AMC Update Tuesday 2/19/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures By Suzanne

Angie pleads with Jesse to stay. He tells her that being with her is dangerous for her, but she tells him that she will take her chances. She locks the door and tells him that she is ready to find out what happened 20 years before.

Reporters ask Erica if she has any comment about her arrest and despite Jack’s advice she tells them that it is a misunderstanding. Samuel tells her that she has been arrested for insider trading.

Pam tells Kendall that either she goes on or they have dead air time. Aidan tries to control the reporters. Kendall thanks everyone for coming to the fashion show and Pam announces that they are out.

Babe tells Greenlee that the people from Campbell’s are going to have a heart attack. Greenlee announces that there is an after party at ConFusion and that there are limo’s waiting for everyone.

Kendall tells Erica that she is going down to the station with her, but Erica refuses. Erica tells Kendall to stay and Kendall reluctantly agrees. Kendall and Greenlee talk about Erica. Kelly tells Kendall that Erica being arrested on TV is going to generate a lot of publicity for the book.

Annie watches Ryan looking at Kendall. Greenlee asks Annie to make sure Amanda goes to ConFusion to make sure that people are talking about the party and not Erica’s arrest.

Zach offers Ryan a ride to the party.

Samuel tells reporters that his office intends on prosecuting Erica and when she is convicted, she will serve jail time. Jack tells Erica that he will see her at the station.

Ava tries to sell products. JR tells Ava that a rich guy is looking for her. Babe thanks him. He asks her if she is ready to take him on.

Annie offers to escort a couple of people to the after party.

Ryan and Zach talk about Kendall. Zach tells Ryan to help Annie. Zach reminds Kendall that Erica has been through worse and assures her that Erica will be fine.

Greenlee tells Aidan that the stress isn’t good for Kendall’s baby. Aidan tells Greenlee that Kendall told him that she took a test and she assured him that she wasn’t pregnant. Greenlee asks Aidan why he would ask Kendall if she was pregnant.

Jesse tells Angie that he remembers everything about the day he got shot. Angie asks him what happened. Jesse tells her that when he woke up he heard voices asking him things. He remembers them threatening his family and starts to cry. Angie asks what they did to him.

Erica asks Derek to take the cuffs off. Erica asks Jack how it happened and Jack explains that he was just as surprised about it as she was. He tells her that he found out that Samuel was looking into the case while she was on the runway. Jack assures her that he is on her side. Jack asks Erica not to say anything to Samuel, but she doesn’t listen to him. Erica accuses Samuel of weaseling his way on her show to promote his political profile and then turning it around and arresting her. She tells him that he will be sorry that he messed with her.

Greenlee tells Aidan that the pregnancy was supposed to be a secret and Aidan explains that it slipped out. Kendall and Greenlee try to get everyone out of there and to ConFusion.

Jesse tells Angie that she doesn’t need to know any more, but she says that she needs to know everything. She asks him what has him so scared, but he dodges the question. She touches his back and then lifts his shirt. She starts crying.

JR sweet-talks Kelly. Babe tells Kelly that some people were talking about Kendall’s book. Babe and JR talk about the upcoming game. Babe walks away and JR sees Erica’s arrest on TV.

The Fusion women talk about Erica’s arrest.

Kendall tells Greenlee and Zach that she should be with Erica. Zach and Aidan go to get drinks. Kendall confronts Greenlee about telling Aidan.

Zach and Aidan order a bottle of Tequila and some shot glasses. Zach asks the bartender to shut the TV off.

Annie and Ryan talk about Emma and about Erica’s arrest.

Greenlee tells Kendall to take the test. Kendall tells Greenlee that if she does it will only confirm that she isn’t pregnant. Zach and Aidan bring the Tequila back to the table and pour shots for everyone. Everyone drinks his or her shot except Kendall.

Erica gets her mug shot taken.

Jack tells Samuel that the case will never see a courtroom, but Samuel claims that he has enough evidence to guarantee that Erica will do jail time. Samuel tells Jack that the case isn’t going away. Jack suggests that Samuel arrested Erica at the fashion show because he doesn’t have a case. Samuel says that he didn’t want to take a chance of Erica running.

