AMC Update Tuesday 3/4/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Kendall sprays mace in the man’s eyes. Aidan busts in and punches the guy. Aidan comforts Kendall, but she rants about getting the guy all by herself.

Babe and Krystal discuss J.R. J.R. comes downstairs and tells Babe that he wasn’t drinking. Krystal tells them that they have to be quiet because Jenny is sleeping. Babe tells J.R. that she will never forgive him for lying to her about being Richie’s donor to get her into bed.

The doctor tells Richie that his recovery could take months, but Richie tells him that he will feel great when he gets out of there. Richie looks at a picture of Babe.

Jesse and Angie listen for talking, but Jesse doesn’t recognize the voice.

Tad meets his Uncle Rob. Tad refuses to let him in, claiming that he is working on a case. Tad tells his uncle that they don’t know each other and all Ray Gardner provided for him was DNA.

Angie and Jesse discuss who could have been at Tad’s door. Jesse tells her that it is nice to have her watching his back. They start kissing.

Rob tells Tad that many people share his opinion of Ray. Tad asks Rob why he is there and Rob claims that he thought they should get to know each other because they are family. Rob leaves his number for Tad. Rob leaves.

J.R. tells Babe that she can believe anything she wants to. Babe says that it is a good thing that Richie didn’t have to rely on J.R. J.R. gets a pain in his back and Krystal tells him to sit down. J.R. tells Babe to go find Richie. Krystal asks J.R. and Babe to listen for Jenny so that she can run some errands. Krystal leaves and J.R. asks Babe why she won’t let it go. Babe tells him that she is sick of being disappointed because it hurts. J.R. tells Babe that she is the only person whose opinion matters to him.

The cops arrest the man and question Kendall. Kendall refuses to see a doctor claiming that she is fine. The cops leave and Kendall goes to get dressed. Aidan tells her that he will wait outside and she thanks him for coming back. Aidan tells her that she did a good job. Kendall admits that she knew the guy was going to rape her and then admits that she isn’t fine. Kendall apologizes for freaking out and Aidan tells her that it is okay. Aidan reminds Kendall that she stopped the guy from getting what he wanted. Kendall brings up her father and tells Aidan that she was the result of rape. She tells Aidan that she actually thought Richard Fields was her dad until he went after Bianca. Kendall admits that she wanted to kill the guy.

Tad tells Jesse and Angie that it was Rob Gardner. Jesse and Angie ask questions about Rob, but Tad says that they don’t need to hear about it. Tad wads up the phone number and throws it on the floor.

Krystal walks through the park and someone watches her. She keeps looking over her shoulder and finally asks, “Who’s there?” She turns back around and bumps into Rob. He apologizes for startling her and says that he just came from Tad’s office. He introduces himself and Krystal introduces herself.

Tad, Jesse and Angie talk about Rob over some coffee. Tad changes the subject to Jesse’s disappearance and John Remington’s murder. They go over the things that they know. Jesse wonders why it took a year for the people to murder John. Krystal walks in and Jesse runs around the corner. Krystal tells Tad that she bumped into Rob.

Rob sits on a bench in the park and looks at pictures of Jesse’s family on his cell phone.

Babe wonders why someone would kidnap and drug J.R. J.R. wonders why she is doing so much for Richie. Babe gets a call from Richie.

Aidan tells Kendall that she needs to eat something and she agrees. She asks him if he was shocked that Kendall wanted to kill the guy. Aidan admits that if Kendall had been holding a knife, he would have cheered her on. Kendall insists that he would have taken the knife out of her hands. Kendall wonders what the following week will be like, since the previous week and the current week have been stressful. Aidan thinks that she is saying that they are magnets for trouble. Aidan tells her that the bad things always stop sooner or later. Aidan asks Kendall if she wants him to fill Zach in on the night and Kendall asks him not to do it that night. Aidan agrees not to say anything for the night. Kendall brings up a movie and tells Aidan about it.

Richie fills Babe in on his transplant. Richie tells Babe that a little old lady was his donor. Richie asks Babe to thank J.R. for the offer and Babe tells Richie that J.R. is right there and he can tell him. Babe hands the phone to J.R. Richie thanks J.R. for the offer. J.R. pretends to “lose” Richie and hangs up on him.

Krystal takes her coat off and tells Tad about her run in with Rob. Tad tells Jesse that they have to find a safer place for him to stay. Jesse tells Tad that Angie and Frankie cannot be at the place and Angie tells him that they have already discussed it. Jesse reminds Tad and Krystal that they have a baby in the house. They all agree that it is a miracle to have Jesse back and Tad tells Jesse that they will protect both of their families.

Aidan tells Kendall that if she tells anyone that he knows about chick flicks, he will never forgive her. Kendall asks Aidan if he does this with Greenlee when she is having a meltdown. Aidan offers to call downstairs and make sure they don’t allow any visitors without going through him first. Aidan tells Kendall that if she needs anything, to let him know. He tells her that the following day will be wonderful. They say goodnight and he turns for the door. She stops him.

Babe tells J.R. that he was being awful. J.R. tells Babe that he loves her more than anything. J.R. tries to get Babe to kiss him and after an argument, J.R. kisses Babe. Babe pulls back and asks him what he is trying to prove. He claims that he was trying to prove that she is still in love with him and that she is too stubborn to admit it. Babe admits that she is still in love with him and asks him what his love has ever gotten her. She claims that the only thing that came from it was their son. Babe tells J.R. to give her a call when he grows up. She walks out of the room.

Richie tells the doctor that he is starting to make him mad.

Jesse, Tad, Angie and Krystal decide what to do next. Angie brings up John’s mother and Tad thinks that it is a place to start. Angie offers to talk to John’s mother and tells Jesse that she will be careful. Tad offers to be right behind Angie.

Aidan asks Kendall what he should do and she admits that she doesn’t know. She tells him that it didn’t feel right for him to leave. Aidan offers to stay on the couch and she agrees that it would be a good idea. Aidan grabs a blanket and Kendall tells him that she wants her family. Aidan sits on the couch while Kendall calls home. Rachel tells Kendall that Zach is at the casino. Kendall hears Spike in the background and asks to talk to him. Rachel holds the phone up to Spike’s ear while Kendall talks to him.

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