AMC Update Tuesday 2/12/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Erica has a meeting with her accountants. She yells at them for allowing her assets to be frozen. She asks them how it happened and no one says anything.

Jesse has a dream about being held prisoner and hearing Angie screaming for help. He wakes up and says that he will never let them get Angie.

Angie wakes up in the hospital and sees Frankie sitting by her side. They talk about her condition.

Aidan tells Greenlee that they are finally going home. They talk about going home and she tells him that she isn’t the “old Greenlee” anymore.

Kendall signs books for her fans. She gets a pen out of her purse and turns around to see Zach holding one of her books open. She kisses him and he tells her fans that he is her husband. Kendall moves her bag so that he can sit down. He asks her why she looks so nervous.

Greenlee says that maybe she isn’t ready for what is outside of the hospital because she has changed. Greenlee explains what she was going through before she left town. She tells him that she has changed over the last few years. He asks her what she wants now.

Angie tells Frankie that she went to Jesse’s grave to say goodbye because she is leaving Pine Valley. She claims that they were both hallucinating when they thought they saw Jesse. Frankie says that he smelled Jesse’s aftershave and Angie explains that she imagined that Jesse was holding her and when she woke up the paramedics were. Frankie asks her who called the paramedics.

Tad brings Jesse breakfast. Jesse asks about Angie. Tad tells Jesse that Angie thinks that he was an illusion brought on by stress. Jesse starts getting ready to leave and refuses to give answers.

Babe and Krystal talk about Tad and the possibility that he is having an affair. Krystal tells Babe that she is wrong about Krystal and Tad’s marriage. Babe realizes that Krystal and Tad are “together”. Krystal tries to change the subject to Babe’s relationships, but Babe claims that she is having too much fun talking about Krystal’s. Babe reminds Krystal about a guy who Krystal was dating when Babe was in junior high. Krystal sees Richie and points him out to Babe.

Adam asks JR about the ring and JR admits that he lost it. Adam yells at JR for losing the ring and JR explains what happened with the ring. Adam stands up and the hands free listening device falls out of the paper and JR sees it lying on the floor.

Erica asks the accountants why her funds aren’t available to her and one of them says that they are facing an audit by the federal government. She asks them if her funds are frozen and how it can be fixed. No one answers her. She stands up and tells them that they are all fired.

Richie and Babe talk about his blood transfusions. She asks if they have found him a match and he says that they found one, but the person isn’t interested. He explains that the doctor’s won’t tell him who the person is. Babe asks him if there is anything she can do and he says that she could always break into the hospital and find out the name of the donor.

Erica tells Val that she fired the accountants. She asks Val to contact someone at the firm that Adam recommended. Val leaves. Erica calls Jack and leaves a message for him. Pam walks in followed by Samuel Woods. Pam introduces them and announces that Mr. Woods agreed to be on the show. Mr. Woods tells Erica that he has waited a long time for this.

Babe realizes that Richie wants her to break into Joe’s office and Richie tells her to forget he said anything. Richie leaves and Krystal comes over. Babe tells Krystal that she needs her to help save a man’s life.

Greenlee says that she wants to be happy. Aidan tells her that she isn’t the same person she was when she came back to town and says that her taste in men has improved dramatically.

Kendall and Zach talk about her writing a book. Zach offers to take her out to dinner after her book signing. Kendall continues signing books and one of the fans suggests that the book is about Kendall’s life. Zach leaves and Kendall gets a phone call. Kendall asks Greenlee if she is out of the hospital yet and Greenlee admits that she had a small identity crisis. Greenlee tells Kendall to say goodbye to the “whiny Greenlee” and Kendall asks if “the bitch” is back. Greenlee tells Kendall that things are finally looking up for them. Kendall hangs up and goes back to signing books.

Tad gives Jesse a bag of clothes and some money. Jesse refuses, but Tad insists. Jesse says that Tad is still the same stubborn ass from high school.

Angie claims that they both are exhausted and that is why they saw Jesse. Frankie tells Angie that Tad knows something. Angie tells Frankie that she has prayed to god to get Jesse back, but she saw him die. Angie tells Frankie that Jesse is dead and he isn’t coming back.

Pam tells Erica that Mr. Woods rearranged his schedule to appear on the show. He asks if they could do the interview now and Erica says that they have finished taping for the day. Mr. Woods leaves and Erica says that he will be back. Mr. Woods steps off the elevator as Erica counts backwards from five. Erica asks him if he forgot something.

JR offers to help Adam pick up the hands free device. Adam refuses, but JR picks it up and asks what it is. Adam claims that it is a security device. Adam leaves to have the cook make them something to eat. Adam says that JR is a liar and a traitor. JR gets a call from someone with good news.

Babe tells Krystal the update on Richie’s condition. Krystal offers to talk to Joe and Tad, but Babe says it is past that point. Krystal sees a look on Babe’s face and says no. Babe asks Krystal if she is in or out.

Zach helps Kendall sell the books. Kendall grabs her purse and runs off.

Frankie apologizes for upsetting Angie. She says that she isn’t upset she is just tired. Frankie agrees that maybe it is being in the hospital that made them think they saw Jesse. Frankie leaves and promises to call her later. She remembers what happened at the cemetery.

Aidan asks Greenlee if Joe has been in yet. Greenlee tells Aidan that he has been amazing and that she always wants him to be beside her. He kisses her.

Kendall sits in a chair and Zach brings her something to drink. He asks her how long she has been feeling like this and she claims that it was only that day. Zach tells her that she can tell him anything and asks her what she hasn’t been telling him.

Mr. Woods tells Erica that he can rearrange his evening so that he can do the interview. Pam says that she can make it work.

Erica introduces Samuel Woods to the audience. Erica and Samuel Woods discuss his reasons for being on the show. Pam comes on and tells them that it was fantastic.

Krystal and Babe break into Joe’s office and Babe starts messing with Joe’s computer trying to find information on the donor. Babe brings up the document and sees that the donor match is JR.

Colby comes in and sees Adam and JR working. Adam suggests that they call it a night and leaves. Colby gives JR the ring back and he sees the microphone on it.

Joe interrupts Greenlee and Aidan. Aidan and Joe try to get Greenlee to sit in the wheelchair. She refuses and walks out of the room.

Kendall tells Zach that they haven’t had any alone time in weeks and that she thought that if he stayed it would make her feel better. Zach calls to change his flight. Kendall knocks over her purse and the pregnancy test falls out.

Tad tells Jesse to drop a line and let Tad know that he is still alive. Tad agrees to watch over Angie and Frankie. Someone knocks on the door and Tad tells Jesse to hide. Angie stands at Tad’s door.

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