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All My Children Update Thursday 1/24/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

The publisher shows up at Fusion to discuss “Charm,” Kendall’ s book. Kendall is upset with Greenlee for sending her book to the publisher without her permission. The publisher wants to fast track the book.

Zach took a blood test to see if he was infected with the disease that Quentin and Greenlee has contacted. His test came back negative. Julia is going to search for Greenlee, because she went back to the office despite doctor’s orders. Zach inquires about the doctor on Greenlee’s case, and he finds out that she is at the bomb shelter gathering evidence. He heads over there.

Angie and Aidan are on his property searching for some clues to the disease. Angie is concerned, because she believes that she is running out of time.

JR tells Adam that he thinks it’s time he returned home. Adam is curious about JR wanting to return.

Ryan discuss with Josh how people feel about his grand gesture to give away all of his money. Josh tells him that his recent habits have been strange.

If Annie is a blood marrow donor, Richie will sign a confession about his past wrong doings. Annie wants him to confess to the hurt he caused others. She wants to know what he will do with his life if given another chance.

Tad and Krystal are out walking the baby. Tad asks if Babe is till upset about JR moving in across the courtyard. He sees a moving van and cannot believe that JR is moving out already. Tad wants to know what is going on.

JR Tells Adam that he wanted to come home to call a truce. Adam is suspicious of JR’s timing. At first, Adam is not receptive, so JR acts as if he is leaving, but Adam calls him back. When asking why he is returning, JR answers that he wants what is best for his family. Adam then welcomes his son home.

Angie tells Aidan that she is anxious for the blood samples. Aidan give her the drug paraphernalia and she orders tests. She asks about the previous owner’s, Sylvester, current condition. Aidan follows up on Sylvester.

Kendall begins to embrace being an author. Greenlee and she begin to celebrate when they realize all the merchandising that can be done by tying the book to Fusion.

Annie make it clear to Richie that once she is tested, she is through with him.

Tad ask Krystal if she is ever going to tell him what Adam really told her in the lobby of the Valley Inn.

Adam is glad that JR has returned to the mansion. Adam wants to have his family live under one roof. JR wants to know details of how Adam got Chandler back. Adam says he waited until the timing was right. Adam wants to discuss JR’s new role at Chandler. JR wants to know if he can trust his father, and he does not want any more secrets. Adam tells him that a family always has secrets. JR tells Adam that he needs to talk to him about Tad. Adam doesn’t want to talk about Tad, because Tad isn’t JR’s father. JR knows that Tad is not his father, but he has been there for him his entire life. He mentions Kate, his sister, and then tells Adam that he thinks about her sometimes. Adam says, “You never know, one day she might just show up”.

Babe sees the movers in JR’s apartment. Babe asks about JR, but she is told that they do not know where he has moved.

Krystal tells Tad that Adam wanted her to come back to him, but she told him no. He wants to know what Adam offered for her return. She lied by telling Tad that Adam thought she would come running back because of his company.

Zach tells Aidan and Angie about the snakebite. Aidan puts a call into his private investigator friends, and ask that they check on Sylvester. Zach introduce himself to Angie. They talk about the bomb shelter. Zach see a plant that he recognizes, and ask that Angie check it out. She will ask Quentin (Frankie) about the plant.

Kendall asks Greenlee about what happened down in the bomb shelter, but Greenlee doesn’t want to talk about it. They talk about the book instead, which is a romance novel. Kendall wrote the entire book as therapy while Zach and Greenlee were missing. Writing the book kept her from going insane. Julia arrives at Fusion insisting that Greenlee return to the hospital. She tells Greenlee that Dr. Hubbard wants her back at the hospital, because they believe she has a serious illness. Kendall encourages her to return. Before leaving, Greenlee has one more drink. She stops and tells everyone that she cannot breathe. Kendall frantically calms her down.

Aidan is awaiting information on Sylvester. He asks Zach about the plant that was found. Zach only knows that the plant looks familiar, but he cannot remember why. Angie sees a camp and asks who lives there. She was appalled to find out that Quentin (Frankie) stayed there. Aidan explained post war syndrome, and Zach explained needing to be alone. Aidan gets a call telling him that Sylvester is dead. Angie calls the hospital, and finds out that Sylvester died of asphyxiation. His throat closed and he could not breathe. She is anxious to return to the hospital to treat Greenlee.

Annie is ready for her blood test. Ryan calls Annie on her cell and Richie answers. Ryan wants to know why Richie is answering Annie’s phone. Richie tells Ryan that they are at the hospital where Annie is getting her blood tested to see if she is a match as a bone marrow donor for him.

JR visits Krystal, and tells her that he moved back into the mansion. JR believes that Adam has brought his story. Krystal tells JR about Tad’s curiosity over his moving.

Annie is giving blood when Ryan breaks into the lab, and yells what is going on, this man is dangerous, what are you doing to my wife. Annie tells him to calm down; she is there by her own choice. Richie steps up and says that’s right Boy Scout, she’s here to save my life.

Julia calls for help. Kendall speaks to Greenlee and tells her that she will be alright. Greenlee is having trouble breathing and swallowing. Julia tells the-911-dispatcher that Greenlee Smythe is having acute respiratory distress.

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