AMC Update Thursday 2/21/08

All My Children Update Thursday 2/21/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures By Suzanne

Krystal is feeding the baby when Tad walks in, and asks her about Jesse’s files. She reminds him that Jesse told him to stay out of his problems. Tad still wants to see the file. Frankie comes in and says his mother never made it to New York, because she never got on the plane. Krystal tells them she took her to the airport herself.

Greenlee, and Babe are working at Fusion.

Kendall and Zach are at home, where he has brought her breakfast and later brings out Spike after getting him ready for the audio therapist.

Jesse, and Angie are in each other’s arms when she asks what happened to him over the last 20 years. Jesse is uncertain where to begin. She asks him to start at the beginning.

Ryan comes over to be there for Spike to support getting his implant turned on. Kendall and Zach are OK with it, but ask about Annie. Ryan tells them that he was kicked out last night.

Frankie is worried about his mom being missing. Tad tells Frankie to calm down. Jesse is telling Angie what happened the night he died. Jesse says, “At the hospital the night I died, I was told to act as if I was dead. When I woke up I was in another room with people wanting information. I was told if I comply, I would be set free”. While he is telling the story, Angie grabs him, and sobs.

Kendall and Zach are worried about Annie. Zach wonders if she is OK, and ask has anyone checked on her. Annie walks in and says, “Annie is just fine”. Annie and Ryan make small talk. Ryan is staying at the yacht club. Kendall brings Spike in and gives him to Zach who gives him to Ryan.

Tad tells Frankie he will find out what happened to Angie. Krystal invites Frankie to make himself a sandwich. Krystal closes the door, and asks Tad, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking”. Krystal reminds him that she told Angie to take the train. She thinks that maybe Jesse, and Angie are together. Tad hopes the bad guys didn’t get Jesse.

Jesse is telling Angie that some guy tortured him, but he struggled and broke free. The guy had a gun and was about to kill him when Jesse got the gun from him, then killed him. He buried the guy in a grave dug for Jesse. He had to make the people think he was dead. He hung around for a few days then checked to make sure Angie, and Frankie were okay. He has been running for 20 years.

Tad called around, but no one has seen Angie. Tad remembers a cabin they used to visit. Frankie returns eating his sandwich then asks, “Can I help”.

Jesse has been running between Pine Valley, New York, and Canada. He had to make sure his family was safe and now he has to go. He explains to Angie how ruthless the people who tortured him are. He insists that he must leave.

Greenlee is at Fusion, wondering how Spike is doing. She wishes she were with them. Aidan walks in, and says hello.

The audio therapist explains Spike’s implant and then tells them how it works. She looks at Zach, and says, “Let the father turn it on”. Zach is gracious enough to point out that Ryan is the father, and should do the honors. Annie tells Ryan how to turn the implant on. He turned it on and Says, “now what”. The therapist says we wait to see if he can hear. Spike can hear the clapping of hands and other sounds. They are all happy.

Ryan thanks the doctor. Annie brought noisy toys for Spike to play with. Kendall and Zach have keys and toys as well. Everyone is happy that Spike can hear. Zach tells Ryan he is proud of him. Kendall tells Ryan that she never thought she would see this day. Kendall tells Ryan about Spike’s first Christmas, and mentions how Ryan, and Zach put together a train set for Spike. She says that when Spike saw it, it was the same look of sheer joy he has now. Ryan is sorry that he has missed so much.

Aidan brought a picnic lunch for Greenlee and he. They went to the rooftop to have their picnic.

Frankie is leaving for the police station when Tad tries to stop him. Krystal agrees with Frankie on going to the police. Frankie leaves after thanking Krystal for the sandwich. Tad, and Krystal get a map and look for the cabin.

Angie asks if he knows she has a daughter, Cassandra; he answers, yes. Cassandra is still in Europe. She tells him emphatically that she goes where he goes. Angie and Jesse argue because he does not want her to come with him due to the danger from the men hunting him. She disagrees with him and tells him that she is going with him when he leaves. She reminds him that she is a doctor and can work anywhere. She tells him that she will not lose him again. He cries after hearing her words. They kiss.

Annie has not told Emma that Ryan has moved, but she wants to schedule a time with him to tell Emma. Annie does not want Ryan gone; she want him to look into her eyes and see the woman he wants. Annie leaves after telling Kendall that she will see her at the office; she is really happy for Zach, Kendall, Spike and Ryan.

Aidan And Greenlee enjoy their picnic, she wants to know when he became a “picnic kind of guy”. He tells her about some of the picnics he went on as a child in London. She tells him that he does not talk much about his childhood. He replies that he is too busy enjoying the present. A Champagne bottle pops. They giggle, and drink champagne, and then they start smooching. Babe calls Greenlee to the phone to talk to the police.

Kendall and Zach are smooching and talking about Spike’s day. As Kendall walks Ryan to the door, he admits that Zach is a good father. Kendall agrees. Zach put Spike down for his nap. Derek calls and asks Zach, and Kendall to meet him at Fusion. Derek calls Greenlee as well. The police want to talk about Sticks McGee’s skeleton found in the bomb shelter.

Jesse and Angie are smooching when he hears noise from outside. Tad and Krystal are at the cabin. Jesse is very upset that they are there. Tad informs Jesse that Frankie came to his house looking for Angie. There was nothing else Tad could do, but come for them. Jesse screams at them and say their being there is very bad. Tad and Krystal have gotten themselves into a lot of trouble by being there. Jesse reminds them that the people who are looking for him are killers, and then he leaves the room.

Greenlee, Kendall, Aidan, and Zach go to Fusion. Kendall asks Greenlee if they told her anything? Greenlee says no, they just asked questions about Sticks McGee. Derek comes in and Zach ask what’s up with the remains. Derek tells him they know whom sticks McGee is and how he died; he was murdered.

Frankie arrives at the cabin; he is confused as to why Angie is there along with Tad, and Krystal. Angie tells him to be strong then says Jessie, come out and meet your son. Jessie walks out and says, “Hello son”.

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