AMC Update Wednesday 1/23/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Erica walks around the studio trying to get a hold of Warren Davis. The make-up people are following her around. She asks someone where Pam is. He tells Erica that Pam lost the guest for the day and they have to fill the space. Jack comes in and wants to talk to Erica. Erica tells him that she has a favor to ask of him.

Kendall tells someone about the Campbell’s fashion show. Babe shows her some submissions and Kendall gives her opinions about them. Babe offers to set up the meetings. Amanda comes in with some DJ mixes. Kendall looks for something, but can’t find it. She tells Babe and Amanda that she can’t find something she wrote while Zach was missing.

Greenlee asks someone if they liked the book. She is happy to hear that they loved Kendall’s book. Greenlee asks the representative to wait for her so that she can be there when Kendall finds out that she is going to be published. Greenlee hangs up and Aidan comes out. Greenlee says that she needs to get to Fusion, but Aidan tells her that they need to go to the hospital. Greenlee tells Aidan that she promised him, but they can do it later and Aidan reminds her that she promised Zach, not him.

Zach plays blackjack. Ryan comes in and Zach gives him some chips so that he can play too. Zach asks Ryan how he can help with the charity. Ryan tells Zach that he can match his money and that they can change the world together.

Angie tells someone about Frankie’s condition. She hangs up and looks at Frankie’s charts. Frankie asks about Cassie and Angie relays the messages from Cassie. Angie tells him how he is doing and what happened. Frankie tells Angie about when he did an emergency tracheotomy. Angie tells him that he isn’t going to die.

Annie shows up at the hospital and Ritchie goes over to hug her. Annie tells him that it doesn’t matter why she is doing it, but eventually tells him that she is doing it for Ryan. Ritchie tells her how grateful he is. Annie tells him that there are a few conditions to her saving his life.

Zach and Ryan talk about Adam. Zach thanks Ryan for saving Kendall. Zach tells Ryan to get the charity set up and they will let the accountants arrange the money. Ryan asks Zach for his time and commitment in the charity, as well as his money and Zach agrees. Ryan asks Zach how he would feel about spending the next 3 months in Africa.

Greenlee realizes that Aidan is upset because he has been telling her to go to the hospital for days and she is only doing it now. Aidan says that she is doing it now because Zach told her to. Aidan wonders why Zach could persuade her and Greenlee says that it was just time to go to the hospital. Greenlee apologizes. Aidan tells her that he cares about her and she asks him to take her to the hospital.

Jack tells Erica that he isn’t going to do her show, but she tries to persuade him. Jack thinks that it is an ambush and tells her that he doesn’t want to be on television. Erica tells him that she needs him to do it for her. The lights come on and they both smile.

Babe and Amanda help Kendall look, but they don’t find it. They look at pictures that Simone drew. Kendall tells them that they have to focus on the fashion show. Ava comes in and says that she doesn’t want to share the runway with others. They discuss the colors and Kendall decides on red. Ava points out that Lily won’t be able to come and that green looks better with her eyes. Kendall tells her that it is red because of Campbell’s. Kendall tells them to get back to work. Amanda turns on the television and they see Jack on Erica’s show. Kendall congratulates her mother even though no one can hear her.

Erica introduces Jack and they make small talk. Erica tells everyone that the regularly scheduled guest cancelled and compliments Jack. Erica and Jack fill everyone in on their lives since they ended their segment. Jack gets up and tries to leave, but Erica tries to get him to stay. The lights come back on and Jack is forced to stay.

Babe turns off the television and the girls all discuss the show. They all discuss Amanda and her mistakes. Babe goes off on Amanda. Ava asks Kendall how she can be friendly with her exes.

Ritchie tells Annie that he is dying and thinks that she is teasing him. Annie tells him the conditions. Annie tells him that she wants him to get well and move away from her family and never come back. Ritchie asks her if he wants her to write it in blood and she tells him that she wants him to confess to all of his sins on a sheet of paper.

Greenlee talks to Angie. Angie tells Greenlee that she is a specialist that Joe called in to look at her case. Angie explains that there is another patient with the same symptoms as Greenlee’s. Greenlee asks if she can see the other patient and promises not to stay long. Angie agrees and tells Greenlee that the other patient is her son. Aidan goes in with them. Aidan recognizes the man as Quentin, the man who helped him save Greenlee and Zach. Greenlee thanks Frankie for saving her life and Frankie tells Aidan that he saved his life. Aidan explains to Angie that he brought Frankie there against his will. Greenlee asks Angie about the previous night and Angie explains what happened with Frankie. Angie explains that she is trying to figure out what caused the illness. Greenlee apologizes for freaking out. Angie tells Aidan that they want to check Greenlee into the hospital and run some tests. Angie asks about Frankie helping Greenlee out of the hole. Greenlee explains that she and Zach fell into an old bomb shelter and Aidan explains that Frankie was living in the woods and helped to find them. Angie tells Aidan that she wants to go out there to examine the area and that she needs to know of anyone else who was out there. Aidan says that Zach and Kendall were out there. Angie says that they will have them both tested. Angie and Greenlee leave. Aidan asks Frankie how bad it is and Frankie tells him that it is real bad.

