AMC Update Tuesday 2/26/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/26/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Erica arrives at the office and sees everyone packing the studio up. Erica explains that she owns the building and tells everyone to unpack everything.

Greenlee and Kendall go over some of the possible ingredients for the perfume. Babe and Amanda get to work and Greenlee and Kendall fill them in.

Zach shows up at work and sees Annie in his office. She gives him a cup of coffee. She tells him that Emma knows that Ryan moved out. She admits that she hasn’t been getting any sleep lately.

Ryan looks at a book on Joe’s desk. Joe comes in and Ryan tells him that he needs his memory back. Ryan asks about all options for help, including drugs and surgery.

Annie tells Zach about Ryan’s actions the previous night.

Joe tells Ryan that there is no permanent damage to his brain. Ryan asks about more surgeons to get more opinions. Ryan says that he can’t wait anymore. Ryan suggests being committed.

Tad looks through newspapers about Jesse’s shooting. Aidan comes in and tells Tad about Zach’s job offer.

The women of Fusion try to put together the fragrance for Charm. Some men come in and Greenlee greets them.

Erica, Jack and Pam discuss the network taking New Beginnings off the air. Erica says that she is not guilty and Samuel tells her that she is innocent until he proves her guilty.

Annie vents to Zach about Ryan’s memory loss. Annie tells Zach that she may have to consider divorce. Annie tells Zach that she kept wondering if it would have been better for everyone if Ryan hadn’t survived getting shot.

Tad asks Aidan why he is so upset. Aidan explains that he doesn’t want to go to LA, but Zach wouldn’t take no for an answer. Tad tells Aidan to enjoy his trip.

Greenlee tells the men that the ladies will be ready for them and has them go set up in the lounge. Kendall snaps and Greenlee asks her what is going on. Greenlee assures Kendall that everything will be fine. Kendall explains that she doesn’t want to go. Greenlee says that she will make Ryan remember. Greenlee tells Kendall to keep her hands off Aidan, jokingly. Kendall asks Greenlee what would make her think that Kendall wants Aidan.

Jack explains that he asked Samuel to come there so that they can discuss the charges. Erica tells Samuel that he is guilty of the same crime that she is charged with. Samuel asks Erica how she figures that he is guilty. She says that he used confidential information against her. She says that it is personal and that he is working the system to benefit his career. She tells Samuel that she won’t be so entertaining when she tells the press something that she knows about his family.

Zach and Aidan talk about Annie and Ryan. Zach tells Aidan that Kendall will be late. Aidan tells Zach that he doesn’t know if adjoining rooms are a good idea.


Greenlee tells Kendall that she was only joking. Annie shows up. Babe gives Amanda some allergy medication. Annie suggests that they use the recipe for the fragrance from the book. Greenlee says that it is time to take a break.

Joe tells Ryan that he isn’t going to be committed. Ryan suggests that they use electro-shock therapy. Ryan says that he can’t live like this. Joe tells Ryan that he got a call from the emergency room and has to tell someone that her husband has died. Joe tells Ryan that he is lucky to be alive and that he can deal with the problems. Joe leaves.

The women of Fusion walk into the lounge. Greenlee announces that they are going to become pole-dancing goddesses.

Erica tells Samuel that every family has skeletons in the closet. Samuel takes a call. Jack asks Erica to let him do the talking. Jack proposes a deal and Erica thinks that it is kidding.

Aidan and Zach discuss the adjoining rooms. Zach says that when Aidan gets back they should talk because Zach needs a new head of security.

Greenlee says why pole dancing is a good thing. Max says that he will teach them the basic moves and asks who wants to go first. Annie takes off her coat and offers to go first. Max shows the ladies the basic moves and they all enjoy themselves. Greenlee thanks Max and tells Annie that she was born to pole dance. Annie says that they want a fragrance that makes women feel like they just did. Babe and Amanda leave for ConFusion. Kendall, Annie and Greenlee enjoy some more time on the poles. Ryan walks in and watches Kendall.

Samuel offers a counter offer. He tells Erica why she should take the deal. Samuel tells them that they have 24 hours to make up their minds about the deal. Samuel leaves. Jack tells Erica that she could go to jail for up to 20 years. Erica says that there is only 1 person who is going down and that is Samuel.

Tad visits Joe at the hospital. Tad asks Joe who took Jesse’s body to the morgue and says that he misses Jesse. Tad leaves so that Joe can take a phone call. Joe tells someone that the toxicologist was Angie and gives them the number to her clinic in New York. The person looks at a folder about Jesse, Angie and Frankie.

Babe and Amanda tell Zach and Aidan that Kendall and Greenlee are working on new careers as strippers.

Kendall tells Ryan to try it out on the pole. Greenlee takes Ryan’s coat and unbuttons his shirt. Kendall and Greenlee convince Annie to show Ryan what to do. Annie starts dancing around Ryan, but realizes that he is watching Kendall and stops.

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