AMC Update Wednesday 2/13/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Jesse hides as Tad invites Angie in. Angie tells Tad that she needs his help and explains that she and Frankie both have “seen” Jesse. Angie asks Tad to help her find a way to let Jesse go.

Annie walks into the living room and Ryan tells her that he loves her and that she is beautiful. They start kissing and someone knocks on the door. Annie opens the door to see Ryan standing there with roses. Ryan asks her where to start their “first date” and she tells him that they should have a drink at ConFusion.

Pam tells Samuel that he is doing great. Erica tells Samuel that Pam has had too much caffeine. Erica asks Samuel how he is going to make things better for the “average” American. Samuel explains everything to Erica using her as an example.

Kendall starts to pick things up while Zach makes arrangements for them to fly back to Pine Valley. He bends down to help her pick things up and she starts kissing him. Zach makes the arrangements and hangs up. Zach tells Kendall that they need to talk about her purse and what is in it. He asks her for her bag and suggests that she is hiding something in there. He tells her that the weight in the bag isn’t good for her shoulders. He tells her that she spends too much time worrying about Ryan.

Ryan and Annie show up at ConFusion and Ryan comments on the décor. They discuss drinks. Annie offers to fill Ryan in on her life. Ryan orders drinks. Ryan admits to Annie that there is something that he has never told anyone.

Erica and Samuel continue their interview.

Tad wishes he could tell Angie that Jesse is still alive. She asks him if he considered the possibility and he admits that he did. Angie says that she can feel Jesse. Krystal walks in and asks about Frankie. Krystal tells Angie that she knows exactly what Angie is going through. Angie explains to Krystal that she has been missing Jesse. Krystal offers to listen to Angie talk about Jesse. Jesse watches Tad move around. Angie tells Krystal about Jesse. Angie has a flashback of her first dinner with Jesse and then of Jesse’s proposal and their wedding. Jesse stays hidden and cries while touching his wedding band.

Ryan tells Annie that he doesn’t recycle and she thinks that he is joking. Ryan tells Annie that he saw Spike the previous day and tells her about his visit. Annie realizes that Ryan felt a connection with Spike because Spike is Ryan’s son with Kendall.

Zach orders drinks and Kendall tells him that food is his solution for everything. Kendall asks about Ryan’s visit. Zach says that he will never trust Ryan with Kendall and she says that she doesn’t want to talk about Aidan anymore.

Erica and Samuel continue the interview. Erica asks about a tragic loss that he suffered. Samuel admits that he lost his wife in the World Trade Center attacks and that his son lost his mother. Erica thanks Samuel for the interview and says goodbye to the cameras. Pam comes out and stumbles over her words.

Zach asks why Kendall wants to bring up Aidan. Kendall claims that she meant Ryan, but she has been thinking about Aidan screwing things up with Greenlee. Zach says that Kendall needs a distraction. Zach gives her a locket with the boys inside for Valentine’s Day. Kendall wonders if Zach wants more children.

Angie tells Krystal about giving up her and Jesse’s child. Tad leaves to check out something. Angie tells Krystal about Jesse finding Frankie and that they made it official. Angie and Krystal talk about how Jesse died. Angie admits that she can’t make peace with the fact that Jesse is gone.

Jesse admits that seeing Angie and hearing her talk about the past is killing him. Jesse says that he has to leave Pine Valley now. Krystal calls for Tad. Tad tells Jesse that he will help him get out of there.

Krystal tells Tad that Angie has agreed to stay with them for the night. Tad asks Angie how long and Krystal says that Angie can stay as long as she wants. Angie admits that she is leaving Pine Valley the following day. Krystal comes back and shows Angie the picture that was stolen from Frankie’s room.

Ryan says that he doesn’t understand how Spike happened because he had a vasectomy. Annie explains that Emma and Spike weren’t conceived the old fashioned way. Ryan starts talking about Spike and Annie says that she can’t do it. She says that it is going to take some time. She admits that she wants more wine.

Zach tells Kendall that he wants more children, but for now he is happy with what they have. Kendall tells Zach that she wants to go back to the hotel room and they leave.

Erica and Samuel talk about the interview and about his initial reaction to being invited to be on her show.

Tad explains that a nurse threw the picture away on accident and that he was going to clean it up and give it back to Frankie. Krystal offers to show Angie where the guest room is, but Angie says that she will be fine on the sofa. Krystal shows Angie where she can freshen up. Tad asks Jesse how he is getting out of town, and Jesse tells Tad that he is going by train.

Kendall and Zach make love.

Angie gets ready for bed and looks at the picture from Frankie’s room.

Samuel and Erica say goodbye. Erica says that she wants the tape first thing in the morning. Pam and Erica discuss Samuel.

Samuel gets in the car and asks if everything is set for the following day. He says that he doesn’t want any screw-ups because they are dealing with Erica Kane.

Annie smells the roses that Ryan got her. Ryan says that the easiest thing would be to take her upstairs and make love, but it wouldn’t be real. Annie tells him to give it time. She turns to go upstairs to bed and he stops her and kisses her on the cheek.

Kendall gets her purse ready to go home. Zach takes her purse and he realizes that it is lighter. Kendall admits that she threw away some things that she didn’t need anymore.

Krystal checks on Angie. Krystal locks the door to the basement where Jesse is hiding.

Angie holds the picture and talks to Jesse.

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