AMC Update Friday 2/1/08

All My Children Update Friday 2/1/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan wakes up in the morning and does not recognize Annie or Emma. At first Annie thinks that he is kidding, but when Ryan rejects her, she begins to see that he is not kidding. She tries to convince him that she is really his wife, but he’s suspicious of her and shows it by rejecting her proof of their life together.

Greenlee is in medical distress, which causes the physicians to clear Aidan, Jack, Kendall and Zach out of her hospital room.

Angie explains to Jack that Greenlee is having seizures, her heart and lungs are under attack, and there is a problem with her electrolytes. Greenlee is running out of time, because her body is threatening to shut down.

J.R. joins Adam in the living room for breakfast. Adam is surprised to see him and is being very facetious after overhearing the conversation between J.R. and Krystal. They make an attempt at conversation but fail because of J.R.’s vagueness and Adam’s rudeness. They verbally fence with each other, and Adam insists he only wants to talk about business, but he has an important overseas call to take first. Stuart shows up and expresses his joy at seeing J.R. back home. Adam insists to Stuart that J.R. is a Judas who cannot be trusted. He only came home to spy on his father and set him up.

Babe comes to the mansion to visit with J.R. She apologizes for being rude when J.R. moved across the courtyard from her.  He can't believe that Adam is keeping Tad's little girl away from him.  As J.R. and Babe talk about his problems with his father, they bond and hug when Babe encourages him to beat him at his game and promises to have his back.

Jack and Erica spend the night with each other. Aidan has been trying to reach Jack all night to tell him that Greenlee is in distress and that he need to return to the hospital. Jack check his messages and prepares to return to the hospital. Erica plans to leave with him.

Despite her objections, Ryan calls a cab and goes straight to the hospital with Annie following him in. Dr. Martin talks to him in the lobby. He makes Annie wait while he examines Ryan. Ryan returns to speak to Dr. Martin and Annie. He now know that he has lost four years of his life since it is now 2008. Annie tries to hug and reassure Ryan but he rejects her and pulls away.

Jack finally arrives at the hospital and he, Aidan, Zach and Kendall panic about Greenlee’s condition.

Greenlee has an out of body experience and chats with everyone about why she needs to stick around. She talks to Erica first and Erica suggests that she stick around in order to learn not to be selfish. She speaks to Aidan and he wants her to stick around for his love. Kendall wants her to stick around for the book publicity, George Clooney, and their friendship. Zach want her to stick around to foster their new friendship. Jack wants her around because he loves her. Greenlee does not want to die and she yells that as she watches her body lapse into a coma. Aidan suggests that Jack, Kendall, Zach and he return to Greenlee’s while the doctors are working on her, to let her know that they are there and that they love her.

After Tad talks with Angie, he looks at the picture of her and Jesse sitting on Frankie's nightstand while Jesse roams the hospital halls hiding his face. Tad visits Frankie and wills him to live, because everyone loves him. He also talks about Jesse and asks if Frankie saw him.

Stuart realizes that Adam is actually spying on his son and recommends that he stop making the same mistakes over and over talk to J.R. and try to resolve their differences. Adam insists he no longer loves Krystal and only married Tad because she's denying her feelings for Adam.  When Stuart declares he's the one denying his feelings, Adam calls him naive and is resolved not to be made a fool by anyone.

Tad stands up to leave Frankie’s room, turns to leave, and sees Jesse looking in from the hallway. At first Jesse appears ghost like, but then Tad starts to run after him after realizing that he is real.

While Kendall sits with her reminiscing about their past experiences together, Greenlee is glad she is her "one and only true friend," then her monitor starts to make funny noises. Greenlee flatlines and Angie works to bring her back by administering epinephrine. Greenlee's consciousness insists she doesn't want to go, because she wants to stand up to Erica, be Jackson's daughter, know Zach, love Aidan, and be friends with Kendall forever!  When her body doesn't respond, Greenlee implores Angie to do something and shouts that she wants to live!

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