AMC Update Friday 2/29/08

All My Children Update Friday 2/29/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Aidan meet a “Kendall Hart” book fan in front of her hotel room.

Annie slapped Zach on the shoulder, because he scared away her new friend she met at the bar. She tells Zach that another evening was a bust. Zach invites her to go with him. Zach has taken Annie to the casino, and is showing her how to play blackjack. He also gives her money to gamble with.

Greenlee kisses Ryan to try to jog his memory, but Ryan still does not remember. Greenlee thinks that Ryan needs to have some fun and takes him to the casino.

Erica meets with her staff to discuss strategy for her trial.

Samuel Woods met with his campaign manager at ConFusion. He believes that if Erica's case goes to court, he will win.


Jessie, Angie, and Tad are downstairs in the hospital file room reviewing the records of deaths the day Jesse died. Jesse’s file is missing as if he never existed. Tad is trying to bribe the security officer to allow him to review the security tapes.

Angie and Jesse return to Tad’s office. Jesse takes a lot of precautions before turning on the lights. He closes the blinds, listens for noises, and checks outside for stalkers. Angie is upset that Jesse has had to live this way for the past twenty years of his life. She took a peek at his paranoid existence and became frightened for him. They kiss lovingly.

Sam is starting to soften about Erica, but his campaign manager warns him not to go soft on her.

Jacks show up after getting a call for Erica.

Annie is having a good time gambling as she befriends a man sitting next to her. The man is cleaning up at the casino. Zach decides to watch him, then the man decides to leave. He introduces himself as Robert Gardner.

Ryan and Greenlee show up at the casino and Zach watches him. Ryan notices that Zach owns the casino. Greenlee wants to leave when she sees Zach and Annie. Ryan wants to stay. Greenlee urges Ryan to talk to Annie, but Annie is flippant with Ryan and sends him away. Greenlee sends him back to Annie. Zach tries to warn Greenlee away from Ryan.

Kendall and Aidan are talking about the “grief sex” and Aidan’s fear. Kendall wants to be friends again with Aidan, but most of all she wants him to relax. Kendall decides that it would be nice if Zach meet her in Los Angeles, and if Greenlee came along to see Aidan.

Opal comes to see Erica, and is glad that Jack is visiting her. Erica agrees to go to dinner with Jack, but Opal reminds her that they had a dinner date. Opal let Erica off the hook for dinner. She encourages Erica to fight Sam West then Erica calls a press conference. Erica shocks the press by announcing that she is going to jail.

Aidan is downstairs in the bar when he overhears two ladies setting up a plan to get in to Kendall’s book signing. He offers to assist them in their attempt. They think he just have a line. Aidan calls Greenlee, and she pretends that she cannot hear him in the casino. He is surprised that she is there and he want to know who is she there with. She does not answers and act as if there is too much noise in the casino. She doesn’t tell Aidan about kissing Ryan. They end the call.

Kendall prepares to dress for her book signing. Aidan goes downstairs for a drink and promises to meet Kendall in one hour. Kendall’s door is left unlocked and an intruder is seen entering her room. Kendall is in the shower. As she enters the room, the intruder is the stranger who was in front of her hotel room when she arrived with Aidan. He offers her a pen and asks her to sign a copy of her book. Kendall shows fear.

Annie decides to leave and Ryan expresses an interest in wanting to spend some time with her.

Tad returns to his office and tells Jesse and Angie that there is no security tape of Frankie’s room, because it all has been taken. The people chasing Jesse know that he is in Pine Valley and have taken the tape. Robert Gardner looks at the tape of Jesse walking toward Frankie’s room.

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