AMC Update Thursday 2/28/08

All My Children Update Thursday 2/28/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Krystal show up at the motel and find JR with a prostitute, Treena. Krystal throws out Treena. JR is drugged and doesn’t know what is going on. He asks Babe what is happening. Babe tells him that he is in big trouble!

Erica and Adam discuss her insider trading problems. Adam saw Erica on the front page of the newspaper. She blames him, because he told her about the stock opportunity. Erica thinks that Adam should help her out of the mess with the Securities and Exchange Commission. If convicted she could get five years in prison.

Zach is meeting Sam Woods at ConFusion. He walks in and sees Annie. He tells her she looks nice. She invites him to join Amanda, and her for drinks. He tells her about his meeting. Annie apologizes for blaming Kendall for Ryan’s memory loss. She doesn’t blame Kendall for Ryan’s behavior, and his wanting Kendall back in his life.

Sam walks in and looks for Zach. Zach walks up behind him. Sam immediately wants to know the reason for the meeting.

Greenlee takes Ryan up to the gazebo and offers to help him get his memory back. He thinks to himself that the doctors can’t help me, but Greenlee thinks she can.

Annie and Amanda talk about Ryan and his past conquests, which makes Amanda wonder why she never got together with Ryan.

Zach believes that Sam Woods is going after Erica for publicity in his senatorial race. Sam knows that he can get a lot of publicity by pursuing Erica. Sam wants to know why Zach is concerned about his mother-in-law since he hasn’t always gotten along with Erica. Zach notice that Sam Woods has done his homework on Erica’s family. Zach think that Sam Woods has made a terrible mistake by going after Erica. Sam Woods let Zach know that he is only doing his job.

Erica wants Adam to come with her to Sam Woods’ office, and explain that she and Adam had only a friendly conversation about the stock. Adam refuses to do that, because he has an empire to run. He advises her to ride it out. Erica is angry over Adam’s indifference. Adam will pay if Erica is convicted.

JR and Krystal are with Babe at the mansion. Adam wants to know what they have done to JR. Erica leaves after deciding to handle her problems by herself. JR is asking for an aspirin. He tells them that two men kidnapped him. Babe doesn’t believe him.

Greenlee tells Ryan details of their marriage, but he cannot remember being married to her.

Babe thinks that JR is lying about being kidnapped to get her back into his bed. Krystal believes JR was kidnapped. The actress, Treena reports back to Richie. Richie advises her to keep her mouth shut.

Sam Woods and Zach share family tragedies. Zach knows about Sam’s wife dying during 9/11. Sam knows about the “Crash Story” and the bomb shelter.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about their past marriage, but Ryan doesn’t remember it at all.

Erica meets with Palmer who asks about her arrest. She tells him about the charge for insider trading. She asks if Palmer can help her. She calls Sam Woods a pompous ass.

Sam Woods tells Zach that Erica broke the law, and she has to pay for it. Zach tells Sam Woods that Erica is family, and if he mess with her, he is messing with him.

Amanda encourages Annie to approach a man in the bar.

Greenlee tries to get Ryan to remember their marriage. She wants to know why he lost his memory of her, and not Kendall? She wants him to remember that what they had was special.

Palmer gives Erica business advice that makes her happy.

Sam and Zach end their conversation, and then Sam calls his assistant and asks for a dossier file on Zach Slater. He wants to know everything about Zach.

Annie and the man have a good conversation. She tells him about her separation from Ryan, and he invites her out for a burger, she accepts.

Richie’s doctor tells him that he is on the road to recovery, but he will be isolated for two weeks, and then he needs to rest for a month at home. The doctor wants to make sure the transplant is successful.

Ryan tells Greenlee that her plan to make him remember didn’t work. He thanks her for trying to help. Greenlee is a little upset that he does not remember her.

JR wants to leave the mansion. Krystal offers to take him back to her place.

Erica calls Val and asks him to arrange for a meeting with all the staff. Then she calls Jack and tells him she is going into battle, and she wants him by her side.

Zach comes up to Annie and wants to know where she and the stranger are going. The stranger says Hi, we just met, and I’m a new friend, who are you? Zach says he is a better friend then tells the guy to push off. Annie slaps Zach on the shoulder, and wants to know what the heck he is doing.

Ryan tells Greenlee he is sorry for not remembering her, and then she decides that maybe a kiss will help.

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