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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Erica gets to the hospital and someone hands her papers. She sees Jack in the waiting area and goes over to him. She wakes him up and tells him that Kendall asked her to bank blood for Greenlee. Jack tells Erica that the doctors are running out of options.

Kendall asks Angie how Greenlee is doing. Angie tells Kendall that Greenlee is breathing on her own again and tells Kendall that visits with Greenlee have to be kept short and sweet. Kendall asks how Frankie is doing and Angie tells Kendall that she will tell her when there is an update. When Ryan asks Kendall if he can go see Greenlee first, she agrees. Ryan goes in and Greenlee opens her eyes. Ryan tells her that she looks beautiful.

Babe tells Krystal that Annie isn’t a match for Richie. J.R. comes up and says that some guys can’t catch a break.

Richie sits in the park. Annie and Emma come up. Emma gives Richie a hug and he lets her help him feed the birds. Emma asks Annie if she can go play with Michelle and Annie agrees. Annie apologizes to Richie for not being a match. Richie asks her if she would have gone through with the transplant if she was a match and Annie says that she would have.

Joe discusses a possible combination with some people. Angie comes up and tells them that the two patients will die if they don’t step in with something. Joe pulls Angie aside and apologizes for not getting another doctor to help the patients. Angie tells Joe that they have 2 options; either go ahead with the drug or do nothing and watch Frankie deteriorate and she tells Joe to do it.

Someone gives Adam a ring with the Chandler crest on it. Adam tells the man that he knows what else to add.

Babe asks J.R. why he is there and J.R. explains that Kendall is calling people to donate blood and he was at the bottom of the list. Krystal tells J.R. that it was nice of him to show up. Babe asks J.R. where home is these days. Krystal tells Babe that J.R. found a better deal. J.R. admits that he moved back into the Chandler Mansion and Babe tells him that it is the last place he should be.

Annie apologizes for lying about what happened before and tells him that she wanted him to get help, not go to jail. Richie tells her that she did what she thought she had to do and he is over it. Annie tells Richie that she wants him to find a match. Emma comes up and asks Annie to get her some hot chocolate. Emma stays with Richie while Annie goes to get the hot chocolate. Richie and Emma discuss his illness and he tells her that he knows someone who can make it all better.

Erica says that the juice they make you drink after giving blood is terrible. Jack thanks Erica for coming down and giving blood. Erica’s phone rings and she tells him that the call can wait. Jack tells Erica to go and take care of it and he will let her know if there are any changes. Erica tells Jack that Greenlee has a lot to live for and that she has the best father right by her side. Jack and Erica share a hug and a kiss. Erica leaves.

Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee isn’t going anywhere unless it is kicking and screaming. Kendall and Ryan flash back through their history together with Greenlee. Ryan tells Kendall about his favorite memory with them.

Angie tells Frankie that everything is going to be fine. Frankie tells her to forget that she is his mother and tell him what is really going on. Angie tells him that they put together a treatment for the poison he ingested and that she is very confident. Frankie asks her if she would lie to him and she says no. Angie tells him to rest up because he is going to need all the strength he has. Joe comes in and tells Angie that the antidote is ready. Angie asks Frankie if he is ready and she injects the antidote into his IV. His eyes start closing.

Babe wants to know why J.R. moved back in with Adam. J.R. tells Babe that he knows what he is doing and he can handle it this time. J.R. tells Babe to believe what she wants and leaves. Krystal tells Babe that she was a little harsh and Babe says that Krystal is encouraging him. Krystal admits that she asked J.R. to move back in with Adam.

The man shows Adam the finished ring and Adam tells him that it is splendid. Adam says that J.R. will be very surprised.

Frankie wakes up and sits up. He feels around and realizes that all the bandages are gone. Angie comes in and tells him that Jesse really is alive. Jesse walks in. Frankie’s eyes open and his monitors start going off. He starts pulling tubes and wires off of himself.

Erica tells Val to go through her financial correspondence and see if she got a letter about Leman Crouse. Val leaves and Erica says that it isn’t even about that much money. Pam comes in and asks about Greenlee. Pam then gives Erica some things to help pick out guests for the following weeks. Val comes in and tells Erica that there are 20 folders that aren’t in order. Pam leaves to answer a call. Val asks if there is a subject line or a dollar amount that he should be looking for and Erica tells him that she is a talk show host, not an accountant. Val leaves.

