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All My Children Update Monday 2/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures By Suzanne

Richie makes a call outside Babe’s house. Babe comes out and tells him that the coffee is getting cold. He asks if he can get some juice instead. He asks her how she talked J.R. into being Richie’s bone marrow donor and she tells him that J.R. volunteered. Richie spills juice on his shirt and Babe takes it. Richie calls his henchman and tells him that there is a change of plans. Babe comes back with a shirt.

Angie and Jesse talk about the visit with Frankie. Jesse tells Angie that he is never going to leave his family again. Angie gets a call from Derek about John Remington. She agrees to help and hangs up. She tells Jesse that Derek called to inform her that John Remington’s remains were just found and that he was murdered.

Greenlee proposes a toast to John Remington, or “Sticks” as she and Zach called him while they were in the bomb shelter. Greenlee says that the land is jinxed. Aidan tells her that they searched the house and found the plans for the bomb shelter. Aidan asks what is so fascinating about the bomb shelter and why they keep talking about it.

Kendall pays Erica a visit. Kendall says that she won’t leave for the book tour if Erica needs her. Erica asks if Zach is going with her. Kendall explains that Aidan has been hired as her bodyguard in case Ryan shows up.

Ryan shows up at the penthouse and Annie invites him in. He admits that he is dreading the idea of hurting Emma. Annie says that they need to explain the situation to Emma. She asks him to be the man that she married, for the day. Emma comes in and hugs Ryan. Emma asks if they can make baked apples. Ryan tells Emma that he is going to be living at the Yacht Club for a while, but he can still see her whenever she wants. She asks if he is leaving because she did something wrong.

Erica confronts Kendall about staying in the same hotel as Aidan after finding out that she isn’t pregnant with his child. Kendall gets upset and starts to walk away. Kendall says that she isn’t attracted to Aidan and reminds Erica the circumstances of her one night with Aidan. Kendall says that nothing is going to happen with Aidan or Ryan.

Aidan gets up and says that he needs to make some calls to Tad and he walks away. Greenlee and Zach discuss what is going on with Aidan. Greenlee suggests that they blow the bunker up.

Angie and Jesse talk about John Remington. Jesse asks her why Derek called her about it. Angie explains that after Jesse got shot and “died” she dated John.

Richie explains that the donor list found him a match in Austin and says that he doesn’t want to owe J.R.

The doctor stands by J.R.’s side and says that it is time that they got what they came for.

Richie tells Babe that he is grateful to her for getting J.R. to be his donor and tells her that he is planning on fighting for her. She tells him that it isn’t a competition, and that it is about his disease. He tells her that he is going to Austin to get the transplant and then he is coming back to make her fall in love with him.

Ryan tells Emma that it isn’t her fault or Annie’s fault. She asks him why he is going away. He explains that he hasn’t been feeling well and he needs to spend some time by himself to start feeling better. Annie reminds Emma that Ryan’s memory is a little bit confused. She kisses him on the forehead and Annie explains that he does that when she has a headache. Emma says that now he won’t have to leave.

Kendall explains that she and Aidan have agreed to leave their mistake in the past. Erica suggests that Kendall convince Zach to hire a different bodyguard. Erica asks where Zach is. Kendall says that Zach is with Greenlee at ConFusion and she is supposed to be meeting them. Erica suggests that Zach and Greenlee have been very close lately and Kendall tells her that they are friends.

Zach and Greenlee discuss blowing up the bomb shelter. Greenlee says that their problems are supposed to be behind them. She suggests that they get drunk because there is nothing like a stiff drink to make your troubles go away. He orders a bottle of Tequila. She says, “Besides, what is the worst that can happen.”

Angie explains that she thought that Jesse was gone and John was kind. Jesse says that he isn’t mad at her and that he is mad at the people who took him away. He says that he needs to know more about John and she realizes that John had something to do with Jesse’s disappearance. He asks if there was anything suspicious about John. Angie explains that the house was broken into after she and John broke up. Jesse tries to get Angie to remember anything that John might have said about him.

Babe tells Richie that they are friends, but Richie explains that he wants to prove to her that he can change.

