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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan claims that there is no way that Greenlee and Zach slept together. Kendall thinks that there is a chance. Aidan thinks that it is guilt with paranoia mixed in. Kendall says that now when Zach storms off, Greenlee is the only one who has any idea where he would go. Aidan reminds Kendall that Zach and Greenlee spent 5 weeks in the bomb shelter. Kendall asks Aidan if he would be jealous or upset if he found out that Zach and Greenlee did the exact same thing that they did.

Greenlee tells Zach that the pain is passing and that something is seriously wrong with her. Zach tells her that she isn’t going to die because he isn’t going to let her die because he is selfish. He tells her that he doesn’t know what he would do without her.

Colby gets Adam a glass of water. Colby tells Adam that he really knows how to throw a party. Adam says that Zach is a fool for trying to kill him in front of witnesses. Colby asks Adam if Zach is a fool, then what does that make her.

Krystal walks around the hospital and remembers what Adam said to her. She makes a call and tells someone that she needs to talk to them.

Tad asks Joe if the patient is going to pull through and Joe tells him that the patient is Frankie Hubbard.

Angie asks Frankie where he has been and tells him that she didn’t think she would ever see him again. She keeps hugging him. Frankie tells Angie that he feels a lot better now and that “this thing” comes and goes. She tells him that “this thing” is an unknown agent that is affecting every organ in his body. He admits that he has had it for a few weeks, maybe a month. Frankie apologizes for worrying her. She tells him that his family wanted to understand what happened in Iraq. He starts having another seizer.

Joe tells Tad all he knows about Frankie’s condition. Joe asks how Angie found Tad. Tad tells Joe about the night.

Krystal shows up to see JR. Krystal tells JR that she doesn’t want anyone to know he is there. Krystal tells JR that she needs him to do something but he needs to promise not to tell anyone. JR asks what she wants him to do. Krystal tells JR that she needs him to tell his father “the mother of all lies.”

Adam tells Colby that she isn’t a fool. Colby says that she feels like it. Adam says that he truly wanted to bury the hatchet, but Colby thinks that he is lying. Colby tells him that she deserves the respect of hearing the truth. Adam says that he wanted to show off a little bit because everyone swept him under the rug and he wanted to show them that he was back. Adam admits that it didn’t go as planned. Colby tells him that it was pathetic.

Greenlee asks Zach if he is telling her that he needs her. Zach says that somebody sometime might think that she can grow on them. Zach loans Greenlee his coat so that she can get warm. Greenlee tells Zach that he isn’t awful either. Greenlee asks Zach if he misses being down in the bomb shelter and Zach admits that he does miss it. They discuss their feelings surrounding the bomb shelter and the people they love wanting to understand. Greenlee asks Zach what them wanting to talk to each other instead of the people they love means and Zach admits that he doesn’t know. Zach tells her that maybe they aren’t ready to let it go yet.

Aidan says that if Zach and Greenlee slept together he would accept it. Kendall doesn’t believe that and says that she wouldn’t be so understanding. Kendall says that what happened between her and Aidan was physical and “this thing” with Zach and Greenlee is emotional. Aidan tells Kendall that sometimes guys just want to be by themselves. Kendall reminds Aidan that Zach is with Greenlee, not by himself. Aidan thinks that Kendall is afraid that Greenlee is going after Zach. Kendall tells Aidan that she and Greenlee can really hurt each other without realizing it. Kendall tells Aidan what happened with Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall says that it is easy to go back there when things haven’t been the same. Aidan realizes that things haven’t been the same with Kendall and Zach either. Aidan tells Kendall that she is being ridiculous.

Greenlee tells Zach that she has told Kendall things that she should have told Aidan. Zach asks Greenlee when she was going to tell Aidan about how she is feeling and Greenlee replies that she was never going to tell him. Zach gets up and suggests that they get home.

Angie and Julia try to help Frankie after he stops breathing. Angie tells Julia that there is something in his throat. Angie and Julia talk about Frankie and how great they both did. They discuss his case. Angie tells Julia that they need blood screens for everyone who has been in the hospital in the last year. Julia leaves to work on the blood screens.