Angie rushes into Frankie’s room. She and a nurse try to get him to calm down. The nurse asks if she should get restraints and Angie yells at her. Angie then tells the nurse to get them ready, just in case. Angie goes to get the restraints. She stops outside the door and says, “Please let this be okay.”

Kendall and Ryan watch Greenlee through the window. Kendall asks Ryan how Annie is doing and he asks her who she is talking about. Kendall describes Annie and Ryan says that Annie is great, but she is going through a tough time. Ryan explains that Annie got tested to see if she was a match for Richie and she wasn’t a match. Ryan says that he is happy his family is out of Richie’s situation.

Richie tells Emma that she could make him better and that he would be happy. Emma agrees and Richie tells her that she has to tell her mom and dad, but they might say no. Annie comes back and sees Emma sitting on Richie’s lap. Emma hops down and Annie gives her a cup of hot chocolate. Richie tells Emma that she is a smart little girl. Annie offers Richie a cup of hot chocolate, but he says that he has to get going. Richie tells Emma to take care of herself and kisses her on the forehead. Emma tells Annie that she likes Uncle Richie and Annie tells Emma that Uncle Richie is very nice.

Babe confronts Krystal about convincing J.R. to move back in with Adam. They discuss the situation. Babe tells Krystal that she is afraid that Krystal sent J.R. on a suicide mission.

J.R. comes in to see Adam and asks about breakfast. Adam tells J.R. to come in and sit down because Adam has something for him. Adam explains that he found something that his father gave him and now he wants J.R. to have it. J.R. asks Adam if he is sure and Adam says that it isn’t valuable, but it is a link to where they came from. Adam tells J.R. that it would mean a lot to him if J.R. would wear it and J.R. says that he would be honored. J.R. puts the ring on and hugs Adam.

Erica talks to someone on the phone about the paperwork. Pam and Erica get back to work and Val comes in telling Erica that she has papers from 10 years before mixed in with the current year. Erica asks him to sort it out. Erica asks Pam if there is anything else and Pam tells Erica that there is the Senatorial Candidate. Erica agrees to look at his biography. Erica tells Val that she wants to order lunch and have it delivered to Jack.

Angie goes into the chapel and prays to Jesse. She tells Jesse that their son is in trouble and begs Jesse not to take Frankie away. Angie asks Jesse to help her be strong and help her keep Frankie alive. She looks towards the door and says, “Hello.”

Val comes in and tells Erica that he couldn’t find the correspondence she was looking for. Erica asks Val to call Charles Dansworth and let him know that they can’t find the letter. Pam tells them that they have to get the schedule figured out. Pam plays some clips for Erica.

Kendall sits next to Greenlee’s bed and apologizes for waking Greenlee up. Greenlee asks about Frankie and asks if they gave Frankie the antidote yet. Greenlee tells Kendall that if she stops being a smart-ass then Kendall will know that Greenlee is on death’s door. A nurse comes in and tells Greenlee that it is time for her full body scan. Kendall says that she will go as far as she can with Greenlee when they take her down for the scan.

Ryan arrives at the park and picks up Emma. He asks Annie how she is doing. Annie explains that they ran into Richie and that she can’t believe that there is no way she can help Richie. Emma tells them that Richie told her that she can help him, but Annie and Ryan won’t let her.

Krystal tells Babe about Adam’s offer. Krystal says that she didn’t think it through before she sent J.R. in to find information on Kate. Krystal call J.R. and asks how things are going. J.R. tells Krystal that Adam gave J.R. a ring. Krystal tells J.R. to be careful. J.R. tells her that he knows why he is there and not to worry about him as Adam listens.

Ryan asks Emma what Richie told her. Emma tells Ryan that Uncle Richie told her that she could save his life. Annie apologizes for leaving Emma with Richie. Emma asks Ryan why he won’t let her save Uncle Richie’s life. Ryan tells Emma that the decision is a grownup decision. Ryan tells Emma that Richie will get help from another grown up. Emma asks if Uncle Richie will be mad that she can’t help him and Ryan tells her that he will talk to Richie and explain it to him. Ryan gets up and gives Emma a “flying” lesson.

Richie gets a blood transfusion.

Erica watches a clip of Samuel Woods, the Senatorial candidate. Erica tells Pam to get his number.

Kendall tells Greenlee that they are going to a spa when Greenlee gets out of the hospital. Greenlee tells Angie that she is feeling a lot better. Frankie’s machines start going off and Angie runs to his room followed by some nurses. Kendall takes Greenlee’s hand as they get to Frankie’s room.

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