AMC Update Tuesday 2/5/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and Jesse sit in the car talking. Tad reminds Jesse that he died in the hospital 20 years ago and asks Jesse if he was really up there earlier. Tad says that he thought he was losing his mind. Jesse explains that he came back for Frankie and to tell him that he loved him. Tad says that Frankie and Angie both know how much he loves them. Jesse says he wasn’t expecting Angie to be there and asks Tad to be there for Angie. Jesse admits that he heard Joe say that it is a matter of hours before Frankie dies. Tad tells him that Frankie is fine.

A doctor tells Angie that Frankie is going to be okay. Frankie and the other doctor agree that Angie is a great doctor. Frankie apologizes for disappearing before and thanks her for saving his life. She kisses him on the forehead and tells him that she loves him. A nurse comes in to load in a fresh supply. Angie tells him that she will be back. She steps outside and talks to Jesse about Frankie making it.

Greenlee wakes up to Aidan rubbing her face. She tells him that she feels okay. He kisses her and she says that she feels an improvement. They continue kissing and she keeps telling him that she feels better every time. He tells her that she is alive and they hug.

Kendall tells Ryan that she didn’t know how things are. Ryan realizes that Annie told them and Annie admits that she told Zach. Ryan explains to Kendall that it feels to him like it is 2004, when he was engaged to her. Zach says that they will help Ryan. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee is fine. They discuss Greenlee and Aidan. Ryan asks Kendall if she is happy and she says that she is very happy. Kendall tells Ryan that he was happy with Annie and he tells Annie that she is beautiful. Ryan tells Annie that he is sorry because he doesn’t know how hard it could be for her. Ryan tells Zach that every time he looks at Kendall, he sees the woman that he loves.

Amanda tells everyone where to put things for the book signing. The editor shows up and asks about Greenlee. Kelly asks when they can expect Kendall and Amanda says that she doesn’t know if Kendall will make it. Kelly says that Kendall has to be there and explains everything. Amanda says that she will call Kendall.

Ryan apologizes for saying things that make people uncomfortable.

Angie asks about Greenlee. Aidan says that Greenlee is doing great. Ryan leaves to see Joe. Aidan asks about Ryan.

Angie tells Greenlee that it looks like they will make a full recovery. Greenlee and Angie discuss Pine Valley. Greenlee asks about Frankie’s dad and Angie explains that he died in that hospital a long time ago and tells Greenlee about Jesse.

Jesse asks Tad if Frankie really made it and Tad tells him that Frankie is very strong. Tad tells Jesse that he has to explain. Tad says that they are going to walk into the hospital and tell Angie that he is alive, but Jesse says that no one can know he is alive, especially Angie. Jesse says that there is a reason he has been gone. Jesse says that he jeopardized the safety of his family and that Tad needs to forget that he ever saw Jesse and tells Tad that he has to leave immediately.

Angie explains her relationship with Jesse to Greenlee. Angie tells Greenlee how Jesse died. Greenlee explains that she saw her first husband die and that she never really got over him. Angie says that when things got really bad, she felt Jesse’s presence. Greenlee asks Angie to thank Jesse for her and Angie agrees. Kendall comes in and Angie leaves. Greenlee thanks Angie. Greenlee asks where the guys are and Kendall explains that she wanted some girl time. Kendall pulls out a nail file and starts to give Greenlee a manicure. Greenlee asks if everything is okay.

Zach explains to Aidan that Ryan is a little lost.

Joe explains that all the tests confirmed that there is no physical trauma to Ryan’s brain. Ryan asks what caused this and realizes that Joe doesn’t know. Ryan says that the tests amount to nothing. Joe says that they have more tests to run and explains what the tests they have run tell them. Joe tells them that sometimes the patient blocking out things causes this type of amnesia. Joe suggests that Ryan talk to a psychiatrist. Ryan asks if this condition will be permanent and Joe explains that he has never encountered a case like this.

Zach tells Aidan that Ryan doesn’t remember anything from the last 4 years and that he thinks he is still engaged to Kendall.

