AMC Update Friday 1/18/08

All My Children Update Friday 1/18/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Annie prepares a surprise for Ryan. She takes him on his airplane to the place where they spent their first night together.

Greenlee calls Aidan and invites him to party with Zach and Kendall. He thinks about it, then says no. Greenlee wants to know what reason he has for refusing to have a drink with the Slaters. He thinks about it and then agrees to just one drink.

Adam locks up his family during the party. His family is upset about being treated badly. Zach decides that he may as well eat up and not worry about what Adam is up to. He knows that all will be revealed in time. Babe looks worried, because Krystal is outside with Adam. Adam is waiting for a minister to remarry Tad and Krystal. He challenges Krystal to remarry Tad, because he believes she still loves him. Krystal is angry and tells Adam that she is disgusted with him.

Aidan hits Quentin in the head, then brings him to the hospital. Opal passes Quentin’s room, says hi to Julia and believes that she recognize Quentin, but cannot place him.

Kendall talks to Babe and reassures her that Adam will not hurt Krystal. Babe wants to know how Kendall and Zach are doing after Hannah’s death. Kendall tells Babe that Zach seems to be handling Hannah’s death.

Zach asks J.R. about his father’s intentions in having the party. J.R. does not know. J.R. is suspicious, because Zach is talking to him, and Kendall is talking to Babe. He thinks the Slaters are double teaming Babe and him. Zach blames Adam for instilling distrust in J.R. and admits that he is just making conversation. He invites J.R. to work for him. J.R. replies that he will never work for Zach, because of the way he double-crossed him with the Greenlee caper. J.R. does not believe that they have anything in common. Zach reminds him what they have in common is the person who stole J.R.’s car, and hit Zach with it. Zach suggests that they work on solving the case, but J.R. declines the invitation.

Adam wants Krystal back. If Krystal returns to Adam, he will give Tad information on his daughter, Kate. Krystal refuses the deal. Adam grabs her then pulls her into his arms. She is affected by his touch, but she tells him no.

Opal talks to Dr. Martin in the hospital lobby. He is all dressed up and looking pretty spiffy. He is waiting for a colleague to show up.

Quentin mentions his symptoms to Julia. Julia recognizes that he uses medial terminology as if he is a physician. She asks about his medical background. He denies any background in medicine.

Krystal decides to take on Adam’s challenge and remarry Tad. She tells Tad about Adam’s proposal.

The minister arrives. To Adam’s chagrin, Tad and Krystal remarry. Adam is clearly surprised, angry, and upset.

Zach decides to toast the bride and groom for their classy reaction to Adam’s proposal. They showed style and grace to Adam’s challenge. He credits Adam for creating and destroying things. He toasts Adam for regaining ownership of Chandler Enterprises. Adam is shocked and pleased by Zach’s knowledge of his repossession of Chandler Enterprises.

Adam, angered by Zach’s toast, tells him that he is pretty smug for someone who was beaten at his own game. Kendall implores Zach to leave, but he refuses. Kendall goes to the powder room.

Colby is upset, because her dad fooled her into thinking that he wished love and happiness for Tad and Krystal. Dre comforts her with stories of his own controlling father. J.R. and Babe discuss Adam’s behavior as well.

Zach tells Adam that he is angry, because he stole his thunder. J.R. overhears and asks his father if he got Chandler Enterprises back. Adam mentions Hannah shooting Kendall. Zach realizes that Adam intends to be rude so he turns to leave. Adam pulls him back and warns him for dismissing him. Zach wants to know what Adam will do if he dismisses him.

Ryan kisses Annie then says, “I love your Kendall.” Annie is shocked by his words.

Zach continues to taunt Adam by saying, “Everything you touch go south.” Adam retorts, “At least I know who my children are. You get Hannah pregnant at 18, and then leave her to be molested by your father. She came to Pine Valley to get love from you, but you ignored her. You threw her off a cliff and killed her.” Zach warns him three times to shut up, but Adam persists with his taunts. Zach hand comes up, goes around Adam's throat and squeezes until Adam gasps for air!

Julia brings Dr. Martin Quentin’s chart. He tells her that he has a specialist arriving any minute and will refer Quentin’s case. Joe enters Quentin’s room and recognizes him.

Angie arrives at the Pine Valley Inn as Krystal and Tad are leaving; she asks her old friend Tad for a hug.

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