AMC Update Thursday 2/14/08

All My Children Update Thursday 2/14/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

Krystal invited Angie to tell her about Jesse, and Angie’s love story. Angie spent the night on the sofa. She thanks Krystal for letting her spend the night. Krystal was sad that Angie and Jesse’s story ended too soon.

After Ryan and Annie’s date, they went to bed in separate bedrooms. Ryan is going through some papers and sees a funeral announcement for his sister Erin. He blamed Annie for not telling him of Erin’s death. He does not remember Erin coming to Pine Valley.

Campbell soup and V-8 are sponsoring the “Go Red” fashion show at Fusion. Babe and Amanda are hanging up a Campbell’s soup banner. Erica is fussing about the florist bringing yellow roses. Greenlee, and Aidan arrive; Erica hugs her and asks about Kendall. Greenlee doesn't know where she is, but she thought Kendall seemed distracted. Greenlee looks at Aidan and says do you know why she is so distracted.

Kendall and Zach are at home. Kendall is eating chocolate; Zach says it remind him of what she ate when she was pregnant with Ian.

Aidan asks Greenlee why she is asking him about Kendall. He says he knows that she had a tummy ache. Erica wants to know why Kendall is being so mysterious about a little stomachache.

Colby and Adam are having breakfast and JR walks in. JR fingers the "heirloom" ring, and looks over at Adam.

The phone rings, and its Greenlee asking about Kendall’s stomach ache. Kendall is surprised to hear that Aidan told Greenlee about her stomachache. Kendall promises that they are on their way. She asks Zach to stop at the drugstore on the way so she can get something for nausea.

Tad, and Jessie are in the basement when krystal walks in. Krystal tells them that she do not believe in ghost so somebody had better tell her that she is not seeing Jesse Hubbard. Tad asks if Angie is gone while Jessie says Angie can't know I'm alive. She tells Jesse how she spent the evening listening to Angie talk about how much she loves him. She tells him that he better have a good reason for her not to tell his wife he is alive.

Ryan leaves the penthouse upset.

Kendall, and Zach arrive at Fusion. Erica mentions Aidan told her that Kendall had a stomachache. Greenlee goes over to hug Kendall. They are impressed with the setup for the fashion show. They feel that they are back on top. Kendall looks at the bar and sees Aidan, and Zach having a drink together. Zach tells Aidan that finding them in the bomb shelter was like finding a needle in a haystack. Aidan flashback to Kendall finding the map after they had “grief sex”.

Kendall is in the bathroom dabbing her face with water when Erica walks in. She asks Kendall if she is pregnant. Kendall says maybe. Ava walks in to get Kendall and save her from Erica's questions.

Greenlee asks Aidan to model since two models did not show up.

Annie arrives, and tells Zach that Ryan found out about Erin and the other murders; he is real upset. Ryan went to Cambius to work, Zach follows him.

Adam overheard that JR is a donor match for Ritchie, but Adam told the clinic that JR wouldn't help. JR confronts Adam about listening to his conversation. Adam is shocked that JR knows that the ring is bugged.

Krystal agrees to keep quiet about Jesse being alive. Tad, and Jessie leave.

Angie cannot find her wallet or ticket in her purse. The only place she could have left it is at Tad’s place.

Kendall opens her purse, and Erica sees the pregnancy test.

Jessie and Tad arrive at the train station. Jessie wants Tad to leave, and Tad says he is staying a little longer because he enjoys his company. Tad tries to get answers from Jesse about where he is going. Jessie gives him a look and Tad says, “Well can't blame a guy for trying”. Jessie asks Tad to stop asking questions and to look out for his family.

Krystal finds Angie’s wallet, and ticket and will bring them over to her. Krystal hangs up the phone, and then it dawns on her that Tad, Jessie, and Angie are all at the same train station.

Security guard lets Ryan into Zach's office. Ryan see the name plate that read, “Zach Slater”. Ryan is confused and wants to know where is his office.

Erica drags Kendall into the bathroom. She wants to know what's going on. Kendall thinks she is pregnant. Erica is there for her. Kendall tells her about “grief sex” with Aidan. Kendall was on the pill with Zach, but had forgotten to take them with the stress of Zach being missing. Erica hugs her.

Adam calls JR a traitor, and JR call him names as well.

Ava and Amanda Tell Annie they are sorry for Ryan’s memory loss especially knowing that it is Valentine’s Day. They surprise Annie by dressing up Emma in a beautiful red dress.

Ryan goes through Zach's desk; Zach catches him.

Adam advises JR not to put himself on the line for a man who will replace him in Babe's bed. JR vows to move out of the mansion soon.

Ryan pulled out old newspapers in Zach's desk. One of them had a picture of Alex Cambius. Ryan look at the picture and say, “I thought you were dead”. At that point, Zach appears in the doorway, and says, "You can ask me any questions”. Ryan angrily asks Zach how he managed to steal his life.

Jesse and Tad are at the train station, and Jesse has purchased a ticket to Toronto. After Jesse falls asleep in the station, Tad bribes the man at the ticket window to tell him where Jesse is headed.

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