Greenlee asks Kendall what is going on. Kendall says that Greenlee almost dying took a lot out of her and tells Greenlee that she is happy to have her back. Kendall gets a call and Amanda reminds her about the book launch. Kelly takes the phone from Amanda and tells Kendall that they need her there. Greenlee takes the phone and tells Kelly that Kendall would love to be there. Greenlee hangs up the phone and holds Kendall’s phone above the bedpan. Greenlee tells Kendall to go and Kendall agrees. Greenlee tells Kendall to bring her back an autographed copy.

Angie goes to visit Frankie. She puts her head down on Frankie’s legs.

Jesse says that it is killing him to see Angie the way she is, but says that Tad wouldn’t understand. Tad says that he knows what it is like and explains his feelings about Dixie coming back.

Angie has flashbacks of her life with Jesse and wakes up and screams, “Jesse, no.” She tells Frankie that she dozed off and he realizes that she was dreaming about Jesse.

Greenlee asks what is going on with Aidan and Zach. Aidan tells her not to worry about it. Aidan asks if she would like anything from the house. She asks for her blackberry, fashion magazines and some treats. He kisses her.

Annie tells Ryan that he will remember and that they will get through it together. Ryan asks what happens if he doesn’t get his memory back. Annie says that she doesn’t believe in never. She tells him that they are worth fighting for. Annie suggests that they go home and they can talk and maybe look at some pictures. Ryan says that it sounds like a good idea, but he doesn’t even know her last name. She asks what he needs now and he says that he needs some time to figure things out alone. She agrees to give him whatever he needs. She tells him that she will be there for him when he comes home. He leaves.

Zach comes in and sees Aidan and Greenlee kissing. Greenlee asks Zach to stay while Aidan goes to get her some essentials. Zach asks Greenlee if she is really okay. Greenlee asks what is going on that no one will tell her about. Zach says that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Zach says that Ryan will be fine and Greenlee realizes that something really is wrong.

Amanda gets everyone’s attention while Kelly meets Kendall at the door. Amanda introduces Kendall. Reporters ask Kendall about her inspiration and Kendall explains that she thought she thought she lost some people close to her. Kendall signs books for her fans. Someone asks about Kendall’s bracelet. Ryan shows up and Amanda tells him about the launch party for Kendall’s book. Ryan asks if Kendall is there and Amanda points him in the right direction. Ryan walks out.

Frankie tells Angie that he knows she is upset and asks about his father. She asks him if he came back to Pine Valley to be closer to Jesse and he admits that it might have had something to do with it. Frankie tells her to go to a hotel and get some real rest, or at least some fresh air and reminds her that he is okay now. She kisses him on the forehead and leaves.

Jesse tells Tad how sorry he is about Dixie. Tad tells Jesse that he has unfinished business waiting for him in the hospital. Jesse says that if there was a way he could be with Angie and Frankie he would do it and says that he wouldn’t be doing this if there weren’t a good reason. Tad says that he has lost too much and he won’t lose Jesse again. Jesse says that Angie can’t know and tells Tad that he is counting on him. Jesse asks Tad to keep his mouth shut for the safety of his family. Tad gets out of the car and Jesse starts it. Angie comes out and sees Tad. Jesse pulls the hat down over his face. Tad asks Jesse not to do this and Jesse asks Tad to take care of Angie. Jesse drives away and Angie asks who that was. Tad says that it was an old friend.

Jesse keeps driving.

Kelly and Kendall discuss the party. Kendall says that she needs a drink. Amanda says that Ryan was there and Kendall asks where Ryan is. Amanda says that Ryan went for the roof. Kendall tells Amanda to cover for her and that she will be back.

Aidan startles Annie. Annie says that Ryan will be fine and Aidan tells her that Ryan has never been happier than when he was with Annie.

Greenlee and Zach discuss Ryan’s condition. Greenlee tells Zach about what happened with Kendall and Ryan in 2004.

Kendall sees Ryan on the ledge and asks him to come down. Ryan says that he isn’t going to jump, but he was remembering that they reconnected there. She admits that she remembers that. Ryan tells Kendall that he needs her to be with him.

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