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All My Children Update Monday 2/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Annie tells Ryan that she is sorry and he tells her that he needs a little time to get used to everything. Annie asks him if he believes her. Ryan tells her that he has lost 4 years of his life and has a wife and daughter that he doesn’t know and Annie insists that he will get it all back. Ryan tells her that he is going to go for a walk alone. Annie tells him that she will be right there waiting for him.

Tad stands in Frankie’s room and looks through the window. He sees Jesse and runs into the waiting room, but Jesse is gone.

A nurse tells Aidan to wait outside while Angie checks Greenlee out. Angie says that Greenlee is stable and tells everyone that they had to reinforce the coma to stabilize Greenlee’s system. Aidan and Kendall tell Angie that Greenlee seemed to be improving and Angie tells them that they have seen that from both patients, but something keeps reversing the progress. Jack says that he doesn’t understand why Angie and all the experts can’t figure this out. Angie tells them not to lose hope and tells them to take turns with Greenlee. A nurse comes up and tells Kendall that she has a call.

Kendall leaves and answers the call. Amanda reminds Kendall about the book party and Kendall tells her that she won’t be able to make it because Greenlee is dying. Kendall yells at Amanda and then apologizes. She looks through the window into Greenlee’s room. She turns around and sees Ryan. Ryan tells Kendall that he missed her. Kendall reminds him that she’s been there for days and Ryan explains that when he woke up, he felt like he was asleep forever. Ryan tells Kendall that she looks beautiful, but Kendall tells him that she looks horrible. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee might not make it through the night and Ryan asks if Greenlee is sick. Kendall asks what is wrong with him. Ryan asks where Greenlee is and Kendall starts to show him the way, but stops and suggests that they take a walk so he can tell her what is going on.

Jack asks Angie if his daughter could die and Angie confirms it. Jack rants. Aidan tells Angie to give him the poison and that she can experiment on him with the antidote. Angie tells him that it would just put Aidan in the same situation as Greenlee and Frankie and tells Aidan that neither of them would want that. Angie reminds them that her son’s life hangs in the balance too and that she will fight this no matter what.

Tad goes back into Frankie’s room. Tad tells Frankie that he thought he saw Jesse, but says that Jesse died in that hospital. Tad grabs Frankie’s hand and talks to Jesse. Angie overhears Tad talking to Jesse.

Ryan tells Kendall that he can explain later, but now he wants to see Greenlee. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee is in a coma. Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee is a fighter and guarantees that she isn’t leaving them. Kendall suggests that they get coffee for everyone. Ryan asks her who everyone is and Kendall lists off people. Ryan asks who Zach is and Kendall reminds Ryan that Zach is her husband. Ryan asks her if she married someone else.

Zach tells Rachel to stay there for a couple of hours because it is going to be a long night. Annie walks up and asks Zach what happened. Zach explains that things don’t look good for Greenlee. Zach asks Annie where Ryan is and what is going on. Annie says that it is complicated. Annie asks about Greenlee. Zach tells Annie that she can talk to him and asks her what is bothering her.

Tad asks Angie how Frankie is doing. Angie tells him that Frankie is doing the same, but she is going crazy. They discuss what is going on. Angie asks Tad what he was saying about Jesse and Tad says that Jesse has been on his mind a lot lately. Tad tells Angie that she is still as beautiful as ever. Tad reminds Angie that Frankie saw Jesse in his room and Angie thinks that it was just Jesse’s spirit. Angie says that Jesse is always with her and tells Tad what Jesse would say if he were there. Angie breaks down in tears and admits that she misses Jesse and Tad comforts her. Angie puts down the picture and says that she has to go. Angie runs out of the room.

Erica talks to Jack as he sits by Greenlee’s side. Erica suggests that they leave for a little while, but Jack refuses. Erica reminds Jack that there is another man there who loves Greenlee. Aidan says that it is fine, but Jack gets up and tells Erica that she is right. Jack says that he couldn’t have asked for a better man to love his daughter. Jack tells Aidan to stay there and keep Greenlee safe. Jack and Erica leave. Aidan talks to Greenlee and tells her a story about his childhood. Aidan admits that he is afraid and that he loves her.

