him to know about the change with Ryan because she knows how hard it is for Zach. She explains that she is afraid to hope that Ryan is getting better. Zach tells her how incredible she is.

Aidan apologizes to Kendall and she mocks him. Aidan explains that he hates that Ryan is going through this. Kendall and Aidan agree that Ryan isn’t going to use her to get his memory back while they are in L.A. She thanks him for protecting her and he leaves after making sure she will be fine by herself. She grabs her coat and puts it on.

Adam tries to talk about Babe, but JR suggests that they should change the subject. Adam asks JR about the people who kidnapped him. JR tells Adam that he doesn’t want his help. A nurse comes in and tells Adam that visiting hours are over. JR tells Adam to go back to the big, warm, empty house. Adam leaves.

Krystal tells Tad that Jenny is sleeping. Tad gives her a list of potential places for her and Jenny to stay for a while. They agree that they have to keep Jenny safe. Tad tells Krystal that he has a ridiculous idea. He asks her “what if.”

Jesse freaks out by Tad’s absence. Angie gives Jesse a drink and Jesse tells her that it is nasty. Angie tells Jesse that she would rather be there than anywhere else, even though they are in danger. She tells him that Frankie would do anything for him.

Frankie continues to follow Rob. Rob orders Frankie a drink. Frankie walks over and Rob asks him to join him.

Krystal tells Tad that he is crazy and she isn’t going to do it. Tad tells her that it is the perfect solution. Tad tells her that they can hit the road immediately. Tad tells her that it is the only way.

Frankie joins Rob. Frankie explains that he has just started being a private investigator. Rob gives Frankie his card. Frankie agrees to tell Jesse that Rob is only around to catch up with Tad. Frankie gives Rob his drink and explains that he isn’t much of a drinker.

Adam gets home and runs into a bunch of baby supplies. Tad tells Adam that Krystal is moving back in.

Zach asks Annie if she wants dinner, but Annie explains that she has a lot of work to do. Zach hugs Annie and she leaves. Zach’s phone rings and Aidan tells him that Ryan showed up. Aidan explains that Kendall is probably asleep because it has been an eventful trip. Aidan agrees to fill Zach in when he gets home.

Annie leaves Ryan a message.

Ryan has a drink and Kendall shows up at the bar.

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