AMC Update Friday 2/15/08

All My Children Update Friday 2/15/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Krystal brings Angie her wallet at the airport. They really hit it off and Angie let her know that she now have a new best friend. Tad is at the train station with Jesse.

Erica looks for Kendall and Greenlee. She wants to know the result of Kendall’s pregnancy test. Jack look for Green and Kendall as well. As Greenlee enters the ladies room, Kendall drops the pregnancy test.

Ryan blames Zach for stealing his life. He tells Zach that he has done his own research, and he knows that Zach father killed his sister. He cannot believe this, because he thought that Zach’s father was dead. He asks, how did Zach steal his life?

Greenlee insists on Kendall taking the pregnancy test.

Josh gives Aidan a hard time about modeling.

Jack talks to Erica about the SEC investigation of her investments. Pamela has a recording of the interview with Mr. Woods, the Attorney General. Erika previews the tape in the dressing room with Jack looking on. Jack knows Mr. Woods, and do not think much of him. He cautions Erica to be careful of him.

Emma wants her daddy to see her model. Annie cannot promise that he will be there, but she does promise that she will take pictures, and let Ryan see them. Annie says that daddy is sick, and is not able to be with everyone.

Ryan insists that he does not know Zach nor does he trust him. He refuses to talk to Zach about the past or present.

Angie’s flight is delayed. Krystal sees this as an opportunity to try and play cupid. She suggests that Angie take the train. Tad tries to convince Jesse to stay. Jesse supports the reason he has to leave. Tad tries to play cupid by suggesting that Jesse take a plane. Jesse asks Tad how much did he pay the ticket agent to find out where he is going. He thinks that Tad was stupid to pay for information, when Jesse can change his destination. Jesse figures out that Angie must be taking the plane. Angie makes a call to check out the train schedule.

Jack does not like the attorney general; Erica accuses him of being jealous.

Kendall, and Greenlee finally exit the ladies room. She tells Erica that the test is negative, and she is not carrying Aidan’s child. Erica is so happy that she sits on Jack lap, and then kiss him.

Amanda and Babe want to know how everything is going with Annie. She tells them that she, and Ryan are planning on a second date.

Kendall sees Josh, and asks has he seen Zach. Josh has not. He wishes Kendall good luck with tonight’s event.

Zach tell Ryan that he, and Kendall are married and that is not changing. Ryan accuses Zach of taking his corporation, Kendall, and his child. He also tell Zach that he does not deserve Kendall and Zach agrees, but then say that Kendall choose him, because she loves him. Ryan wants to know what if he thinks that Kendall will be happier with him. Zach disagrees, and tell him that he would be dead wrong. Zach let him know that he, and Kendall love each other, and they belong together, and Ryan must accept that. He reminds Ryan that he, and Kendall split up before he came along, and somewhere in Ryan’s head he has to remember that. He tells Ryan that he abandon Kendall, he broke her heart, and then dumped her for her best friend. He then dumped her best friend after breaking her heart. He challenged Ryan to verify what he is saying with Greenlee or Kendall. He ended with telling Ryan that if he wants to remain in the past that is good, but if he wants a future, he should move on. Zach gracefully walks out of the door, and left Ryan with egg on his face.

The event begins. Eric introduces Kendall, Greenlee, and Aidan. Aidan models and throws roses to the crowd.

Zach returns to Fusion with Ryan not far behind. Kendall, and Zach kiss and hug. Ryan talks to Annie about Emma. Greenlee stares at Zach, and Kendall interacting. Ryan stares at Zach, and Kendall interacting as he talks to Annie.

Angie decides to take the train.

Jesse gets on the train. Angie arrives at the station as Jesse is finding a seat. Angie is standing in front of the station as the train carrying Jesse slowly takes off. As it past her she see Jesse; she begin to run after the train as she calls his name. As the train leaves her view, Angie kneels down on the track and cry holding her head down defeated. The train pulls back into the station then stop. As the passengers exit the train car, Angie looks for Jesse. Everyone exits, and through the smoke, out steps Jesse. Jesse and Angie are face to face.

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