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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/6/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Erica tells Val that Greenlee is going to make a full recovery. She suggests that she move and asks Val to get everything started with her accountant.

Babe and JR discuss Little Adam spending time with Adam.

Greenlee tells Zach that when it comes to Ryan and Kendall, it is fireworks, passion, payback, and intrigue. Greenlee tells Zach that Ryan would never do anything to Kendall, but Zach isn’t so sure.

Kendall asks Ryan why he came up to the roof and he explains that he was trying to make a connection. Ryan asks her if she is afraid of him and she claims that she could never be afraid of him. He gives her his coat when she says that it is a little cold out. She asks if there is anything she can do for him that would make it better and he tells her that she can marry him. They have a flashback of 2004. Kendall tells him that what they had in 2004 was unbelievable and he asks why it ended.

Zach asks when they are going to get some peace and quiet. Greenlee makes a joke about bomb shelters and near death experiences. Zach asks if she believes in karma and explains that he doesn’t, but he is considering it.

Richie offers to help Annie, but she turns him down. He tells her that he is leaving Pine Valley and she tells him that she doesn’t care what he does.

Babe tells JR that it isn’t a good idea. Krystal brings Little Adam in to see Babe. Babe takes him over to a booth. Krystal and JR discuss Babe. Krystal asks JR about his search for information about Kate. JR says that Adam is being really nice to him and has even offered to back the Internet business that JR wants to start. Krystal tells JR to remember who Adam is.

Adam listens in on their conversation using a hands free device. Adam starts talking to himself and Erica walks up. Erica asks him if he is certifiable or if he is up to something.

Annie tells Richie that she has to go. Joe comes in with some information for Annie. Richie walks up and asks Annie about Ryan losing his memory. Annie explains to Richie that Ryan thinks that it is 2004. Richie tells Annie that he feels sorry for her and she tells him not to.

Adam tells Erica that he isn’t talking to himself and claims that he is dictating a letter. Erica sits down and tells Adam that she wants to buy a new house. She asks him if he still owns riverfront condos and he asks her if she is after the ex-wives discount. She tells him that it is very generous of him to offer and he tells her to take two because they are small. She asks what is eating him and he claims that it is business. She tells him to get out more. Erica tells Adam about Greenlee’s health crisis and admits that she and Jack are just friends.

Babe brings Little Adam over to JR. JR asks Little Adam if he is ready for an overnight visit with his dad. JR orders some food to go.

Krystal tells Babe that she has the “I’m thinking about taking that guy back” look and asks which guy the look is for, JR or Richie.

Kendall explains to Ryan the reasons that they broke up and tells him that the one thing that they couldn’t survive was his friendship with Greenlee. Ryan asks how Greenlee broke them up and Kendall says that she ended up pushing him into Greenlee’s arms. Ryan asks about Zach and Kendall tells him that Zach is a great guy and that Ryan and Zach are friends. Ryan apologizes for being stuck in 2004.

Richie tells Annie that he is sorry about Ryan’s condition. Annie asks Richie not to talk to anyone about Ryan’s memory loss. Richie tells her that he is leaving for Mexico to see a doctor. Annie realizes that he is giving up on the donor list and tells him that she hopes Mexico works out for him. Annie admits that she wishes they were a real family, but it isn’t them and it never will be. She wishes him luck and leaves.

Greenlee makes fun of Zach. Greenlee explains that she and Ryan were best friends and remembers her past with Ryan.

Ryan asks Kendall to tell him about her husband. Kendall tells Ryan all of Zach’s good qualities. Kendall tells Ryan that he is with someone just as wonderful. Kendall says that Annie is a great stepmother to Spike and Ryan asks who Spike is. Kendall explains that Spike is their son. Ryan asks how old Spike is and looks confused when Kendall tells him that Spike is almost 2. Kendall tells Ryan about his son and Ryan asks for a picture. Kendall shows Ryan a picture and tells him that Spike is deaf and then tells him about the implant.

Annie arrives at ConFusion and sees a note from Amanda. Annie remembers Ryan saying that he loves Kendall.

Richie looks at the results saying that Annie isn’t a match. A nurse comes out and tells Richie that Joe needs to speak with him.

Babe tells Krystal that she doesn’t have “the hots” for Richie anymore. Krystal and Babe discuss Richie. Krystal tells her to explain Richie and Babe says that he can’t catch a break. Krystal suggests that Richie doesn’t deserve a break. Babe tells Krystal that he is trying to change his life and be a better person. Krystal thinks that Babe sees herself in Richie.

JR asks for extra condiments. JR tells Little Adam that he can hold onto JR’s ring. Little Adam reaches to give JR the ring back, but it slips out of his hand and falls down the drain.

Erica and Adam discuss his relationship with Krystal. Erica asks about the discount he mentioned on the condos. He pulls out a pen and tells her to name her price. She writes down a number on a napkin and he says, “done.” Erica tells him that he can be such a sweetheart and now she knows why she married him twice. Adam tells her to be careful what she wishes for because the condos are white elephants. He puts the hands free device back over his ear.

Erica calls Val and says that she has a price on one of the riverfront condos. She tells Val to make sure they know that Adam Chandler okayed it.

Adam hears nothing but static.

JR tells Krystal that the ring went down the drain. Babe tells Little Adam that it is okay. Babe tells JR to have another one made because Adam will never know the difference. Babe admits that she learned a couple of things being married to JR.

Greenlee tells Zach about her wedding to Ryan including fighting with Kendall. Zach tells her that it was quite a story. Greenlee tells him that those were the adventures between Ryan, Kendall and Greenlee from a long time ago. Zach promises to make sure Ryan and Kendall will be fine.

Ryan tells Kendall that Spike is perfect. They discuss the children. Kendall tells Ryan that whatever he needs from her, she promises that she will give him. Ryan tells Kendall that he needs her to love him the way she used to. Kendall hugs Ryan and Annie walks out on the roof. Kendall leaves so that Ryan and Annie can talk. Ryan asks Kendall if he can keep the picture. Annie and Ryan stand there looking at each other.

Krystal explains to JR that she knows how to plumb. Water starts spraying everywhere and everyone laughs at Krystal.

Erica thanks the waiter and gets up to leave. Val calls and Erica asks if she is the new owner of a riverfront condo. Val tells her that there is a problem because the Feds have frozen her account.

Adam wonders what is wrong with the device. Someone calls for JR and Adam asks if he can take a message.

Joe tells Richie that the national donor list has found a possible match in Pine Valley.

Kendall shows up to see Greenlee. Greenlee wants details about the book party. Kendall says that the party was great, but filling Ryan in on the last 4 years of his life wasn’t. Kendall admits that she doesn’t know if she made it better or worse. Kendall explains that Annie walked onto the roof while she was in Ryan’s arms. Zach asks if Kendall made it better for Ryan.

Annie tells Ryan that she understands because she loves him and she believes that he will remember everything, eventually. She tells Ryan that she will still be there when he does remember, no matter how long it takes. She says that she will make him remember.

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