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All My Children Update Monday 1/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan kisses Annie and then says, “This is the best day of my life, Kendall.” Annie confronts him about calling her Kendall. Ryan tells Annie that he doesn’t know where that came from and apologizes. Annie then calls him the name of her 7th grade boyfriend. He apologizes again.

Julia comes in and asks Joe how the patient is. Joe tells Julia that he wants to talk to Dr. Hubbard before she goes in to see the patient. Joe tells Quentin to hold on because help is on the way.

Tad and Krystal are interrupted by Angela Hubbard. Tad introduces Angie and Krystal. Tad tells Krystal about Angie and Jesse. Then tells Angie about his relationship with Krystal.

Aidan breaks up a fight between Zach and Adam. Adam faints and Colby yells for help because he isn’t breathing.

Richie looks through the window at the motel. He calls Annie, but gets the answering machine and hangs up.

Ryan promises to never call Annie by someone else’s name. They agree to start things over the right way. They begin kissing and lay down.

Quentin starts getting dressed and Julia comes in. Julia tells him that he isn’t going anywhere and he tells her that he is leaving. Julia takes his clothes. He takes his clothes and starts to walk out when he collapses in pain.

Angie realizes that Adam is still up to his old tricks and Tad tells her that Adam has come up with new tricks. Krystal suggests that they stop talking about Adam. Colby comes in and tells them that Zach hurt Adam. They all rush to Adam and Colby tells them what happened. Zach walks out and Kendall rushes after him. Adam opens his eyes and sees Angie. Adam says that Zach tried to kill him. Angie tells Adam to take it easy. Tad asks Angie if she is glad she came back.

Julia tells Joe what happened with Quentin. Joe tells Julia that Quentin is seizing and orders medication. Joe orders everyone out of the room, but Julia tells Joe that she isn’t going anywhere because she has already been exposed to whatever he has. Julia asks what is wrong with Quentin and Joe says that they better find out soon because Quentin is running out of time.

Adam yells at everyone because Zach is still on the loose. Colby asks Angie if Adam will be fine and Angie says that Adam will have a sore throat, but he will be fine. Angie recognizes Colby. Kendall tells Greenlee and Aidan that she couldn’t catch up to Zach. Aidan asks Greenlee if she wants him to take her home. Greenlee says that she is a little tired. Aidan leaves with Kendall to help find Zach and Greenlee walks out into the hall. Adam asks Colby if she has her phone so that he can call the police. Krystal asks Dre to take Colby for a walk. Adam tells Colby that she doesn’t need to get involved in it and Colby tells him that she shouldn’t have. Krystal goes over to talk to Adam and Angie asks Tad if he thinks he should save Krystal. Krystal asks Adam what he said to Zach because she is sure it is his own fault. Joe calls Angie and asks her to come to the hospital. Tad tells Krystal that he is going to take Angie to the hospital.

Richie starts drinking. He rambles on about Annie and says that he has a few games of his own. He leaves.

Annie asks Ryan if he liked his surprise. He tells her that she is perfect. Ryan asks Annie what she thinks about trying to make a baby. Annie starts to get up and Ryan thinks that she is running away. Ryan tells her why he wants another baby. Annie tells him that she would love to have a baby with him someday, but not right now.

Julia goes into Quentin’s room and asks Joe how the patient is. A nurse puts a sign on the door for isolation. Joe tells Quentin to promise not to get out of bed again. Quentin asks what is wrong with him and Joe says that he doesn’t know. Joe tells Quentin that he will be in the best hands when Dr. Hubbard gets there. Julia goes to see if she can get a time estimate on Angie. Joe tells Quentin that he has changed since the last time Joe seen him.

Angie tells someone on the phone to make sure they have sterilized protective wear for her when she arrives to see the patient. Tad says that they are about 5 minutes out. Tad and Angie talk about Julia and Maria. Angie tells Tad that she would have come back for Dixie’s funeral if she had known. Tad tells Angie about his relationship with Krystal. Tad asks about Frankie.

Krystal tells Adam that he always sinks lower when she thinks he can’t. Krystal tells Adam that he tried blackmailing her when he said that she had to go back with him before he reunited Tad with Kate. Krystal asks Adam what he said to get Zach to try to choke the life out of him. Adam claims he told Zach the truth. Krystal confronts Adam about using Colby and Adam says that Colby will understand. Krystal warns him that he is going to drive Colby out of his life. Adam asks Krystal why she couldn’t accept his deal.

