AMC Update Friday 3/7/08

All My Children Update Friday 3/7/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Greenlee walks into ConFusion and joins Zach sitting at the bar. She sits beside him, and tells the bartender that she will have what he is having. She start talking then tell Zach that she hate his wife. Zach looks at her and she tells him that she hates anyone who is with her man, which is why she hates Kendall.

Kendall and Aidan are in her room talking about the attempted rape. Room service is at the door with a meal, wine and flowers, and is followed by string players on the violin. Kendall is impressed, but so is Aidan, because he ordered only the dinner. He believes that since she is a steamy romance novel writer, the hotel sent the flowers and the violins.

Ryan comes into Kendall’s hotel lobby to ask to be connected to her room, but Kendall has a do not disturb order on her room. Ryan is intent on getting to see Kendall.  He tries to charm the desk clerk by telling her that he plans to propose to Kendall.

Angie knocks on Mrs. Remington’s home and introduces herself. Mrs. Remington knows who she is. Angie mentions how sorry she is to know that Remy is dead. Someone is snooping around Mrs. Remington’s home, and Tad is outside waiting for Angie.

Jesse is awaiting news on Angie inside of Tad’s office. He gets nervous and decides to leave. As he lock the door someone grab him from behind; put their hand over his face, and shove him back inside. It is Frankie insisting that Jesse stay put.

When Mrs. Remington tells Angie that her son loved her, Angie apologizes and says she did not know Remy that long -- they just dated for a short while.

Aidan recites a passage from Keats' book of sonnets for Kendall, and she is impressed. She encourages him to recite Keats for Greenlee.

Greenlee tells Zach that she is mad at Annie too, because Ryan remembers Kendall, and Annie but not her. She hates not being remembered.

Remy’s mother exclaims that Angie broke her son’s heart, and he was so devastated by it that he went away without a word to her. Angie tries to explain that she was not the cause of his disappearance, but Mrs. Remington pulls out a rifle while accusing her of lying. Angie becomes afraid. Mrs. Remington knows that someone accompanied Angie to her home, and she knows that her home is being watched. She encourages Angie to start talking, or she will start shooting.

Jesse calls Tad, furious that he got Frankie to run interference if Jesse left Tad’s office. Tad hangs up as Angie and Mrs. Remington step to the door. Mrs. Remington has a rifle and orders Tad inside.

Ryan is still in the lobby, insisting on seeing Kendall. The clerk leaves the front desk, then Ryan sneaks behind the counter. He sees a picture of himself with a note saying to alert Aidan Turner if this guy is seen. The clerk catches him, and attempt to call security. Ryan gives her a bleeding heart story saying that he intends to ask Kendall to marry him. The clerk is not impressed, and still refuses to give out Kendall’s room number. Ryan leaves.

Kendall talks to Aidan about the unconventional love between Zach, and she. Aidan acknowledges that Zach loves her. Kendall knows that, and agrees with Aidan. She tells Aidan how tough Zach’s exterior is, but once he let you in, he is a thing of beauty. Aidan thinks that Greenlee is tough, but has a soft side. Kendall mentions that the way to keep Greenlee happy is to make her laugh, and recite poetry, but watch out when she gets bored.

Frankie lashes out at Jesse for trying to step outside of Tad's office. He also lashes out for Jesse not being there for him as a child. Jesse apologizes, because he cannot take it back or reverse the past to make it right.

Mrs. Remington states that it has been eighteen years since she has seen her son. He came to see her back then, and said he was leaving town on government business. He gave her a necklace with a huge stone on it. Tad and Angie look at each other suspiciously when they see it. He gave her a lot of money the last time he saw her. Someone broke into her home, but did not get the necklace, because she always wears it. Angie mentions that someone also broke into her home back then.

Aidan and Kendall get drunk, and he shows her how to play soccer with a pillow on the floor. They began to laugh and fall on the bed. Ryan uses a key and walks into Kendall’s room. When he sees Aidan and Kendall playing on the bed, he asks what is going on.

There is a knock on the door at Tad's office. Jesse answers the door cautiously. "Uncle Rob" introduces himself and holds out his hand for Jesse to shake, asking who he is (pretending he doesn't know).

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