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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Greenlee asks Kendall why she has Aidan's phone. Kendall explains that Aidan is going to Chicago for work and she is going for her book signing and that they are on the same plane. Greenlee asks if Zach knows.

Annie asks Ryan why he is there and Ryan explains that he needs to talk to Kendall. Zach tells Ryan that Kendall is out of town, but Annie is there and he can talk to her.

Angie rushes into the hospital and asks Joe about her page. Joe explains that he only needed her signature and that both patients are fine. She tells him that she is going to Jesse’s grave. Joe wishes he could talk Angie into staying, but she tells him that Pine Valley can’t be her home anymore. She signs Joe’s paper and he asks her if she would like him to go to Jesse’s grave with her, but she refuses.

Jesse looks at a picture while he is standing over his grave. He tells Pine Valley that he has to go and Tad walks up. Tad reminds Jesse that he was supposed to be gone already and Jesse explains that he wanted to say one last goodbye to his old life first. Tad suggests that it doesn’t have to be goodbye and Jesse reminds Tad that he doesn’t know what Jesse is running from. Tad tells Jesse that he has already looked into things, but he needs some details. Jesse explains that all he wants is to be with Angie and to get to know his son, but he can’t. Jesse reminds Tad of his promise to keep Angie and Frankie safe. Tad tells him to be safe and walks away. Jesse remembers something that happened to him 20 years before. He kneels on his grave.

Joe sees Angie and she explains that she needed a minute before she went to the cemetery. Joe tells Angie that someone from the hospital board was disappointed with Joe because he couldn’t convince Angie to stay on full time. Joe explains all the perks to Angie again, but Angie insists that she can’t do it there. Joe says that she could make him look good and Angie explains that she doesn’t want to be there without Jesse. Joe tells her to talk to Jesse and then make up her mind about staying. Angie explains that she is only going to Jesse’s grave to say goodbye.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she hasn’t called Zach yet because her phone is in the overhead compartment. Greenlee explains that she always has her phone on her. Greenlee asks if Aidan is back yet. Kendall says that she has no idea why they are delayed and Greenlee hopes that Kendall will make it to the signing. Aidan gets back and Kendall gives him the phone. Greenlee explains that she just missed Aidan and she noticed that Kendall was acting a little weird. Aidan offers to get off the plane and come back to the hospital, but Greenlee assures him that she is fine.

Greenlee hangs up and tells the stuffed tiger that being stuck in the hospital sucks.

Kendall tells Aidan that Greenlee knows something. Aidan suggests that Kendall is being paranoid. Kendall jumps up and says that she is going to be sick.

Ryan says that he doesn’t know Zach or Annie and that Kendall and Greenlee are the only people he knows. Annie leaves. Ryan asks Zach when Kendall will be back and Zach offers him a beer. Zach tells Ryan that Annie is a good person and that maybe next time Ryan should make an effort. Zach offers to try to help Ryan. Ryan thinks that Zach doesn’t want him anywhere near Kendall.

Jack visits Greenlee with good news. He tells her that she is going to be released the following day. Jack asks what he can do to help and Greenlee tells him that unless he can get her on a plane to Chicago in the next 45 minutes, there isn’t anything he can do. She explains that Kendall is in Chicago with Aidan and that she is stuck in the hospital. Jack suggests that she needs a day at the spa.

Kendall comes back to her seat and tells Aidan that she caught the bug going around Spike’s playgroup. They discuss Zach and Greenlee. Kendall tells Aidan that if Zach finds out before she tells him, he will never forgive her.

Zach tells Ryan that he is protective of Kendall the way that Ryan is of Annie. Zach explains what happened to Annie in the past and tells Ryan that he saved her. Ryan insists that it kills him to do this to Annie, but he has to piece together the last 4 years of his life. Ryan explains that he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Rachel comes in with Spike and Zach introduces Ryan to Spike. Ryan takes Spike and holds him. Rachel leaves to check on Ian. Ryan talks to Spike and Zach reminds him that Spike is deaf. Ryan apologizes to Spike for missing out on his life and Zach tells Ryan that he has always been there for Spike. Ryan realizes that he is holding his son with Kendall.

Kendall and Aidan talk about her stress level and Kendall apologizes to Aidan. Aidan and Kendall vow that Zach and Greenlee can never know their secret. A flight attendant comes on and tells them that they are having mechanical difficulties. Kendall rubs her stomach. Aidan asks if she is okay and she claims that she is fine.

Jack brings Greenlee something to drink and asks if Greenlee is worried about Kendall and Aidan being together. Greenlee says that she wants everything to be back to normal. Greenlee says that Aidan will only be out of town overnight and that when he comes back, she is going to make sure he never wants to leave town without her again.

Tad stops to see Frankie and Joe says that Frankie is sleeping. Tad asks about Angie and Joe explains that Angie is taking a break. Joe explains that he can’t convince Angie to stick around.

Jesse walks away from his grave, but turns back to grab his hat. Angie walks up and sees him. She calls his name and he stands up and looks at her. Angie faints and Jesse catches her. He tells her that she will be okay and calls an ambulance.

Annie remembers her past with Ryan and starts to cry.

Ryan and Zach talk about Spike. Ryan and Zach discuss Annie and Emma. Ryan wishes he could remember every second he has spent with Spike and promises Spike that he will try. Ryan tells Spike that he will be back soon and asks Zach to tell Kendall he stopped by. Ryan leaves.

A nurse comes in and Greenlee asks to see her manicurist and her facialist, but the nurse refuses. Aidan walks in with flowers.

Kendall walks around the airport and a pregnant woman gives her something to help with the sick feelings. Kendall says, “No, no, no, I can’t be.”

Jesse talks to an unconscious Angie and apologizes. He lays her down and kisses her. He hears people coming and runs off. The medics wake Angie up and think that she is just confused when she says that her husband is alive.

Aidan says that he never should have left. Greenlee says that she wanted to get her hair and makeup done. She realizes that Aidan really doesn’t understand women. He suggests that she give him a lesson and she pushes him over and kisses him.

Kendall finds a quiet place to sit down. She pulls out a calendar and she admits that she forgot a couple of pills while Zach was missing, but claims that it doesn’t mean anything. A flight attendant comes across the intercom and announces that they are boarding Kendall’s flight.

Joe tells Angie that she doesn’t take care of herself and orders some things. Joe asks her if she wants to talk about it. She tells Joe that Jesse was at the cemetery and explains that it seemed real. Joe tells her that sometimes they see what they want to see.

Tad bumps into Jesse and Jesse explains that he needs Tad’s help.

Greenlee tells Aidan that he is a quick learner. He paints her toenails and he says that he will deny it if she tells anyone. She sits up and kisses him.

Kendall’s phone rings and she asks Zach if everything is okay. Zach tells Kendall about Ryan’s visit with Spike. Kendall makes Zach promise that she will never lose him. She explains that she is nervous about the book signing. She hangs up and pulls a pregnancy test out of a paper bag beside her.

Ryan comes home and sees Annie standing there. She gives him something that Emma made him. He hangs it up on the window. He promises that he will try. They agree to take things slow and try to get his memory back. She leaves to make him something to eat. Ryan apologizes for what happened at Kendall and Zach’s house. Ryan picks up a picture of his family.

Tad and Jesse talk about what happened with Angie at the cemetery. Jesse asks Tad to try to convince Angie that she was tired or something. Tad suggests that Jesse stay at his house for the night and Jesse reluctantly agrees. They get in the car.

Angie opens her locket and looks at the picture of Jesse. She talks to Jesse and she wonders how she could have imagined Jesse as the older man he would have been if he had lived.

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