AMC Update Thursday 1/31/08

All My Children Update Thursday 1/31/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie was given the antidote for the poisonous root, but he went into cardiac arrest. Greenlee, and Kendall came to visit him, but it was at the moment when Dr. Hubbard was reviving him. He is in critical condition. This frightens Greenlee.

Erica asks Val to call the hospital, and check on Greenlee’s condition. Val checks on Erica’s appointment with the accountants as well. Pam sent Erica information on Senator Sam Woods, and wants to know her opinion. She tells Erica about Sam’s popularity on other talk shows; they want him too.

Richie was asked to visit Annie, and Ryan. Ryan is furious about Richie scarring Emma into believing that she is the only one who can save him.

Adam gave JR a family crest ring that has a bug in it. Adam can listen in on JR’s conversation when the ring is worn. JR is on his way to visit with Krystal.

Dr Martin tells Dr. Hubbard that Greenlee has decided to take the antidote to the poisonous root. Joe offers Angie a permanent position at the hospital. Angie will delay her decision after Greenlee, and Frankie are well.

Aidan, and Zach are with Greenlee. Greenlee has agreed to be the lab-rat.

When Greenlee ask Angie about her chances of survival, she is told that if they were in a horse race, Greenlee would be the long shot. Greenlee thanks her for her honesty.

After talking to Babe, Krystal feel that she was wrong to ask for JR’s help to get information from Adam. JR is confident that he can get the information. Adam listens to the conversation with the aid of the ring.

Jack brings Lily to the hospital to see Greenlee. Lily gives Greenlee a picture of herself, and Greenlee thanks her for it. Jesse secretly visits Frankie, and gives him encouragement. while visiting Frankie, Jesse almost runs into Angie.

Ryan directs Richie to apologize to Emma for upsetting her. Richie complies.

Tad asks JR why he returned to Adam’s. JR responds by saying that he needed to do it.

Dr. Martin gives Greenlee details about dispensing the antidote.

Greenlee will be sedated for her treatment so everyone is asked to leave. Zach, and Kendall go home, but decide to return with a surprise for Greenlee. The surprise is Spike. Greenlee is happy. Kendall sits on the side of the bed holding Spike. Spike starts to cry then reach out for Zach. He stops crying when Zach takes him in his arms. Greenlee loves the visit. She is being readied for the treatment so everyone prepares to leave. Spike waves bye-bye.

Jack and Aidan kiss Greenlee good-bye. Erica visited the hospital to keep Jack company. She leaves with him, and spend the night at his home. They fall asleep together. Julia retrieves Dr. Hubbard from Frankie’s room, since she will assist with the antidote. Greenlee is sedated, but she does not initially respond to the antidote. She is put in an oxygen tent, because she is not breathing on her own. Aidan calls Zach, Kendall, and Jack to tell them that Greenlee has taken a turn for the worse, and they had better get back to the hospital.

After over hearing JR’s conversation, Adam curses his name, and vows that JR and Krystal will be sorry that they double-crossed him.

Ryan goes to sleep with his wife, but when he awakens he cannot remember Annie or Emma.

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