Annie tells Zach that Ryan is fine. Zach offers to buy Annie a cup of coffee. Zach introduces Annie and Angie. Angie tells Zach that she might have an idea and explains her results with the antitoxin so far. Zach tells her that if she thinks it will work, she should go for it. Angie tells them to wish her luck and leaves. Zach asks Annie what is going on and Annie tells him that Ryan has been forgetting things. Zach asks what Ryan has been forgetting and Annie admits that Ryan has forgotten her.

Kendall asks Ryan what is going on with him. He asks to see Greenlee and tells Kendall that he will explain later. Kendall asks him to explain now and hugs him. Ryan flashes back to his past with Kendall and tells her that he loves her.

Zach asks if Ryan remembers Emma. Annie explains that Ryan has no connection to Emma. Annie wonders what she should tell Emma and realizes that she has to stay strong. Annie says that she has to take care of Ryan and Zach tells her that they are all there for her and that she doesn’t have to do it alone. Annie tells Zach that Joe doesn’t know what is going on or for how long it will last. Zach tells her that it means that Ryan will have to fall in love with her all over again. Annie tells Zach to go be with Greenlee and Zach says that Greenlee will be okay and so will Ryan. Annie tells Zach that Ryan’s world stopped 4 years ago and that was when he was engaged to Kendall.

Kendall asks Ryan if he has been drinking or doing drugs. Kendall tells Ryan that he has to fill her in later. They go to see Greenlee.

Angie walks into the lab and gets on the computer. Angie tells Joe that she has an idea and explains it to Joe. Angie suggests that they mix the antitoxin with something and Joe says that it could be risky. Angie suggests that they mix the antitoxin with blood and it has been tried in some cases before. Angie tells Joe that they should go for it.

Erica lights a candle and sits next to Jack in the chapel. Erica reminds Jack that the last time they were there, their prayers will be answered and it will happen again. They agree not to fight. Erica tells Jack that after all they have been through together, they always come together as a team for their families. She tells Jack that it will be all right for Greenlee. Jack thanks her for convincing him. He takes her hand.

Jack and Erica come back in to check on Greenlee. Aidan makes a joke. Angie rushes in with some nurses and tells them that they might have figured something out and that it is something that she came up with on her own. Angie explains that they can increase the antidote level if they mix it with blood and that it won’t cause cardiac arrest. Angie says that it could save both patients. Angie tells Aidan to pray that she is right and leaves the room. Kendall and Ryan come in and Erica fills them in. Ryan sits next to Greenlee and talks to her. Ryan begs Greenlee to fight for Leo or at least fight like she is pissed at him. Ryan begs her to come back.

Frankie has a dream about Jesse’s visit. Angie rushes into Frankie’s room and gives him the new antidote mixture. Angie tells Frankie that he will make it.

Zach and Annie discuss Ryan. Annie admits that she doesn’t know where Ryan is. Zach thinks that Ryan went to see Greenlee and Annie thinks that he went to see Kendall.

Ryan talks to Greenlee about their previous adventures and tells Greenlee that she has to get out of there. He tells her that she always finds a way to make him laugh. Ryan tells her that everyone there, including him, loves her and that they are there waiting. Ryan steps back and Kendall tells him that what he said was nice. Annie and Zach walk in. Kendall hugs Zach. Annie walks over to Ryan. Aidan explains the new idea to everyone.

Angie watches as Frankie starts to open his eyes. She asks Joe to monitor Frankie for a minute while she checks on Greenlee.

Greenlee opens her eyes.

Tad comes in and Joe tells him that a miracle just happened.

Greenlee asks everyone who died and they welcome her back. Greenlee tells Jack and Aidan that she loves them and that she was dreaming about them. Kendall asks Greenlee to stick around for a while. Ryan walks out of the room and Annie follows him.

Angie goes back to see Frankie and tells him how proud she is of him. Tad tells Angie to be proud of herself because she did it.

Annie asks Ryan what he said to Greenlee. Ryan explains that he was just trying to get a reaction out of her. Ryan hugs Annie.

Zach tells Kendall that Ryan is lost in time and totally in love with Kendall. Kendall doesn’t understand how that is possible. Kendall realizes that Ryan is watching her and Zach hugs her.

Aidan tells Greenlee that he is never leaving her side. Jack and Erica leave. Aidan tells Greenlee that he missed her.

Angie tells Frankie that they have a lot of catching up to do and he tells her that he has time.

Tad walks to his car while talking on the phone with Krystal. He drops his keys and Jesse walks up. Jesse tells Tad that it has been a long time.

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