AMC Update Thursday 2/7/08

All My Children Update Thursday 2/7/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is getting ready to go on a book tour and she is surprised that Zach is supporting it. He is agreeing because he wants to get Kendall away from Ryan, and his memory of 2004 when he was engaged to Kendall.

Aidan slipped into bed with Greenlee while she was asleep. She is pleasantly surprised by his presence when she awakens.

Tad has come to visit Frankie, and finds Angie with him. She is curious as to whom Tad was talking to the previous night in the parking lot (It was Jesse). Frankie discovers that the picture of Angie and Jesse is missing. Jesse looks at the picture, and asks Angie to forgive him for not being with her for the past twenty years. Jesse kisses the picture. Tad asks Angie for a picture of Jesse before he died. Angie questions him and wants to know why Tad needs a picture of Jesse. There is a flashback of Jesse being beaten 20 years ago. He was told then that he had better not contact his family or they will die.

Kendall is talking to Zach about Ryan’s loss of memory. Zach wants to know why they met on the Fusion roof when everyone knows that it is the place Ryan and she fell in love. Zach agrees that she owes Ryan for taking the bullet for her. Kendall starts to see that Zach is a little jealous, and she finds that sexy. She straddles him on the sofa, and they began to tease, kiss, and make love.

Ryan attempts to run out of the penthouse, but Annie stops him. She wants to try to help him remember. She sent Emma away so that she would not be hurt by Ryan's loss of memory. Ryan looks at Annie, and sees the pain that he is causing her. He apologizes.

Greenlee and Aidan lie in bed and talk. She asks about his loyalty and wants to know if there has been anyone else since he has been with her. There is a flashback of the “grief sex.” Aidan lies and tells her there has not been anybody.

Zach and Kendall are putting their clothes back on after making love. He teases her about her old love Ryan and wants to know if there is anyone else he need to worry about. She assures him it's always only him. Kendall dresses and then prepares to leave. She walks toward the door then she and Zach hug and kiss.

Annie discusses past memories with Ryan and tells him that she is willing to wait for him, no matter how long it takes.

Frankie and Angie want to know why Tad is interested in Jesse. Tad explains that a friend of his has a similar case he is working on. Frankie asks to leave his room. Angie offers him a wheelchair ride, but he wants Tad to take him for a ride instead. Frankie asks Tad what he knows about his father. Jesse calls Tad and tells him to forget that he saw him. Jesse is leaving his hotel. Frankie know that Jesse was really in his room, and that he was not hallucinating.

Angie visits with Greenlee and Aidan. While Angie listens to Greenlee’s chest, Greenlee notice a locket around her neck. Angie admits that she has a picture of Jesse in the locket, and Greenlee asks Angie to show her the picture.

Opal says Hi to Tad and Frankie in the cafeteria, and then gives them both a big hug. She tells Frankie a little bit of history about his parents.

A woman knocks on Jesse’s hotel door and tells him that her husband is trying to kill her. Jesse and the husband get into a fight and Jesse knocks the husband out. Jesse dials 911 but the husband hits him in the head with a portable fire extinguisher. The woman dials 911 and reports Jesse’s injury then steals his wallet before running off.

Ryan refuses to remember and rejects Annie’s assistance. She attempts to make love to him, but he rejects her. He prepares to leave the penthouse, but before leaving he says he cannot love her and he cannot fake it. Annie is devastated. Ryan tries to call Kendall, but she is on her way to Chicago. When his phone rings, he hopes it's Kendall, but instead it's Greenlee.

Annie comes over to see Kendall but runs into Zach. He tells her that Kendall has left; he grabs her arm as she turns to leave, and she admits she's not ok. She hugs him, then cry in his arms.

Greenlee convinces Ryan to come have lunch with her and talk to her since Kendall is not around. She tells Ryan that he is a total mess and doesn’t know what time zone he is in, but she doesn't care. He agrees to visit with her.

Tad wants to follow up a lead on Jesse; Aidan is the only one available. Little does he know that he and Kendall are both off to Chicago.

Jesse is taken to the hospital while Angie is on duty.

Aidan sits next to Kendall on the airplane, and they are both surprised to see each other.

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