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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Ryan walks around the room drinking a cup of coffee and remembers being with Kendall. He looks at Annie sleeping. Ryan says that Kendall knows what he needs. Annie wakes up and is happy to see that he is really there.

Kendall has a dream about the previous night and wakes up calling for Aidan. Aidan comforts her.

Greenlee and Babe talk about Aidan going to L.A. with Kendall. Amanda tells them that someone is there for an interview, but she isn’t Fusion material. They turn around and Greenlee tells the woman that the position has been filled. She tells them that if they had hired the woman, Kendall would have killed them all.

Kendall and Aidan talk about what happened the previous night. Aidan tells Kendall that she handled the situation great. Kendall thanks Aidan for sleeping on the couch. Aidan tells Kendall that Erica held a news conference and agreed to go to prison. Kendall grabs the phone and Zach answers Erica’s phone. Zach tells Kendall that he is helping Erica. Kendall asks about Erica and Zach tells Kendall that everything will be fine with Erica. Kendall suggests that she get on the next plane back home, but Zach tells her that Erica will be fine. Zach explains that Erica is doing an interview and can’t come to the phone right now. Zach hangs up and tells Erica that he hates lying to Kendall.

Adam meets with Samuel about supporting his race for the Senate. Adam wants to talk to Samuel about the issues. Samuel realizes that Adam invited him there to talk about Erica’s arrest.

Erica and Zach talk about lying to people. Erica asks about how Kendall sounded on the phone. Zach tells Erica that Ryan left the casino with Annie the previous night.

Annie tells Ryan that she woke up because she thought she heard him talking to someone. He explains that he was talking to himself. Annie tells him that the previous night was nice. She admits that she didn’t think she would end up back in his room after the way the night started. He reminds her that she has to pick up Emma. She thinks that he is trying to get rid of her, but he denies it. He tells her that it felt right making love to her the previous night. Annie gets ready to leave, but Ryan stops her and tells her that he remembered something. He tells her that he remembered brushing her hair off her forehead and Annie tells him how good it is. They hug and he kisses her shoulder.

Babe, Amanda, and Greenlee hold the interviews for the assistant position at Fusion. They discuss the people they have interviewed.

Erica tells Zach that if Kendall heard her voice, she and Bianca would come running home when they need to do their own things. Erica and Zach discuss her decision not to fight the charges. Erica’s phone rings and she is happy to hear from “Today America” wanting an exclusive interview. She tells Zach about the ideas she has about her days behind bars.

Adam and Samuel discuss Erica. Samuel admits that he had Adam investigated, but they didn’t find anything. Colby and Dre come in and see Samuel talking to Adam. Adam compliments Dre in front of Samuel. Dre leaves and Colby talks to Samuel. Samuel follows Dre and Colby asks Adam what he was doing. Colby explains that Adam was being nice to Dre because of Samuel.

Dre asks Samuel about his motives for being in Pine Valley. They argue and Samuel admits that he misses Dre. Samuel asks Dre how he can make it better.

Annie and Ryan talk about the road to getting his memory back. She turns to take a shower and he asks if they can spend time together with Emma and she agrees. Annie leaves to take a shower and Ryan remembers being with Kendall again.

Kendall and Aidan talk about Zach answering Erica’s phone. Aidan and Kendall discuss telling Zach the truth about the previous night. Kendall begs Aidan not to tell Zach. Kendall explains that she wishes that Greenlee had never sent the book to the publisher because it has brought her nothing but bad luck. Aidan tells Kendall that he read her book and it is good. Aidan reminds Kendall that she told Bianca not to blame the victim. Ryan calls Kendall and tells her that he is beginning to remember. She asks where he is and tells him that she will call him after her book signing.

He tries to get her to stay on the line by saying that he is remembering about them, but she hangs up.

Kendall reconsiders her decision to hang up on Ryan. Aidan gets her to focus and tells her that she is the queen of multitasking. Aidan tells Kendall to go get ready and takes her phone. She tells him that she will meet him downstairs, but he tells her that he is waiting for her in the room. She goes to get ready and he shuts her phone off.

Annie comes out and finishes getting ready for work. Ryan tells her that he is writing down what he remembered so that he doesn’t forget it again. Annie tells him to call her later and he thanks her. She kisses him and leaves. Ryan says that he can’t get all the pieces together unless he starts at the beginning.

Erica and Zach discuss sending Aidan to L.A. with Kendall. Erica tells Zach that he should have gone with her. She tells him that she wants him to handle her business affairs while she is gone and Zach agrees. Zach goes to get Erica’s cell phone and she remembers Kendall telling her that she slept with Aidan.

Colby confronts Adam about his first reactions to Dre.

Dre and Samuel talk about the things that are between them and that are tearing them apart. Dre reminds Samuel that he used Dre’s mother and now he is using Erica. Samuel and Dre talk about losing Dre’s mother.

Babe, Amanda, and Greenlee discuss the perfume. Babe tells Amanda that Ritchie got his bone marrow transplant and that J.R. fell off the wagon again. Amanda admits that her boat hasn’t been rocked in a long time. Annie shows up late and Greenlee comments on Annie’s smile. Annie claims that she is just happy to be there and starts ranting. Amanda asks Annie if she got “some” the previous night. Greenlee asks her, “Who, when and where” and Annie smiles.

Ryan does pushups in his room. He waits for the phone to ring.

Kendall signs books and sees Aidan standing in the corner reading a book. Kendall takes a break from signing books for a moment and asks Aidan what he is reading. He shows her the book and she realizes that he is reading poetry.

Zach and Erica discuss her business affairs. Her phone rings and she tells Val that she will not do an interview. Someone comes up and tells Erica that she should get 6 years in prison, not 6 months. Zach tells Erica that if he weren’t already married, he would propose to her.

Colby tells Adam that Dre and Samuel have both left. Adam offers to take Colby to lunch, but she tells him that she has homework to do. Adam gets a business call and Colby leaves the room. She listens as Adam tells the person that he is in the clear with Samuel, but tells the person to get everything they can on Samuel and Dre.

Annie tells them that she was with Ryan the previous night. Everyone is very happy for her. Greenlee wonders why Ryan would remember something with Annie and not with her.

Zach tells Erica that he will see her later and leaves. She bumps into Samuel Woods as she is leaving.

Zach calls Aidan. Aidan explains that Kendall’s phone is turned off, but that everything is under control. Zach asks if there has been any sign of Ryan.

Ryan books a flight to L.A.

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