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All My Children Update Monday 1/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan gets a call and tells Annie that Greenlee stopped breathing and that they need to get to the hospital. Annie tells him that Emma is asleep and that she has to find someone to watch her. Ryan looks surprised and says, “Emma” and then plays it off as he was thinking about Greenlee. Annie tells Ryan that she wants him to get checked out while they are at the hospital.

J.R. walks around the room thinking about his conversation with Krystal. J.R. looks through drawers in a dresser and Adam comes in and asks J.R. what he is doing.

Joe tells Zach that there has been a mutation and that the new strain is destroying the oxygen in their blood and that their organs are closing down. Kendall makes a call and tells someone to spread the word and get there right away. Aidan tells Greenlee how beautiful she is. Greenlee starts having problems breathing and Angie starts working on her. Frankie gets a visit from his father. Frankie opens his eyes and looks at his father. Frankie tries to talk to Joe, but his throat is still sore. Joe tells him to write it down. Frankie writes that his dad was there. The doctor’s work on Greenlee and get her breathing again. A nurse comes up and tells Angie that Joe needs her. Another doctor tells Angie that he will monitor Greenlee. Jack shows up and asks to talk to the doctor. Kendall tells Zach that she feels like she lives at the hospital. Kendall tells Zach that she wrote a book while he was missing and Greenlee got it published. Kendall tells Zach that she has to do something. Angie tells Joe the latest with Greenlee. Joe shows Angie what Frankie wrote down. Frankie tells Angie that Jesse really was there. Angie and Joe step outside. Angie tells Joe that Frankie has to survive because she lost Jesse in that hospital and she isn’t going to lose Frankie too.

J.R. tells Adam that he found what he was looking for and pulls a scrapbook out. They discuss the scrapbook and J.R.’s past.

Babe tells Richie that she ordered something for him. They talk and Babe tells him to drink the smoothie. They talk about their dreams.

Annie tells Ryan that she wants him to talk to someone. Ryan tells her that he will meet her at the hospital and turns to leave. Emma comes downstairs and Ryan turns around and looks at her. Annie tries to find out what is wrong. Annie tells Ryan to go to the hospital, but he says that he can stay for a little while and takes Emma. He asks Emma what is wrong and she says that she had a bad dream.

Joe tells Zach that he made the connection and that gives the doctor’s a fighting chance. Tad asks Jack how Greenlee is doing. Kendall goes in to see Greenlee and has a present for her. Kendall touches Greenlee’s hand and Greenlee opens her eyes. She brings Greenlee a silk shirt, and a hair clip that belonged to Kendall’s grandmother. Kendall tells Greenlee that they want her to do a multiple city book tour and that she gets to bring a guest, Greenlee. Kendall grabs Greenlee’s hand and tells Greenlee that she needs her. Greenlee has flashbacks of her past with Kendall. Angie talks to someone about her patients. She hangs up and stands beside Frankie’s bed. She picks up the picture and tells Jesse that she needs him now more than ever. Someone walks into the room and startles Angie. Angie hugs Tad. They go outside and Tad asks her to take a break for 5 minutes. Tad tells her that she can figure this out. Tad tells her that she is one of his heroes. Angie tells Tad that Frankie claims to have seen Jesse. They discuss why Frankie might be “seeing” Jesse.

Ryan tells Emma that sometimes he has bad dreams and that they go away as soon as you wake up. Annie asks what the dream was about and Emma tells her that it was about Richie.

Richie brings back some drinks and he apologizes to Babe for putting her on the spot. They discuss him. Richie says that he only cares about 1 woman. Babe tells Richie that J.R. already moved out of the house next to hers.

Adam asks J.R. what his plans for the future are. J.R. says that he still likes the idea of the online beauty network. They discuss his previous plans for the idea. Adam gives J.R. a folder that contains information about his idea. Adam explains that he thought that they could put together a consumer products division and J.R. would run it. J.R. realizes that the projections are exactly what he had in mind. Adam tells J.R. that he has wanted them to work together for years. They shake hands and agree that it is a deal.

Jack tells Kendall that Greenlee will make it through this. Jack tells Kendall that when Greenlee makes it, Kendall will be the reason because she understands Greenlee. Julia checks on Greenlee while Zach and Aidan watch from outside. They discuss Greenlee. Zach tells Aidan that Greenlee will be all right because she is strong and tells Aidan not to quit on Greenlee. Greenlee’s eyes open and she stops breathing again.

Annie asks someone if the tests are conclusive. She thanks them and hangs up. She tells Ryan that she can’t be Richie’s donor and she wonders who will be. Ryan asks if she is okay.

Richie gets a call and asks if there is anyone else. He thanks the doctor and hangs up. Richie says that some brothers and sisters aren’t as close as she thought.

Ryan tells Annie that he knows she was trying to help her brother. She tells Ryan that she feels sad because Richie is going to die and there is nothing she can do about it.

Babe says that Annie can’t be Richie’s only hope for a transplant. Richie tells her that she is right, there has to be someone else out there.

Annie sits on the couch with Emma.

J.R. looks through his scrapbook. He pulls out a picture and Adam takes the picture and tears it up. J.R. tells Adam that the scrapbook is about J.R.’s childhood. Adam tells J.R. that some things should be forgotten and Tad is one of them. J.R. realizes that Adam will never let go of his vendetta against Tad. J.R. tells Adam that he would like to go over the numbers again and Adam tells him to go over it in the morning. J.R. tells Adam that he is going to go over it now, but Adam can go to bed. Adam leaves the room. J.R. walks over to the table with the drinks on it and then walks over to the safe.

Joe tells Angie that there is something they haven’t talked about. Joe tells Angie that no doctor should be treating her own family. Angie asks Joe to make an exception. Angie tells Joe that she is the best doctor for this, but she still doesn’t have any answers. Angie tells Joe that she can’t let her son die. Zach walks over to Kendall and scares her. Zach tells Kendall to go home and check on the boys, but Kendall says that she can’t leave Greenlee. Jack calls Erica about a note from the FCC. Aidan puts a tiger in Greenlee’s hand.

J.R. enters the code to the safe. J.R. tries Little Adam’s birthday. Adam sees J.R. trying to open the safe and makes a phone call.

Annie cries while holding Emma.

Babe tells Richie how sorry she is. Richie says that at least he got her to spend some time with him. Richie’s phone rings and Annie tells him that she just got a call from the hospital. She asks him how he is and if there is anything else she can do. Richie thanks Annie for trying and asks her to give Emma a kiss on the cheek for him. Richie realizes that Annie really does feel bad. Babe tells him that now he knows he has a family.

Annie looks down at Emma.

Ryan gets to the hospital and watches from outside Greenlee’s room. Aidan kisses Greenlee’s hand. Angie tells Joe that she wants them to find an anti-toxin that they can use. Tad comes up and tells Joe that he will buy him a cup of coffee. Angie stands outside Frankie’s room and then looks down the hall before she goes in.

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