AMC Update Thursday 3/6/08

All My Children Update Thursday 3/6/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Rob Gardner tries to get in with Opal so that he can get information on Jesse. Opal tells Rob that she wants nothing to do with any relatives of that evil slimy Ray Gardner, Tad’s biological father.

J.R. runs into Colby and almost collapses. Colby yells that they need to get him inside. He says, “I’m fine. I just need to catch my breath.” Colby thinks he is drunk, but he denies it. Colby tells him that she cares about him. He is lethargic and burning up, so she insists on taking him to the hospital and see Dr. Joe.

Babe tells Annie that J.R. was to be the match for Richie, but he fell off the wagon and didn’t show up at the hospital. She tells babe that Richie told her he found a bone marrow match in Austin, and he is fine.

Richie wants to get out of the hospital, but the doctor insists on him staying until his immune system builds up.

Jesse and Tad are searching for a lead on Remy's death. They think that what Remy was working on is why Jesse is being pursued. Tad thinks that Jesse left something behind, but Jesse can't remember. Jesse believes that Creed (Nico’s Uncle) hired the gunman who shot him.

Angie and Frankie are discussing supporting Jesse in his problems. Angie wants Frankie to stay out of it.

Rob Gardner is trying to charm Opal. Rob Gardner insists that he knows that Ray Gardner was a mean drunk. He tells Opal how Ray used to put cigarette butts out on him. He starts to leave, but Opal stops him, and tells him about Jenny, his niece. He tries to stay with Opal. They discuss Remy’s skeleton mentioned in the newspaper. Opal talks about Jesse, and Angie as well. Krystal is there, and is feeling uneasy discussing Angie, and Jesse.

Frankie wants to help Jesse. Angie tells him that they are so close to getting their family; they have to trust Jesse to be able to do it.

Colby takes J.R. to the emergency room. Julia takes his temperature and says it is 103. She finds Dr. Martin. Colby insists on staying until J.R. sees a doctor. Dr. Martin asks J.R. what's the matter. J.R. says he has swollen glands, he is dizzy and he has a temperature. Dr. Martin asks how long he has been feeling sick. J.R. tells him ever since he was abducted, drugged, dropped off in a motel room with a hooker, and a bottle of booze. Dr. Martin thinks J.R. is drunk. J.R. says that someone is trying to make it look like he's drunk.

Dr. Martin doesn't believe him, and asks Julia to leave, then he asks J.R. for the real reason he is feeling bad. J.R. asks for pills for the flu so he can leave. Dr. martin decides to run some tests to see what's going on with J.R.

Trina, the call girl in the motel with J.R., comes back to visit Richie at the clinic. She wants to know how he is doing, because she likes him. She starts to blab about the favors she did for him, and he gets in a bad mood. He tells her to leave him alone. She teases him about wanting to strangle her with his I V if she doesn't leave. He warns her that she really don't know what he’s capable of.

Babe tells Annie about Richie, and how she told him she is not interested in him. Annie says Richie stops at nothing to get what he wants. Babe thinks Annie is trying to scare her.

Colby is a volunteering at the hospital when she runs into Frankie and Angie. Despite Colby's best effort to be friendly and helpful, Frankie ignores her, which hurts her feelings.

Opal gives Rob an update on the Hubbards. Krystal warns her to not bore Rob with details. Tad comes home, sees Rob, and is not too happy. He asks, “What the hell is he doing in this house”?

Angie is in the hospital records storage room when Jesse comes up and grabs her from behind. He puts his hand over her mouth. She found Remy's mother's address. Jesse wants to question Remy’s mother, but Angie says he can't risk anyone seeing him, so she convinces him to let her visit Remy's mother alone. He will agree if she brings Tad with her.

Frankie relents and is coaching Colby on how to file the patients' charts. She tries to be friendly with him. He says he is there to work and learn, and doesn't have time for small talk. She is angry about his mood.

Tad wants to know if Rob is stalking him. Opal is surprised that Tad know Rob. Opal tells Tad that Rob has no family now except for them. Rob chimes in that Tad has a nice family, and he has done really well for himself. Opal told Rob about Tad and Krystal and the Hubbards. Tad wants to know why she is telling him about Jesse, and Angie. Opal says their story was in the paper, which is why she mentioned it. Tad asks Uncle Rob how long he will be staying. Rob is open. Krystal asks Opal and Rob to go get dessert in the kitchen so she can talk to Tad. She tells Tad to stop getting so jumpy every time the subject of Jesse comes up. Tad says he can't, because he has to help Jesse. He also asks her to take Jenny, and leave town, because he has a bad feeling that things are going to get ugly. Krystal refuses to leave. Tad gets a call from Angie, than tells Krystal that they have their first promising lead, than he goes to see Angie.

Frankie stops into see Dr. Martin who tells him about a new program they have where a doctor is paired with a volunteer. Frankie has been paired with Colby.

Richie is holding Trina. She apologizes for what she said about Babe. He releases her, than tells her to get out. She leaves, than Richie starts trying to take the tubes out of his arm. The doctor tries to stop him, and says he still needs care in a hospital. Richie intends to go to a real hospital.

Richie shows up at the hospital and sees J.R. in the emergency room. He says to J.R., “Hello stranger; we meet again”.

Angie goes to Mrs. Remington's door alone. She knocks on the door and Mrs. Remington answers. Angie introduces herself, and tells Mrs. Remington that she knew her son.

Rob leaves and tells Opal that he'll be seeing her soon. Opal thinks he is really a nice person. Krystal is not so sure she can convince Tad that Rob is nice.

Rob calls a contact to find out how things are going. He is told that Angie is at Mrs. Remington’s door with his nephew Tad. Rob mentions that Jesse is alone.

Jesse finds something in the files, and remembers that, one of his captors, 20 years ago, kept throwing origami animals on the ground. Rob leaves Tad's house, then takes an origami animal out of his coat pocket.

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