Ava can’t believe that Kendall was involved with Aidan. The girls ask about Kendall’s relationship with Aidan. Kendall orders them back to work. Kendall tells them about the silent auction that Annie suggested. Someone shows up to see “the author” of the new romance novel, “Charmed” by Kendall Hart.

Zach asks about Africa. Ryan explains that Jaime Martin told him about the situation down there. Zach reminds Ryan that they aren’t doctors and asks Ryan if he has told Annie about it. Ryan tells Zach that he hasn’t brought it up yet. Zach asks if the kids are part of the adventure and Ryan says that the kids are a part of it. Zach says that he isn’t going to be a part of it because he has had enough adventure. Zach asks if Ryan has talked to Kendall about it. Zach tells Ryan to wait a couple of weeks.

Ritchie thinks that Ryan came up with the idea and Annie tells Ritchie that Ryan knows nothing about it. Ritchie thinks that Annie wants to send him back to jail for good. Annie tells Ritchie that she will never be like him and that she doesn’t want him to go back to jail. She tells him that she doesn’t care where he spends the rest of his life as long as it is nowhere near her. Annie tells him that if he does break the deal and come near her again she will give the confession to the police. Annie tells him that either he takes the terms or he doesn’t. A nurse comes over and asks Annie if she is ready to start her tests.

Zach tells Ryan to consider other people’s feelings. Ryan goes off on Zach for thinking that he was nuts. Zach suggests that they stop before it gets personal and Ryan tells him that it already is.

Greenlee comes back in and tells Aidan that she did very well. Angie explains things to Aidan. Greenlee suggests that she gets to go home, but Angie tells her it isn’t going to happen. Greenlee says that she will stay, but she has to get to Fusion first because she set up a meeting. Angie tells her that she can’t go to Fusion and Greenlee agrees to stay. They go out to get Greenlee’s paperwork started and Angie tells Aidan that she needs to get a sample of his blood too. Aidan asks Greenlee what is so important about the meeting at Fusion.

Kendall tells the lady that she isn’t an author. Kendall says that she never turned anything in. The lady reads Kendall a passage from the book. Kendall explains that it is a journal entry that she wrote while her husband was missing. The lady explains that Greenlee sent it to them.

A nurse tells Greenlee to get changed and put her clothes over on the chair. Greenlee complains about the color and the nurse leaves. Greenlee sneaks out.

Kendall threatens to kill Greenlee. Kendall tells the lady that it is an invasion of privacy. The lady tells her that it could be huge. The girls tell Kendall that it could be huge for Fusion. Kendall says that she never wanted the writing to go public. Kendall asks the lady if they can stop the whole thing now and the lady tells her that they are ready to print.

Erica and Jack continue the show. Erica and Jack end the show by agreeing to be friends and joke around. Erica asks Jack what he wanted to see her about. Jack tells her that he is late for a meeting and she suggests that they discuss it over dinner.

Ryan tells Zach that he didn’t come there to fight. Zach asks Ryan if he is all right and Ryan says that he is fine. Ryan jokes that he is going to have his CAT scans tattooed on his forehead so everyone can see that he isn’t nuts. Zach tells Ryan to slow down a little. Ryan leaves. Ryan walks around and someone shows him where the exit is.

The nurse asks Annie again and Annie tells Ritchie that either he signs the paper or she is out of there. He doesn’t take it and she turns to leave. He tells her to wait.

Jack and Erica discuss the idea of dinner. Erica tells Jack that she will meet him for dinner at 8pm. Erica walks away.

The lady tells Kendall that they need to know what she wants to do about the book soon. Kendall takes her card and thanks her for stopping by. Greenlee shows up and asks if she missed it. Kendall asks everyone to go to lunch and tells Greenlee that she is right on time. Greenlee asks if they are publishing the book. Kendall tells her that they are publishing the book and that she could smack her for it.

Zach’s phone rings. Aidan tells Zach that he and Kendall have to come to the hospital to get some blood drawn. Zach asks what is going on and Aidan tells him about Quentin and Greenlee’s illness.

Angie goes in to see Frankie. She wonders why he was out there and wonders if that is what made him sick. Angie tells Frankie that she will find the connection.

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