AMC Update Friday 2/22/08

All My Children Update Friday 2/22/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures By Suzanne

Derek arrives at Fusion and tells Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan that the body found in the bomb shelter is someone that is known in Pine Valley.

JR brings lunch to Babe. He tells her that he feels great knowing that he will be donating bone marrow to Richie. Babe calls him Superman; JR thinks that has a nice ring to it. She tells him his ego knows no bounds.

Angie tells Frankie to come inside so they can talk. They go inside the cabin. Frankie is angry, because he wants to know how Jesse went from being dead 20 years ago to now being alive. Jesse is upset that he had to leave them. Frankie wants to know how he could abandon them. Jesse explains what happened to him. Frankie tells Jesse how his mother mourned him. Jesse came out of hiding, because he thought that Frankie was dying, and he had to tell him he loved him one last time. Frankie needed him a long time ago, and wishes he would have known that his dad was alive somewhere. Frankie is very emotional.

Angie, Krystal, and Tad are outside talking about events happening now inside the cabin. Angie says it is like waking up from a long nightmare. She is glad that Jesse and Frankie are together again. Neither she nor Tad could get details of where Jesse was hiding. Angie thinks that Jesse’s abduction twenty years ago, involves her.

Derek mentions John "Remy" Remington; He shows them a sketch. Greenlee asks what happened to him? Derek doesn’t know, because everyone thought he had left town. Zach wants to know how did Remy end up in a hole, 30 feet underground in the middle of nowhere?

Richie meets with a bad guy who asks if Richie is sure he wants to him to do the deed? Richie tells him that he will kill JR if that is what it takes to get his bone marrow. Jesse wants to hear what Frankie has been doing. Frankie tells him that lately he has been drifting. Jesse says he is young, and has plenty of time to figure out what he wants to do. Frankie mention that he needed his dad to tell him what to do while growing up. Jesse tells him that he has every right to be mad at him, but he did what he did because he needed to keep Angie, and Frankie safe. Jesse would do it again if he had too.

Babe, and JR are now talking. JR wants to know why she gives Richie the time of day. Babe feels sorry for Richie, and tells JR that they are just friends. JR tells her that Richie wants more. Babe only wants friendship. She reminds JR that he needs to get to the hospital, and donate the bone marrow. He tells her, he loves her, and then leaves.

Greenlee want to know how Remy ended up in the bomb shelter. Derek says he was shot at close range, and then buried in the shelter. Zach thinks it sound like a mob execution. Derek agrees with Zach’s assumptions. Thanks to Greenlee and Zach, the police are launching a full-scale murder investigation.

Greenlee, and Kendall discuss how lonely Remy must have been and how Jesse took a bullet for him. Greenlee asks how Spike is doing? Kendall says he is fine. Zach interrupts their conversation, and wants to borrow Greenlee to talk. They head off to the lounge. Aidan, and Kendall are alone again. Kendall asks if their awkwardness is ever going to get any better.

JR leaves Babe; Ritchie’s hired thugs talk into a microphone saying, “ Chandler is on the move”.

Frankie wants details of the torture his dad received. Jesse was tired up, and there were things done to him by the bad guys he can't even begin to describe. They took pleasure in torturing him. Frankie remember seeing torturing done to men while stationed overseas. He still cannot believe how gruesome people are. Jesse asks Frankie not to tell Angie the details of his abuse; Frankie agrees.

Zach asks Greenlee if she is OK. Greenlee mentions that she doesn’t like talking about the bomb shelter. Zach thinks that solving Remy’s murder will help close the whole matter, and allow them to put it behind them.

Kendall wants to move on from the memory of “grief sex” since Aidan and she dodged the “baby bullet”. Aidan and she were friends in the past, and she would like them to be again. Since Zach hired Aidan to go along with her as a bodyguard on her book tour, Kendall and Aidan agree to move on, again.

Jesse is ready to leave Pine Valley. Frankie says no. Jesse says he will do whatever it takes to protect Angie. Frankie says, “Stay, I can help you fight since I'm not a little boy anymore”. Tad and Angie come back into the cabin, and tell him to stay, and fight because he has family, and friends supporting him. Jesse tells them that they just don't get it, and that the bad guys will kill all of them. Frankie says no they won't, because we'll find them, and put them behind bars first.

Richie’s hired thugs are moving in to abduct JR.

Greenlee and Zach are both glad they became friends while in the bomb shelter. He tells her that he hired Aidan to be Kendall’s bodyguard. Greenlee doesn't want to share Aidan. Zach offers to hire someone else, then Greenlee agrees to the hiring.

Jesse wants to discontinue the discussion about him staying. He has been on the run, and can do it again. Angie tells him that If he walks out that door, she will never forgive him. Frankie tries to interrupt, but Angie keeps going on about how many times she has had to go on without him. Jesse says she doesn't need him, look at all the things you have accomplished without me. Angie tells him that she needs him, and If he walks away again, he'll be more than dead to her, he'll be a disappointment to her.

Babe meets up with Richie. She tells him how JR is his match, and that he agreed to donate the bone marrow and is on his way to the hospital right now. Richie’s hired thugs gang up on JR. Richie is surprised that JR would donate bone marrow to him. Babe gets a phone call; Richie steps outside for fresh air. The hired thugs hold JR.

Greenlee, and Zach return to the work-floor. Greenlee approves of Aidan going with Kendall. She tells him to stick to Kendall like glue, and then kisses him.

Angie, and Frankie tells Jesse that they can help him get out of his mess; Tad, and Krystal agrees. Jesse starts to cry, but he pledges that he can't ever let anything happen to Angie. Angie wants Jesse and her to fight Jesse’s enemies, together. Jesse finally agrees with her. He cries and says, I'm home baby, I'm home”. Angie, Jesse, and Frankie engage in a group hug.

Two guys are reviewing a tape of Jesse. One says, “So he is alive after all”. The other guy answers, “ Yes he is in Pine Valley, and his wife was just offered a full time gig at Pine Valley Hospital. They agree that they have him right where they want him!

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