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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures By Suzanne

Erica gets a cellmate. Erica pleads with the officer to allow her to make a phone call. Erica comments on her cellmate’s shoes.

Jack asks Samuel who Erica tried to bribe. Samuel explains that Erica thinks that she is above the law. Jack tells Samuel that humiliating Erica like he did was despicable. Samuel walks away.

Babe makes JR a drink. She reminds him the stakes of the poker game.

Kendall looks down at the test. Aidan comes in and admits that Greenlee told him about the test. Aidan says that it concerns him. She tells him that the test was negative and asks him if he wants to see it. He apologizes to her and she throws the test away. She says that he is relieved, just like she is. He says that he is sorry that she is going through this. Kendall tries to say that there is nothing to be sorry about, but he says that there is. Greenlee walks in and asks if she is interrupting something. Aidan said that he thought Kendall might be sick and he wanted to check on her. Kendall tells Greenlee that the test was negative and Greenlee asks how Kendall feels about it. Kendall says that the timing wouldn’t be right for a pregnancy for a lot of reasons. Kendall apologizes to Greenlee and Greenlee asks her what she is sorry for.

Babe and JR discuss Richie. Babe says that maybe she doesn’t like to see someone suffering. Babe tells JR that it isn’t too late for JR to be Richie’s bone marrow donor with no strings attached. JR says that it is a lot more fun doing it the way they are.

Richie talks to a nurse while he gets his transfusion. He says that he thinks he left his wallet at the reception desk and asks her to go check for him. She reluctantly agrees. Richie gets on the computer.

Erica is happy to see Jack come to visit. Jack says that he has already arranged for a judge to hear the bail hearing that night. Jack makes her promise that she will let him do all the talking in court and Erica agrees.

Aidan orders a drink. Aidan and Zach toast to “trust among men.” Zach says that it involves Aidan and Kendall.

Greenlee helps Kendall touch up her makeup. Greenlee tells Kendall all the things that she has going for her. They hug.

Erica’s bail hearing begins. The judge tells Jack that she missed out on reading her son a bedtime story to oversee the bail hearing. She asks what the charges are and Samuel reads the charges. Samuel announces that he will be prosecuting the case. The judge asks Erica if she has anything to say for herself and Erica looks at Jack.

Babe and JR enjoy a hand of poker in which Babe bluffs JR. JR suggests that they play for their clothes and tells Babe that for every hand he wins, she has to take something off. She says that she hasn’t had a naked man in her house for a long time and she is looking forward to it.

Richie finds out who his bone marrow match is. The nurse comes back in and tells him that she couldn’t find his wallet. He says that he dropped it on the floor and gets up to leave.

Zach says that he wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Aidan. Aidan says that he owes Zach for keeping Greenlee alive. They toast to their beautiful women. Zach asks Aidan to go with Kendall on her book tour and Zach offers to pay Aidan. Zach explains that he doesn’t want Kendall to be alone because of what is going on with Ryan and says that he trusts Aidan and that is why he is asking.

Babe wins a hand and tells JR to take if off slow. JR takes his shirt off.

Erica asks Jack if he is sure that she can’t say anything. Jack says that they haven’t had time to discuss the charges that Samuel Woods has brought up against Erica. He asks that bail be set reasonable so that Erica can go home to her family. Erica tells the judge that it was all a set up. Jack apologizes to the court. The judge tells Erica that if she says anything else, she will be held in contempt of court. The judge asks Samuel if he has any objections to bail and he looks over at Erica. Samuel tells the judge that they do not think that Erica is a flight risk and they do not object to bail. The judge sets bail at 1 million dollars.

Babe and JR discuss the clothes that they still have on.

Aidan and Zach discuss Ryan being a threat to Kendall. Zach says that Kendall will hate the idea, but it will either be Aidan or someone that Kendall doesn’t know. Zach suspects that there is another reason that he doesn’t want to go with Kendall. Aidan agrees to help until Zach sorts the whole mess with Ryan out. Zach gets up.

They talk about the stakes of the game. Babe tells JR to quit stalling. Babe lays her cards down and JR shows her his 4 tens. She says that it is impossible. JR asks if she needs some help taking her clothes off or if she can handle it herself.

Kendall gets ready to go and Greenlee fixes her makeup. Zach overhears Kendall telling Greenlee that Zach doesn’t know about the pregnancy. Zach opens the door and asks if she is pregnant. Greenlee leaves so that they can talk. Kendall says that they shouldn’t do this in there. Zach asks what he walked in on. Kendall explains that she thought she was pregnant, but the test turned out negative. She claims that she didn’t want to make a big deal out of the possibility. She asks if they can talk about it at home. Zach opens the door and she walks out.

Samuel tells Erica that he is glad she didn’t have to spend the night in jail. She tells him that he made a very powerful enemy. Samuel leaves. Jack explains that he has arranged for them to go out the back and that he is taking her home with him.

Babe says that she can’t believe that she lost. JR says that he hasn’t decided on his prize yet, but he has a surprise for her. JR explains that he knew he was a match for Richie and that he was already planning on being Richie’s donor before she asked. He tells her that he doesn’t want to sit back and watch a guy die, not even Richie. He says that he likes games and so does she. They kiss. She asks if that is what he wants for his prize and he tells her that it is what they both want.

Richie goes back to the hotel and pours a drink. Someone knocks on his door and he tells him or her that he has something for him or her to do.

Kendall walks into the living room and Zach says that he is trying to figure out why she would try to hide the fact that she might be pregnant from him. He asks her if keeping secrets ever worked for them. Kendall says that she should have told him when she first suspected it, but if it were up to her, no one would have ever known. She says that she didn’t want to get his hopes up unless she was sure. He asks her if she is disappointed and she says that she is relieved because it is too early for another baby. He admits that he doesn’t disagree with her, but he doesn’t want them to start hiding things from each other again. He asks if that is where they have makeup sex and she says that it is if he wants to.

Aidan reminds Greenlee of a fantasy she had. They start kissing and rolling around on the bed.

Jack takes Erica home. Jack says that he will be in the guest room and walks through the bedroom to the bathroom to grab some things. He explains that he had some clothes dropped off for her. She asks if they are going to be this and he assures her that they will.

Babe and JR make love in front of the fire.

Erica has a dream about being found guilty by Jack. During the dream, Samuel comes in and says that Erica is innocent and that the state is withdrawing all charges. Erica kisses Samuel and Jack yells for order in the courtroom.

Kendall looks out the window and Zach brings her breakfast. They talk about Spike having his implant turned on and Zach goes to get him ready. Zach looks at the phone and tells Kendall that it is her other significant other, Greenlee. Greenlee says that she called to wish Kendall luck with Spike. Greenlee tells Kendall too much information about Aidan. Kendall agrees to call Greenlee after Spike’s appointment. Kendall asks if there is any more information about Erica and Zach fills her in. Zach tells Kendall that Aidan will be looking after her on her book tour, but Kendall says that she doesn’t need a bodyguard. Zach asks her to put his mind at ease. She asks why Aidan and Zach says that he trusts Aidan.

Jack brings Erica the papers and she asks him how bad it is. She agrees to look at the papers.

Babe makes a call and JR catches her trying to call Richie. JR tells Babe that Richie will know soon enough and Babe tells JR that he is doing the right thing. JR says that he has something else in mind and that Richie can wait a few minutes.

Richie shows some people a picture of JR.

JR and Babe start kissing on the couch.

Richie says that he needs JR alive because they have a trip to take. Richie says that once he gets JR’s bone marrow, all bets are off.

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