AMC Update Monday 3/3/08

All My Children Update Monday 3/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Erica holds a press conference and announces that she is going to prison. Samuel realizes that Jack didn’t know about the press conference. Jack asks Erica what she is doing.

Tad tells Jesse that the people who took him before know that he is alive now. Tad tells them that the only security tapes that are missing are from Frankie’s room. Angie suggests that maybe they were misplaced.

Someone watches Jesse on a computer and tells someone that Jesse is living in Pine Valley with his wife and son.

Ryan asks Annie if she would be willing to spend some time with him. He asks her for his help. Greenlee watches them and remembers kissing Ryan.

Zach brings Greenlee a drink. She suggests that they fly somewhere for dinner or dessert. She says that they should call Kendall and Aidan. Zach says that they can go to cheesecake or to Paris for dinner. Greenlee tells him that they have to stop by Fusion first because Kendall left her a lot of work. They leave.

Kendall gets out of the shower and sees a man in her room. He asks for her autograph and she tells him that she is doing a signing the following day. He tells her that he wants it now.

Aidan sits in the bar and two women come up and suggest that they drink to Kendall. Aidan tells them that he has to go check on Kendall and one of them tells Aidan that no woman likes being rushed when she is putting on her makeup.

Kendall agrees to give him the autograph and says that she will grab the pen out of her purse. He suggests that she use his pen. She agrees and then turns to “check on the champagne” she ordered. He grabs her arm.

Aidan agrees to have another drink. The women tell Aidan that Kendall is lucky to have him to take care of her.

Kendall tells him that she really wants some champagne. He tells her that she won’t need any champagne that night. He tells her to take off the robe and save them both a lot of trouble. She tells him that he moves too fast for her.

Aidan and the women discuss Kendall. Aidan asks to use the bar phone to call Kendall’s room.

Kendall tells him to pick up the phone to verify that she ordered champagne. He grabs her and she bites him. He tells her that she made a very bad mistake.

Ryan brings Annie a drink. Annie reminds him that she tried to help him and it didn’t work. Ryan admits that he is more motivated now and Annie thinks that he struck out with Greenlee and she is the only woman left at the bar. Annie suggests that they try for another night. Annie tells him that when he can remember all the things that they used to do, he can call her. She gets up and he asks her not to walk away.

Erica closes the press conference. Some reporters come up and Opal chases them off. Pam asks Erica if she is sure and Erica claims that she did the right thing. Jack asks Erica why she did it. Erica claims that she is taking responsibility and admits that she took Opal’s advice. Erica tells Jack that she took away Samuel’s power. Jack suggests that this was about ratings. Jack quits.

Angie tells Jesse that she wants it to be over. Jesse grabs his coat and says that he is going to go into town and bait the people that are searching for him. Tad tells Jesse and Angie that he has already found something. Jesse tells Angie that they have to get out of there.

Kendall tells the man that he has her attention. She asks him if he has read her book and he says that her picture was enough for him.

Aidan turns to check on Kendall because she isn’t answering the phone. The women suggest that maybe she is on her way down.

Kendall tells him that he will like her more if he knew what was in the book. He says that he would like her even more if she took off the robe and asks her if she wants him to lose his temper.

Ryan tells Annie that she can’t just walk away after talking about their love. Ryan admits that he wants this to be over too. Ryan realizes that it is about him remembering Kendall and Greenlee. Annie tells him that even if he never remembers her, she has to move on with her life. Annie admits that she wants what she had with Ryan, but if it can’t be with him then she wants it with someone else. She tells him to consider himself a free man. She tells him that she wants to be with someone who appreciates her.

Zach and Greenlee discuss being stuck in the elevator. She grabs a folder and asks Zach to shut the light off in the lounge. He says something and Greenlee comes to look. He says that he forgot about the poles. She suggests that he takes a turn on the pole.

Jesse tells Angie to get stuff together because they are leaving. Tad tells them that they can’t just go running. Jesse tells Angie to get Frankie over there. Tad tells Jesse that if he and Angie go on the run, then Tad and his family do too. Angie tells Jesse that they can’t give up. Jesse suggests that they give a thought to using him as bait, but Tad tells them that maybe they should use Angie as bait.

Samuel tells Erica that she put on a good press conference. Erica admits that no one is above the law. She tells him that everyone has something hidden in his or her closet and that he isn’t an exception to that. Erica tells him to be afraid because he made an enemy in the wrong citizen. He suggests that one day she will support his race for the senate.

Kendall tells him that she wants him to get to know her. She asks him to hand her the book and he does. She reads a passage from her book to him. As she reads, he mimics her words.

Aidan tries Kendall’s cell phone after there is no answer at her room.

Kendall continues to read from the book. She hits him over the head with the book. She tries to open the door and he grabs her. He tells her that it is time that he got what he came for.

Greenlee reminds Zach that he told her that he would give her 3 wishes. She convinces him to get up there and she shows him what to do.

Ryan asks Annie about her prince charming and about what she wants from a man. He says that he is trying to learn more about her and he doesn’t think that she wants to share. She tells him about her childhood. Annie rants about his memory loss. He kisses her in the middle of her rant.

Aidan tells the women that he has to go. They ask him to have Kendall sign their books. They tell him that they bought a copy for a friend of theirs and some guy stole it. Aidan asks them what the guy looked like.

Kendall tells him that she will die before she lets him touch her and he asks her if she wants it to come to that.

Jesse yells at Tad for suggesting that Angie be used as bait. Angie suggests that they listen to Tad. Tad tells Jesse to lose the guilt and go back to the guy he used to be.

A man tells someone that he is a step ahead of Jesse. He says that Jesse won’t have a clue about who is after him until it is too late for everyone.

Zach tells Greenlee that he is going to retire from pole dancing. He asks her what she has on her mind. They sit down and he asks her if it has something to do with Ryan. Greenlee tells Zach that she didn’t have any luck helping Ryan remember his past. Zach tells Greenlee not to sacrifice what she has with Aidan to help Ryan. Greenlee tells him not to analyze her night under the stars with Ryan. Zach realizes that something did happen with Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee realizes that Zach is going to lecture her, but Zach tells her that it won’t. Zach tells her that no one can help Ryan, except a professional. She asks him if he wants to know what her second wish is.

Ryan and Annie keep kissing and undressing. He pushes her down on the bed.

The women give Aidan a description and tell him that the man was waiting by the elevator before Aidan came down.

The guy tells Kendall that she could have made it easier. She kicks him in the groin and grabs her purse.

Erica tells the reporters that they haven’t seen the last of her and that she will be back as soon as she pays her debt to society. Jack tells Samuel that he always has Erica’s back and tells Samuel to stay away from her. Erica poses for pictures.

Jesse suggests that John Remington could lead them to the next clue. Someone knocks on the door and Tad tells them to hide. He opens the door and asks the man if he needs help.

Greenlee tells Zach that her second wish is that they take another turn on the pole. Zach tells her that he never promised her anything and she imitates his dance moves. Zach catches Greenlee. Zach offers to take Greenlee home.

Annie finishes taking her dress off while Ryan closes the shades. They continue kissing and make love. Ryan brushes the hair off her face afterwards and remembers being with Kendall. He says, “Oh my god, Kendall, I remember.”

The man gets up and Kendall sprays him with mace. Aidan walks in and punches the guy. Kendall, distraught, yells, "I got him!" as Aidan takes her in his arms protectively.

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