Kendall suggests that Erica is focusing on her problems so that she doesn’t have to worry about her own. Kendall and Erica discuss Kendall’s self-destructive streak and where she gets it. Erica says that after Jack gets the charges dropped, Samuel Woods will regret the day he “tangoed” with her. Erica tells Kendall to go meet with Zach. Kendall leaves.

Zach and Greenlee discuss her plan to get drunk. Greenlee says that she has always been better friends with men than with women even though everyone says that the sex gets in the way and Zach reminds her that it isn’t that way with them. They have another shot. Greenlee asks Zach if they had stayed in the bomb shelter longer, if it would have happened.

Aidan leaves Tad a message saying that he is going out of town for a few days. He hangs up and Kendall bumps into him.

Annie and Ryan tell Emma that he needs to go to see the doctors. Ryan tells Emma that she is his “special girl” and that won’t change. Emma asks him if he still loves her and Annie. Ryan tells her that he loves her more than the moon and the stars. Annie tells Emma to finish the drawing for Ryan so that he can take it with him. Ryan tells Emma that he loves her and Annie takes her upstairs. Ryan tells Annie that he can’t leave and Annie reminds him that they agreed. She suggests that he isn’t even trying to get help. She tells him to start trying to remember her and Emma and until he does, he can’t be there. Ryan says that he doesn’t want to fail his daughter. Annie asks what about her. She tells him that until he tries to be the man that she remembers, he is on his own.

Aidan tells Kendall that Greenlee keeps asking about how they found the plans to the bomb shelter. Kendall tells Aidan a story to tell Greenlee the next time she asks. He asks if she is ready for the trip and she explains that she is fighting the urge to check on Ryan because Annie asked him to move out. Kendall tells Aidan that the last time she and Ryan were together, he dumped her for Greenlee and suggests that Aidan should be trying to keep them apart.

Zach brings Greenlee a glass of water because she has been cut off. She tells him that for the amount of time when they thought there was no hope, it felt like they loved each other. They agree that they did the right thing. She drinks her water.

Babe and Richie discuss the possibility of a relationship between them. She leaves the room to check on his shirt and he sits down.

J.R. wakes up and rolls out of bed. He pulls himself up using the bed and asks where he is.

Kendall says that she doesn’t think Ryan will go after Greenlee, but she is worried about him.

Zach tells Greenlee that what happened between them in the bomb shelter was more intimate than sex could be. Greenlee suggests that if she nudges Ryan a little, she might be able to get his mind off of Kendall.

Ryan tells Annie that he will need some help with the details about the things he has done with Emma and she agrees to help him. He tells her that he wants to wake up. He tells Annie that he is going to say goodbye to Emma. Annie looks at her wedding ring.

Richie tells Babe that he is going to go pack for his plane trip to Austin. She tells him that his shirt isn’t done yet and he says that gives him a reason to come back. Richie tells Babe that he is coming back there for her and she says that it will be good to have her friend back. She asks him how long he will be away. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Jesse tells Angie that he had to walk it off, but he didn’t get too far and Angie admits that she was watching. Jesse tells Angie that he thinks what happened to Jesse and John are connected. Jesse asks Angie about the burglary and she tells him that nothing was missing. She asks if they should bring Derek into it and he tells her to keep talking to Derek to find out information about John’s murder. He tells her that it won’t be easy, but he needs some time to process the emotional insanity that he has been dealing with for the previous 20 years. They start kissing.

Erica makes a call about a booking for the show. She opens the door to see Pam. Pam tells Erica that the network pulled the plug on New Beginnings.

Babe leaves a message for J.R. telling him that Richie found another donor.

Richie sits by J.R.’s bed. Richie tells him that he is going to take more than J.R.’s bone marrow and that he is going to take J.R.’s girl.

Jesse and Angie sleep on the floor and he has a nightmare about being held captive. He wakes up startled and Angie tells him that it is okay.

Aidan and Kendall meet with Greenlee and Zach. Kendall and Zach leave and Aidan and Greenlee talk about the book tour.

Ryan tells Annie about saying goodbye to Emma and Annie tells him that they will make it okay, without looking at him. Ryan tells Annie that he will call her and heads for the door. He tells her goodnight and leaves. Annie breaks down in tears at the door. Emma comes downstairs and starts crying when she sees Annie. Ryan gets on the elevator.

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