Kendall calls Zach and leaves a message. Aidan comes in and tells Kendall that Zach’s car is gone. They discuss the possibilities of where Zach went. Kendall tells Aidan that she hasn’t seen Zach like this since the day of his accident when they had a fight and she almost lost him. Aidan says that they will find Zach. Kendall lets Aidan use Greenlee’s cell phone to call Greenlee. They agree to swing past Greenlee’s before they go search for Zach.

Greenlee finds Zach and asks if he needs some company. Greenlee tells Zach that Adam will be fine. Zach says that he isn’t worried about Adam. They discuss Adam. Greenlee says that it reminded her of when they were trapped in the bomb shelter and his cell phone battery died and explains that he always seems like he is in control of his destiny, but the universe hasn’t been cooperating lately.

Colby tells Dre that she is worried about Adam and mad at him. Colby brings up their kiss and asks if they are ever going to talk about it. Dre says that it was cool and Colby asks what he means. Dre tells Colby that she is beautiful. Colby tells him to be careful or she might have to kiss him again. She tells him that she is better.

Adam asks Krystal why she won’t accept his terms. Krystal says that she doesn’t believe that he knows where Kate is. Adam claims that he has proof and Krystal asks him to do the right thing and help Tad find his daughter. Adam wants to know what is in it for him and Krystal realizes that Adam hasn’t learned that he can’t continue to play God. She tells Adam that no one should separate a child and their parents. She tells Adam that she regrets what she did to Bianca and that she deserved the jail time that she got for it because she learned her lesson. Adam says that it doesn’t matter because the deal is off the table. Adam says that Tad will never know what happened to his beautiful, lost daughter. Adam tells her that she is the only one who could have made the difference and that she will have to live with it for the rest of her life. Krystal tells him that anyone who would keep Tad away from his daughter is someone that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with.

Annie calls the babysitter and asks how Emma is doing. Corrina tells Annie that Richie has been leaving a lot of messages and Annie says that she will handle Richie. Corrina leaves Emma to sleep and Richie walks into Emma’s room. Richie talks to Emma while she sleeps. Richie tells Emma that she needs to step up to give him what he needs and he tells her that it isn’t going to hurt too much.

Annie tells Ryan that she can stay like that forever, but he says that they have too much living to do. She realizes that Ryan is starting to fall asleep. Annie tells him that he was right about them having everything that they could want. Ryan says that everyone should have that chance. Annie remembers talking to Richie about him getting a second chance.

Quentin asks Julia how he is doing. Julia tells him that he is doing better. Quentin asks Julia if she knows Dr. Hubbard, but Julia explains that she only knows her by reputation. Angie arrives at the hospital and asks about the patient. Joe tells her what they know right now. Angie walks over to the room and Joe tries to stop her to tell her something about the patient, but she opens the door.

Kendall and Aidan show up at Greenlee’s and realize that she isn’t home. Kendall realizes that there is a message on the machine. Aidan plays it and they hear Greenlee saying that she thinks she knows where Zach is and that she will be back soon. Kendall wonders why Greenlee didn’t tell them if she knew where Zach went.

Greenlee and Zach discuss what made him so mad. Zach explains that Adam made it personal and Greenlee realizes that he is talking about Hannah. Zach asks Greenlee how his “time” with her is. Greenlee tells him that if he wants to put the night behind him, that he needs to go home. They get up and Greenlee collapses in pain.

Richie tells Emma that it is time to go on an adventure and that there is a doctor in Mexico that needs to see her. Richie’s cell phone starts to ring. Annie tells him that she will get tested to see if she can be his donor. Richie is happy to hear it. He walks out and tells Emma that he is sorry. Annie lies down and puts her head on Ryan’s chest.

Adam orders another drink and turns around to see Colby. Colby confronts Adam about using her. Colby says that she will take him home.

Krystal shows up at the hospital and Tad apologizes for leaving her with Adam. Krystal asks about Angie’s patient and Tad tells her that he isn’t sure.

Angie rushes over to Quentin and hugs him calling him Frankie.

Aidan tries to call Greenlee again, but she doesn’t answer. Kendall starts ranting. Aidan says that there has to be a reasonable explanation. Kendall asks him if he has ever wondered about what happened with Greenlee and Zach in the bomb shelter. Kendall tells Aidan that they have been going through hell because of their one night and maybe Zach and Greenlee slept together too.

Greenlee tells Zach that it feels like a knife in her gut. Zach suggests taking her to the doctor, but she tells him that it always passes. Greenlee tells him what she has been going through. Zach tries to get her to go to the hospital, but Greenlee tells him that she is too scared that she will never get out of the hospital, because whatever is wrong with her will kill her.

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