Colby suggests that Adam was making a big splash for Krystal and that he still loves her. Colby tells Adam that every time he does something like he did that night, he makes Tad’s family look better.

Joe brings Tad a cup of coffee. Tad and Joe discuss Angie and “the good old days.” Tad admits that he wonders about Kate and if he will ever meet her.

Krystal and JR talk about all the horrible things that Adam has done. Krystal tells JR about the deal Adam offered her.

Aidan tells Kendall to get her coat because they are going for a walk. Aidan opens the door and they leave.

Greenlee tells Zach that she isn’t going to the hospital that night because eventually everything will be back to normal. Zach tells her that she is stubborn. Greenlee hugs Zach. Greenlee says that Zach can take her home. Zach admits that he is going to keep bugging her about going to the hospital.

JR realizes that Adam knows where Kate is. Krystal wonders why Adam would say it if he didn’t have proof. JR says that he is going to pound the truth out of Adam. Krystal says that there is a better way. JR realizes that Krystal wants him to pretend that all is forgiven. Krystal tells JR that she thinks he is strong enough to handle it.

Adam admits that he miss handled the evening. Colby tells Adam that he can’t use her to fight his battles anymore. She takes her shoes off and Adam asks her if she is staying there for the night. Colby tells Adam that she knows where her home is.

Zach and Greenlee get back to her place. He covers her up with a blanket. Zach tries Kendall, but gets her voice mail. Greenlee thanks Zach for bringing her home and Zach thanks her for finding him because it helped. Greenlee tells Zach that talking to him was the best medicine of all and that she is feeling better already. Zach offers to get her some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Aidan and Kendall get off the elevator and Kendall apologizes to Aidan for the way she acted before. She asks him if they are still friends and he hugs her. Zach walks outside and asks them what is going on. Kendall tells Zach that she was worried and Zach apologizes. Greenlee runs out and tells Kendall that she found Zach and that he was right where she thought he would be. Kendall yells at Greenlee for not telling her where she was going and Aidan suggests that they go inside. Greenlee asks Kendall if she is okay. Aidan says that Zach and Kendall need to talk and Zach says that Aidan and Greenlee need to work some stuff out too. Greenlee wonders why everyone isn’t happy. Kendall apologizes. Kendall asks where Zach was and Greenlee says that she will let Zach tell her. Zach and Kendall leave.

JR asks if Tad knows. Krystal explains that Tad would want to throttle Adam. Krystal says that they need to know what Adam knows and JR is the only person who can find out. JR tells Krystal that maybe they should road test Tad’s theory about JR. Krystal thanks JR.

Joe suggests that maybe Tad should take some time off and devote everything to the search for Kate. Tad tells Joe that he is always right. Joe leaves.

Angie sits with Frankie and Julia comes in to check on him. Julia gives Angie a couple of cases with similar symptoms.

Greenlee is having trouble swallowing and Aidan asks her if she is alright. Greenlee tells him that she is fine.

Krystal gets back to the hospital and finds Tad. Krystal tells Tad that it is going to be a really great year. Tad suggests that they go home.

JR calls Adam. Colby tells Adam to be nice. JR says that he needs to talk to Adam and that he will stop by the following day. JR says that it is about a truce. They hang up and Adam tells Colby that he thinks JR is ready to come home.

Julia shows Angie pictures of Kathy. Julia leaves and Angie walks back into Frankie’s room. Angie tells Frankie not to worry because she is going to find out what is wrong with him and fix it.

Greenlee asks Aidan if she can tell him something without him getting mad and Aidan agrees. Greenlee tells him that she has been lying to him about feeling better. She explains that she didn’t want to worry him. Aidan reminds her that they are a team and that teammates don’t keep secrets. Greenlee says that she does need to get checked out, but she just wants to spend the night in her own bed. Aidan says that they will take care of it first thing in the morning. Aidan carries her to bed.

Kendall and Zach talk about why he went to the bomb shelter. Kendall tells Zach that she feels left out of his life. Zach apologizes, but Kendall tells him not to. Kendall says that he can tell her anything no matter what. Zach tells her that he didn’t spend 5 weeks in the bomb shelter to come out and fight with her. They kiss.

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