AMC Update Wednesday 1/30/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee watches as the doctors try to revive Frankie.  Angie shocks Frankie, but his heart doesn’t start up again.

Aidan asks Zach where Greenlee is.  Zach offers to help Aidan look for her.

Angie shocks Frankie again, but his heart still doesn’t start.  Angie begs Frankie to fight.  Greenlee realizes that it could happen to her too.  Frankie’s heart starts beating again.  Greenlee asks if he is okay and she is happy to hear that he is still alive.  Greenlee goes for her tests.  Angie orders some tests on Frankie.  The other doctors leave and Angie tells Frankie that she is proud of him and that she loves him.

Kendall and Greenlee run into Aidan and Zach.  Greenlee tells Aidan about Frankie.  Greenlee tells Aidan that she has to go for another test.  Aidan offers to take her for her test.  Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee is really scared and about Greenlee’s reaction when Frankie stopped breathing.  Kendall tells Zach that they can’t lose Greenlee now. 

Angie asks for the results of the test and realizes that without another human test study they can’t be sure if the antidote is working.  The other doctor tells Angie that they could wait for Frankie to get his strength back and try a different dosage, but Angie tells him that they don’t have time.  He tells Angie that it has been a pleasure working with her and tells her how much he has learned.  He leaves to get the results of another test. 

Babe is on the phone with someone about the fashion show.  Ava and Amanda discuss Babe’s attitude.  Amanda thinks that Babe’s attitude has to do with Ritchie.  Babe tells Amanda and Ava that Annie wasn’t a match for Ritchie’s transplant.  Babe apologizes for her mood.

Julia brings Angie the results.  Angie orders more tests.  Angie meets with Joe and some toxicology technicians.  Angie explains that she asked Julia to join them.  Angie informs them that Frankie went into cardiac arrest, but he is stable now.  Joe asks for a few minutes alone with Angie.  Joe asks Angie why she didn’t page him.  Angie breaks down in tears and tells Joe that she almost killed Frankie.

Greenlee gets back to her room and starts making jokes about her condition.  Greenlee tells Aidan and Kendall that morbid humor is good for you.  Aidan leaves to call Jack.  Kendall asks if she can do anything for Greenlee.  Greenlee tells Kendall to go to the meeting with the publisher, but Kendall refuses.  Greenlee tells Kendall why she needs to meet with the publisher.  Zach comes in and Greenlee asks Zach to convince Kendall to go to the meeting.  Kendall leaves and Greenlee tells Zach that she needed Kendall to leave.  Zach comforts Greenlee as she breaks down in tears. 

Angie apologizes to Joe.  Joe reminds Angie that she brought her son back and tells her that she is the best doctor for the job.  Joe tells her that they will figure this out.  Angie tells the toxicology people about the conditions and tells them that Frankie’s liver and kidney’s have shut down.  Angie tells them that they have to hope for a miracle.

Zach tells Greenlee that she is such a baby and Greenlee thanks him for picking on her.  Zach tells Greenlee to ask the doctors what is going on.  A doctor comes in and asks for a moment alone with the patient.  He checks her vitals.  Greenlee and Nick, the doctor, introduce themselves.  Greenlee asks Nick if she will have a heart attack like Frankie.  Nick tells her that her situation is similar to Frankie’s, but they aren’t identical.  Nick tells her that it doesn’t look like her heart has been affected.  A nurse comes in and gives him some blood work.  Greenlee asks Nick about it and he says that he is going to consult with Angie. 

Babe and Amanda discuss outfits.  Kendall comes in and Amanda asks about Greenlee.  Kendall walks over and tears down the banner.

Nick comes in and shows Angie the results from Greenlee’s blood work.  They realize that Greenlee must be bleeding internally.  Angie tells Nick that they can’t risk a surgery because Greenlee is too weak.  Nick tells Angie that Greenlee is deteriorating quicker than Frankie and Angie tells him that she needs to know the effects of the antitoxin before she can use it again.  Nick tells Angie that the drug might be the best chance for Greenlee to survive.  Angie tells Nick that risking her son’s life is enough and she needs the test results before she risks Greenlee’s life too. 

Angie turns around and sees Aidan and Jack standing there.  Angie tells them to step into a room where they can discuss Greenlee’s condition.  Angie tells them that Greenlee’s organs are shutting down and that they need an antitoxin to counter the effects of the toxin.  Angie tells them that there are a lot of variables.  Aidan asks her what is taking so long to find a simple cure.  Angie tells them to have a seat and tells them that the toxin has mutated.  Jack asks what the options are.  Angie tells them that they came up with an antitoxin and gave it to Frankie.  Jack asks if the antitoxin will work for Greenlee and Angie tells them that she needs the results first.  She gets paged.  Aidan apologizes to Angie.  Angie tells them that they are doing everything possible.  Jack walks over and looks into Greenlee’s room.  Julia comes up.  Greenlee sees Jack in the window and smiles at him.  Julia tells Jack to be positive when he goes in to see Greenlee.  Jack goes in to see Greenlee.  Greenlee tells Jack not to get emotional. 

Joe and Angie discuss the drug.  Angie tells Joe that the only chance they have is to inject Greenlee with the antitoxin soon.  Joe tells Angie to trust her instincts and that will be both patients’ best chance. 

Jack asks Greenlee if he can get her anything.  She asks him for the barrette and explains that Kendall gave it to her.  Jack puts the barrette in her hair.  Jack tells her that the people who love her will help her through it.  Jack tells Greenlee that he called her mother. Greenlee tells him that she is scared and Jack tells her that she will make it through it.  Greenlee falls asleep.

Zach gives Kendall an update on Greenlee.  Kendall explains that the meeting is unimportant right now and Zach tells Kendall that she is important to Greenlee.  Kendall asks Zach to call her if there is a change.  The publisher arrives and asks Kendall if “Charm” is the greatest thing in her life. 

Angie tells Jack and Aidan that the results are still inconclusive.  Angie tells them that they could give Greenlee the antitoxin and explains that they made some adjustments to it since they gave it to Frankie.  Angie tells them that if they wait too long, the possible side effects of the drug won’t matter because Greenlee’s system is shutting down very quickly.  Zach overhears Angie tell them that Greenlee might die with the antidote, but she will definitely die without it.  Greenlee discusses the possibilities with Jack and Aidan.  Aidan tells her that they don’t have much time to decide.  Greenlee tells them that she would like to talk to Zach. 

Amanda tells Kendall that she and Babe have everything covered.  Kendall and the publisher discuss the book cover.  Kendall tells the publisher about her current situation and the publisher tells Kendall that she will handle the scheduling.  The publisher tells Kendall that the book comes out on February 5th and tells Kendall that she hopes Greenlee can make it to the party.  Kendall tells her that Greenlee will be there because they do everything together. 

Zach goes in to talk to Greenlee.  Jack realizes that Aidan is upset because Greenlee asked for Zach, but Aidan claims that he is angry because Greenlee is going through this.  Zach tells Greenlee that they have been through worse.  Greenlee asks Zach for his help with this and he offers to help her figure it out. 

Angie sits by Frankie’s side crying.  Frankie opens his eyes and Angie tells him that he is doing okay.  Angie promises to take really good care of him.

Jack makes a call.  Kendall arrives.  Zach tells Greenlee that she is stronger since she came out of the bomb shelter.  Zach tells Greenlee that he cares about her and that he wants her to live so that her dreams can come true.  Zach tells her that she will beat this.  Zach tells her that he has faith in her and to beat this thing and go home.  Kendall watches Zach with Greenlee.

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