AMC Update Friday 1/25/08

All My Children Update Friday 1/25/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Erica and Jack are having dinner and making small talk about her show. She wants him back on the show, but he decline. She is concerned about stock investments that she did not make. Jack is also worried that she could get into trouble with the investment, because the government is demanding to see her. Erica is probing Jack for information on who he is seeing these days; she thinks its nurse Julia.

Ryan talks to Annie, and she tells him that it was her idea to help Richie. Ryan disagrees with helping Ritchie since he will just live to torture Annie again. Richie taunts Ryan, but Ryan grabs him, and throws him up against the wall. Security asked Richie if he wants the police called. Richie says no. Ryan is about to apologize, but Richie cuts him off, and says it's alright. Annie tells Ryan he needs a doctor, because something is clearly wrong. Security asks Ritchie if he wants to press charges; he says no.

Ryan tells Annie he doesn't know what to say. Annie decides that he must return to the doctor, because something is clearly wrong. Annie thinks that maybe the doctors missed something when he got shot, like a bullet fragment or something. Ryan reassures her he is fine, but agrees to go see Joe, but not today. Today he has some very big plans with his beautiful wife.

Greenlee is not breathing. The paramedics have arrived at Fusion, and are working on her. After Aidan learns what Slyvester’s symptoms were he gets scared, because those are exactly the symptoms Greenlee is experiencing. He anxiously calls Greenlee, but Kendall answers the phone, and tells Aidan that Greenlee is ill with respiratory failure. She instructs him to meet them at the hospital.

Angie checks on Greenlee who is now OK. She tells Aidan that Greenlee is doing fine. Aidan brought her a cup of coffee. Angie is trying to figure out the common denominator with Frankie, Greenlee, and Slyvester. She tells Aidan to go sit with Greenlee for a while.

While Joe is checking on Frankie, Opal comes in, and talks to him about who she thought Frankie was. She mistook him for a movie star or something, because she could not place him. She tells him he is as handsome as his Dad, who she hopes is resting in peace.

Babe, and Amanda are at Confusion talking about JR. The conversation is not going smoothly so Babe calls a truce. Richie is at the bar checking out Babe. He finally join her for a drink. Amanda leaves them alone. Babe make small talk, and he tell her about the bone marrow possibilities. She is happy that Annie might be a donor.

Zach tell Kendall to get a blood test. She does not think that she is in danger but he insists, and asks her to just listen for once. He tells her about the dead man at the cabin and the mysterious illness. Zach, and Kendall are back from her blood test. Zach is going to check on the root. Angie is working on Greenlee. Angie asks Julia if Sylvester’s chart is available. Julia gives it to her, and asks if there is any word from Center for Disease Control (CDC) yet. Julia says no.

Zach enters Frankie’s room and identifies himself as the man who Frankie help pull out of the bomb shelter. He asks him about the root. He thanks Frankie for saving his life. Greenlee drink the water from the root, and Frankie cooked some stew with the water from the root. He became ill after eating the stew. A smile came across Zach’s face, because he knew he had discovered the common link to Greenlee and Frankie’s illness.

Opal tells Frankie she brought him something she found in her attic. She pulls out the picture; it's a wonderful picture of Angie, and Jessie. Dr Joe comes in and says times up; Opal this boy needs his rest. Opal leaves but not before telling Frankie how wonderful his parents are were together. She leaves the picture by his beside. A nurse give Dr Martin the latest test results, the virus is now attacking Frankie’s lungs and kidneys.

Kendall tries to contact Jack to tell him about Greenlee, but Jack is out having dinner with Erica. Aidan get his blood checked in case they need donors for transfusions.

Greenlee asks Angie if she will be okay, and Angie says she won't let anything happen to her.

Jack is asking Erica if she is dating. Erica says she is out all the time, and it is so boring. Jack then gives her sexy eyes.

Kendall walks back into Greenlee’s room, Aidan asks if she got in touch with Jack, and she answers no.

Angie is in Frankie's room; she picks up the picture that Opal left, and says softly Jessie. She holds it up and says to Frankie, look at us, your Daddy was so fine. Frankie says he misses him, Angie says so do I, then leaves the room.

Zach rushed off to tell Dr. Hubbard immediately. Angie is walking into the hallway; He sees her then he rushes up to her, and says I got it! I think the root is what's making them sick. Angie makes a call to the lab, and says we have a sample to test.

Julia comes into Greenlee’s room and asks about the patient. Greenlee is feeling better. Julia tells Greenlee, Aidan, and Kendall of the possibility of a cure from the root. Greenlee tells them that she drank the water from the root, because she was thirsty. She mentioned that Zach did not drink any of the water from the root. Kendall spots the Center for Disease Control (CDC) staff and asks about them. Julia says they are at the hospital as a precaution.

Ryan and Annie walk thru the park eating hot dogs. They sit and Annie shows him the signed confession she got from Ritchie. Ryan is happy to see the confession. Ryan says he wants another hotdog and Annie waits while he walks off to get one; she then makes a call to Dr. Martin, saying she is worried about Ryan.

Jack offers to give Erica a ride home. She turns him down. Jack checks his messages and finds one from Kendall telling him about Greenlee being at the hospital. He rushes over there.

Angie tells the clerk to send the results to the CDC immediately. She tells Zach and Kendall that the plant is a Tannis Root and is extremely toxic. They need to find an antidote, because they are running out of time as they speak.

Jesse sneaks into Frankie’s hospital room. He touches Frankie’s leg while he sleeps.

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