AMC Update Monday 2/18/08

All My Children Update Monday 2/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures By Suzanne

Angie walks around on the platform waiting for the train. She watches the people get off the train and sees Jesse. They run up to each other.

Erica announces the fashion show.

Greenlee tells Aidan that Kendall might be pregnant, but she isn’t telling Zach yet.

The Fusion ladies get ready for the fashion show.

Erica introduces Colby.

Adam and JR show up at the fashion show and Adam asks JR if he is really going to donate bone marrow to Richie.

Erica introduces Ava.

Babe tells Amanda that they are switching dresses.

Zach asks Kendall if she is okay. She asks about Zach’s meeting with Ryan.

Ryan and Annie talk about Emma. Ryan sees Kendall.

Jesse tells Angie that it is really him. They wrap their arms around each other. Angie starts to cry and reminds him that she saw him die. Jesse tells her that they have to leave. She takes his hat off and looks at him. He tells her to trust him and tells her that they have to leave.

The fashion show takes a break.

Babe tells the woman in makeup that she wants to look sexier.

Erica tells the ladies how great they are doing. Jack comes back and asks why Samuel Woods is in the audience. Greenlee comes over and tells Jack that there are no groupies allowed backstage and tells Erica that she is on in ten. Erica kisses Jack and runs back out.

Erica introduces Samuel Woods.

Erica introduces Corrina.

Krystal confronts Adam about the spy ring and admits that she sent JR to get the information about Kate. Tad walks up and asks what they are talking about. Krystal tells Tad that Adam has something that she wants, but won’t give it up.

Erica introduces Babe and realizes that Babe changed her mind about the dress that she would wear.

Greenlee tells Annie that they just put the finishing touches on Emma. Greenlee asks Ryan how things are and tells him that it will get better.

Erica introduces Amanda.

JR meets Babe backstage and asks if she needs some help.

Aidan confronts Kendall about how she is feeling. Kendall tells Aidan that she isn’t pregnant and even if she were, it wouldn’t be his child.

Erica reminds everyone about the reason for the fashion show.

Greenlee tells Ryan that Zach didn’t take anything from Ryan. Ryan asks Greenlee how close she got with Zach while they were in the bomb shelter.

Kendall tells Aidan that it isn’t any of his business. Zach offers to buy Aidan a beer.

Samuel Woods gives Erica a check for the event. Pam informs Erica that some of the runway lights are out and that they need to fill the time before they can continue with the fashion show. Erica suggests that Samuel does a live interview and that Pam should interview him.

JR tries to help Babe, but the zipper on her dress is stuck. JR gets the zipper free and Babe thanks him by dropping the dress.

Jesse and Angie go to a shack in the woods. He tells her that no one can see them together. Angie tells him that they have 20 years to make up for. Jesse tells her that no one can know he is alive. They start kissing. They sit down and talk about being there when they were younger. Angie asks him to wait to tell her what really happened and to give her the dream that she has had for so long.

Krystal tells Tad that Adam picked up the picture of Jenny that fell out of her purse, but then pulls the picture out of her purse. She apologizes to Adam and asks Tad to buy her a drink.

JR covers Babe up. Babe tells JR that she knows that he is a donor match for Richie and admits that she has a proposition for him.

Adam and Zach discuss what they gave up to be at the fashion show.

Erica and Kendall talk about how the fashion show is doing. Erica mentions the pregnancy test, but Kendall stops her. Colby tells them that the lights are fixed. Kendall pulls the test out of her purse.

Erica thanks Samuel and introduces Annie and Emma.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he is trying to make things work with Annie, but it doesn’t feel right. Greenlee tells Ryan to stay away from Zach and Kendall until he figures out why he lost the time.

Erica introduces Kendall and Greenlee. Greenlee gets the audience involved.

Zach and Aidan discuss Ryan. Zach admits that he is afraid that he will kill Ryan if he tries anything with Kendall. Aidan remembers his one night with Kendall. Amanda comes out and tells Aidan that he needs to get backstage for the finale.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about Annie and his relationship with Greenlee and Kendall. Amanda tells Greenlee that the finale is coming up in 5 minutes.

JR asks Babe about her proposition. She suggests that they go back in time and do some wild things. Ava comes over and tells Babe that it is time for the finale. Babe tells JR to get out of there because she has to get her dress back on.

Adam introduces himself to Samuel. Jack asks Samuel what he wants from Erica.

Kendall thanks Campbell’s for their participation in the event and announces Erica.

Samuel makes a call and tells someone, “Let’s do it.”

Erica stands up and takes off her robe and says, “Let’s do it.”

Jesse holds Angie. He tells her that the only thing that has ever mattered to him was that she loved him.

All the models come out for another show of the dresses and each stops at the back of the runway.

Zach tells Ryan that Annie looks great.

Greenlee describes the dress that Erica will be wearing. Aidan escorts Erica out.

Jack gets a call and he thanks the person for “the tip.” He turns and looks at Samuel.

Erica thanks everyone for coming. The models go backstage.

JR asks Babe what the wild thing she wanted to do was. She suggests a poker game. If she wins, JR agrees to be Richie’s donor and if JR wins, he gets anything he wants.

Erica is interviewed. One of the journalists asks Erica if there will be another red dress fashion show the following year.

Zach comments on the fashion show.

Samuel tells someone “now.”

Jesse tells Angie that he has wanted this for so long. She asks him to prove that he loves her. He gets up and heads for the door. She stops him and tells him that she isn’t letting him leave her again.

Jack tells Erica that she needs to get off the stage, but Erica tells him that the show isn’t over yet. Samuel walks up and says that it is. He tells Erica that she is under arrest.

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