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All My Children Update Thursday 1/17/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Adam is at the Pine Valley Inn setting up for a party. Erica is at the bar waiting for her date. She tells Adam how she has moved on, and is no longer with Jack.

Greenlee is reading Kendall's book, when Zach walk in. He wants the real story on how she is doing. She comes clean and tells him that her stomach hurt, and she is dizzy. She asks him to not tell Aidan. She wants the real story on how he is doing. He tells her his recent fear of seeing Kendall falling to her death. She wants to tell him what a shrink would think of his dream, but he does not want to hear it. She believes that bad things happen in threes as she wonders what is going to happen next.

Babe is upset, because J.R. rented the condo next to her. She wants to know why did he move close to her, and he says, “To be close to Little A." When questioned further he admits that he doesn't like her being near Richie.

Richie grabs Annie, and confronts her in the parking lot about not getting tested as a blood marrow donor for him. Annie retorts by threatening to hurt him if he ever grabs her painfully again. They discuss how he will die without the marrow transplant.

Kendall visit Ryan's, and he pick her up, hugs her, and then gives her an intimate kiss. After putting her down, he starts to have a head pain. Kendall is concerned, and wants to call his doctor. According to Ryan, he fooled Kendall into thinking that he is ill. Kendall notices the guitar, and remembers that Ryan was trying to learn to play it a couple of years ago. She thinks his playing stinks.

J.R. wants to talk to Babe about her relationship with Richie. She tells him some details, and then they fight about Richie having leukemia. She tells him to go home. He thinks that Richie maybe a threat to Little A, but she knows that J.R. is jealous.

Tad, Krystal, and Little A are outside of Babe's condo listening to her and J.R. fighting. Babe opens the door and invites J.R. to leave. Tad wants to know what is going on.

Colby shows up at Adam’s party late. Adam is ok with that since he held down the fort until she arrived.

Adam notices that Erica is bored with her date, Marshall. He notices her indifference, then decides to rescue her from Marshall. He butts in on them, by pretending that Erica and he must take care of a business deal that is about to go bad. They ask Marshall to excuse them, and he agrees.

Tad, and Krystal are at Babe's. Babe tells Tad that J.R. leased the apartment next door, and she claim invasion of privacy. Krystal pulls J.R. outside. J.R. tells Krystal that he moved in, because he is afraid of what Richie might do to Babe. Krystal tells him that by pressuring Babe, he pushes her further away.

Annie wishes she had killed Richie. Richie, and she taunt each other. Richie teases Annie about Ryan’s looney behavior. He thinks that Ryan just jumped right to the front of the class for loons.

Ryan tells Kendall about spending his money on charity, and his plans to ask Zach for contributions. He believes that getting shot in the head made him humbled.

Greenlee suggest that Zach show his vulnerability to Kendall every once in awhile, and show that he needs a hug too. Zach wants to know when she got all the answers. Greenlee believe she is wiser from her stay in the bomb shelter.

Erica wants to know why Adam proposes to her when he is mad at Krystal. Adam says he is only half kidding. He thinks they can be quite the pair. She tells him that although they are unique they both need love in their lives. He agrees and then asks her to at least be his date for the evening. She agrees.

Zach thank Greenlee for her input, than hugs her. Greenlee asks what the word “Charm” means to Kendall, and he says he bought her a charm bracelet before he got lost in the shelter. He then leaves.

Krystal, and Tad tell Babe, and J.R. that Colby is throwing them a party at the Pine Valley Inn, than invite them along. They both agree to go.

Kendall thanks Ryan for saving her life. She tells him that Annie is lucky. He insists that he is the lucky one for having Annie. Ryan asks about Zach, and Kendall shares with him that Zach is not forthcoming about his feelings. Ryan listens in earnest. Kendall wishes that Zach would open up to her, and talk to her. Kendall starts to leave, but he wants to serenade her first with a song. He starts to sing, and she yells at him to stop because his singing, and playing is so bad.

Zach walks up, and hears Kendall trying to shut Ryan up. Kendall kisses him and asks what made him show up there. He showed up to take her to the party. Kendall says her goodbyes to Ryan, and tells him that Annie is working late because she, Kendall, asked her to stay so that Kendall could party.

Erica tries to get Adam to tell what he is up to, but he won't budge. He won’t tell. She asks about his party theme, and responds, “Let’s put it this way, you won't be disappointed.”

Annie comes home to show Ryan what she is working on.

Greenlee calls Aidan to persuade him to go to the party with Zach and Kendall. She then calls a publisher friend about Kendall's book.

Krystal, Tad, Kendall and Zach arrive at the party the same time. Krystal does not trust Adam so she suggests to Tad that they leave. They knew nothing about the party. Kendall, and Zach are bored. Kendall does not understand the purpose for the party, but Zach insist that if they stay around long enough, they will know the real reason for the party.

Adam has locked the partygoers in the room. When Krystal tries to leave she is blocked from leaving by Adam’s goon. Krystal turns around and says, “Ok, Adam you have my attention, what do you want?”

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