Erica tells Jack that she wants to talk to Samuel because she has an idea of how to make it go away. Jack suggests that she keep her mouth shut and let him take care of it. She tells him that she doesn’t need his services anymore and fires him.

JR asks if he can buy Babe a drink and Babe tells him to save his money for the poker game.

Kendall tells Zach that she doesn’t really want anything to drink. Ryan and Annie walk up and tell Kendall that if there is anything they can do to let them know. Annie tells Kendall that knowing Erica; she is probably home by now. Each person makes a toast and they drink to it. Kendall puts her glass up to her mouth, but doesn’t take a drink.

Ryan pulls Annie off to the side and tells her that he wants to remember his life, but Annie doesn’t believe that he wants to remember it. Annie suggests that his “memory loss” is a con to get out of his marriage to her and go back to Kendall.

Angie runs her fingers over the scar on Jesse’s back. Jesse tells her that he won’t let her get involved and starts to put his coat on, but she pulls his coat back off of him. They start kissing. Jesse pulls back. Angie tells him that she wants him. He grabs his coat, but she tells him that they are safe there. He tells her that the people are dangerous, but she tells him that she isn’t afraid. She tells him that if he goes, her life won’t be worth a damn and they start kissing again. He pulls back and then takes her hand and pulls her to him.

Zach brings Annie a tissue. Zach comforts Annie.

Ryan asks Kendall how she is doing. Ryan tells Kendall that he heard that she wasn’t feeling well. She asks Ryan about holding Spike. Ryan tells her that they made a beautiful little boy.

Aidan tells Greenlee that he is easy when he is drunk, but she tells him that he is always easy. Aidan brings up Kendall’s possible pregnancy and Greenlee asks why he is bringing it up because it isn’t like he is the father.

Jack watches Erica talk to Samuel. Derek brings Jack a cup of coffee and asks if Erica knows what she is doing.

Erica apologizes to Samuel for what she said to him before. He tells her that she is smart and beautiful, but she isn’t above the law. Erica tells him that she has something that he wants that money cannot buy and asks him if he is interested. She offers him her influence to make sure he wins the election when he runs for senate, off the record, because when Erica Kane talks, people listen. He asks what it would take to get the endorsement of Erica Kane. She asks him to take a realistic look at her case because they both know that she meant no harm. She asks if they have a deal and they shake hands. Jack walks in and asks what is going on.

Babe and JR leave.

Annie gets ready to leave, but Ryan says that he is going to stick around for a while.

Greenlee apologizes for what she said and Aidan accepts her apology. Aidan goes to get Greenlee’s coat so that they can go home.

Zach and Ryan talk about Annie leaving alone. Ryan walks away.

Kendall walks up to Greenlee and asks what she is drinking. Greenlee tells her that it is ginger ale and Kendall takes the glass and takes a big drink. Greenlee tells Kendall to take the test already and Kendall agrees. Greenlee offers to go with her, but Kendall says that she can do it alone. Kendall says that she isn’t pregnant and turns around to see Aidan. Aidan asks her if she decided not to take the test because she thought the baby was his and Kendall walks away.

Jesse pulls Angie over to him and kisses her. They start undressing and they make love.

Babe and JR get to her house and he helps her with her coat. She gets the cards out and he asks what the rules are. She says that if she wins, he agrees to be Richie’s donor and if JR wins, he gets anything he wants. He tells her to deal the cards.

Jack asks Erica about the terms of her agreement with Samuel. Samuel walks in and announces that Erica is now being charged with trying to bribe a public official.

Ryan gets home and sees Annie walk down the stairs. She tells him to take one last look at what he is missing and then get out.

Angie runs her fingers over Jesse’s scar again. She asks him to tell her about it and tells him that he has never shut her out before and she doesn’t want him to start now.

Greenlee asks Aidan to take her home. Zach walks up and asks if they have seen Kendall.

Kendall takes the test and prays for it to be negative. She looks down at it and a tear rolls down her cheek.

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