AMC Update Friday 2/8/08

All My Children Update Friday 2/8/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse is brought into Pine Valley Hospital with a head wound. He doesn't want to be there.

Annie runs into Zach on her way to see Kendall. She is seeking Ryan and thought that he might be with Kendall. Zach reminds Annie that Kendall went to Chicago for a book signing. Annie tells Zach how Ryan walked out on her, and she needs to know that he is safe. Zach invites her inside so that they can talk.

Ryan visits Greenlee in the hospital. He tells her that the woman he loves is married to another man. Greenlee understands that because of Ryan’s memory loss, he is in love with Kendall again. Ryan tells Greenlee that he never stopped being in love with her.

Aidan is on the plane sitting next to Kendall. He has a job in Chicago. Kendall is uncomfortable with him being there. She attempts to leave her seat, but he grabs her, because he insists on settling the issues surrounding the “grief sex” once and for all.

Ryan is telling Greenlee about his love for Kendall. He believes that Annie has been great, but she is a stranger to him. He doesn't remember being married to Greenlee either. He wants to know details about Greenlee and him. Greenlee warns him that he might not like what he hears.

Zach tells Annie that they are going to activate Spike’s ear implant soon. Annie is sorry that Ryan’s memory loss is causing him to miss out on spending time with his children, Emma and Spike. Zach reminds Annie that he is available to help her through this bad time.

Kendall tells Aidan that everything was fine when the focus was on Greenlee. Aidan reminds her that Greenlee is fine now. Kendall reminds him that nothing about what they did was fine, and she doesn't like keeping the secret of what they did from Zach.

Angie visits Frankie. He notices that she is upset. He invites her to discuss why she is worried. She reminds him that today is his dad's birthday.

Jesse wants to leave the hospital without being treated. He insists on leaving. The doctor examining him wants another doctor to examine him. They page Dr. Martin, which is the last thing that Jesse wants. Frankie reminisces with Angie about Jesse. There is a flashback to the Hubbard’s last Christmas together. He acknowledges that his dad was a good man. Angie wishes that she could look into his eyes one more time. Frankie asks her to take him for a ride through the halls of the hospital. She agrees.

Greenlee tells Ryan how they were completely happy for a long time. After Leo died, it was the first she was truly happy in a long time. Ryan doesn't remember their time together. He wants Greenlee to give him details. Greenlee is worried about reliving it. He realizes that he hurt her. Greenlee tells him that he broke her heart.

Annie tells Zach she feels like she is drowning in “what ifs”. She may have lost the love of her life. Zach reminds her that she is mad about what is happening to her. She doesn’t blame Ryan. Zach says I know what you mean. He gets her to stand up and hit the pillow. She starts hitting the pillow, and then knocks it to the floor. Zach tells her to let it out, but don't give up. He says how he knew Kendall never gave up when he was missing and it's comforting to know he can count on her.

Kendall tells the flight attendant that she needs to move to another seat. Aidan tells the flight attendant that Kendall is fine. He wants to know what she is trying to do. Kendall tells Aidan that she can't trust herself around him. She lost Ryan because of him, and she isn't going to lose Zach. Aidan assures her that he will not allow it to happen again.

Jesse has a close call of being seen because Frankie and Angie are in the hall; and Dr, Martin is coming to examine him. Jesse breathes a sigh of relief when everyone leaves.

A flight attendant asks Kendall for her autograph. Aidan asks if her book has him as the villain. She admits that she took her frustration out on him so she wouldn't feel totally responsible. She feels bad about keeping this from Zach. Kendall asks Aidan how he remains so calm. Aidan tells her to stop focusing on herself, to focus on Greenlee for once. She isn't the center of attention, get over herself, and think about others for once.

Greenlee tells Ryan about him faking his death to avoid being a father. He notices that he now have two kids, and he realizes that it must be killing her. She disagrees because he has great kids. Ryan apologizes for hurting her. Greenlee tells Ryan that her return to Pine Valley was not perfect. Ryan wants to know about Zach. Greenlee explains that Zach is dark, but he isn't all that bad. She tells how Zach was there for her in the hole, and he has been there for Kendall and even Annie. Ryan remarks how Zach is always there for beautiful women.

Annie thanks Zach for being a good listener. Annie explains how she had to tell Emma that Daddy isn't feeling well. Emma misses her playtime with Ryan. Zach asks her to bring Emma over there to see the boys since Jonathan is in Europe, and she doesn't trust Richie with her. Zach asks about Richie. Annie explains that she isn't a bone marrow match, and neither is her father which leaves Emma. She won't put her daughter through that which he understands.

Kendall tells Aidan that she is sorry for blaming him. She blames herself for the “grief sex” and for ruining every relationship she has been in. He knows the “grief sex” was stupid as well, but it was for just one night. He doesn't see the point in telling Zach and Greenlee, because they have had enough pain. Kendall can't live with herself. Aidan says that every time Greenlee tells him she loves him, his heart breaks, because of the “grief sex.” He can't tell Greenlee. Kendall gets sick to her stomach and runs for the bathroom.

Greenlee tells Ryan to give Annie a chance, because he really does love her. Ryan admits that Annie is beautiful. He thanks Greenlee for the pep talk.

Kendall comes back to her seat. Aidan asks if she is Ok. She is not. He notes that she is pale, and she decides that it is the flying, and the tension related to the “grief sex.” He reminds her that there is something else that can make someone sick. She gives him a shocked look.

Annie gets up to go home, and Zach gives her a hug then tells her that if she needs anything, to give him a call.

Aidan gets up to get ginger ale and crackers for Kendall, and his cell phone starts to ring. Kendall answers it. It's Greenlee, and she wants to know what Kendall is doing with Aidan.

Dr. Joe runs into Angie and tells her he is sorry for trying to bully her into staying at the hospital. Angie tells him it has been a day where she misses Jesse so much. Joe recommends that she visit Jesse’s grave. Angie decides to do so and leaves the hospital. Angie and Jesse are shown thinking of each other.

Jesse is at the cemetery kneeling at his gravesite. He rubs his fingers over the engraved tombstone, which reads "beloved husband, father and trusted friend." He holds the picture of Angie and him, kisses it while crying and says, "You need to know I never stopped loving you, Angela."

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