AMC Update Wednesday 1/16/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

As Ryan plays a guitar, Josh walks in. Ryan tells Josh that he wants to liquidate all of his Cambias holdings. Josh asks Ryan if he is in any trouble.

Annie walks in to Fusion and asks if they are all set. Amanda tells her that the glasses are salted and everything is ready. Ava says that she hears the elevator. They all yell surprise as Kendall and Greenlee walk off the elevator. Greenlee and Kendall agree that it feels like they are really back and nothing can separate them.

Aidan goes through papers and puts some things into a backpack. He grabs the plans for the bomb shelter and has a flashback of when Kendall found them.

Kendall asks Greenlee if she is all right. Greenlee says that she just wants to be back to herself. They agree that there will be no more setups, backstabbing and secrets. Annie gives them each a glass and Greenlee makes a toast.

Richie flirts with Julia, but she ignores him. Joe comes in and tells Richie that he has been placed on the National list. Joe says that Annie is still his best chance. Richie says that he will just have to make Annie realize that she doesn’t have a choice.

Dre comes out of the tunnels and Colby runs after him. Colby tells Dre that his dad’s private investigator has checked out of his hotel. Dre is excited and agrees to take Colby out for hamburgers.

J.R. talks to someone on the phone and tells them that he wants to get the deal closed by the end of the day. Sean walks in and J.R. asks about Sean’s relationship with Colby. J.R. asks what Sean did to Colby this time.

Quinton comes in and tells Aidan that he isn’t feeling well. He starts describing his symptoms and then starts coughing.

Amanda asks Babe if she wants the last glass, but Babe refuses. Babe reminds Amanda that she set J.R. up to take the fall for Zach’s accident. Amanda says that J.R. got what he deserved. Ava comes over and asks why Amanda is still there. Ava says that Amanda doesn’t need the job and maybe she should get lost. Kendall comes over and breaks up the argument. Greenlee looks at the numbers from Fusion Green. Kendall calls Greenlee dull. Greenlee, Kendall and Annie all talk about their princes and their love lives. Kendall proposes a toast to them for getting lucky.

Josh admits that he was thinking that Ryan is crazy. Ryan explains that he is rearranging his priorities, starting with money. They start looking through paperwork. Ryan answers the door and Richie says that he wants to see Annie. Ryan tells him that Annie isn’t around right now, but invites Richie in because he has been meaning to talk to Richie.

Aidan asks Quinton what happened. Aidan says that he has to get Quinton to the hospital, but Quinton refuses. Aidan says that he is going to help Quinton and he drags him out.

Ryan asks Richie if he wants a sandwich. Josh tells Ryan that he will get everything started and be back to talk later. Ryan says that Annie will not be Richie’s bone marrow donor.

Greenlee says that she might have had one too many margaritas. Babe tells Greenlee that Campbell’s wants to sponsor a fashion show with Fusion to promote good health because heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in women. Greenlee says that it is a good tie in. Babe says that they are going to have to work around the clock and Greenlee says that she is all for anything that helps women live long, healthy lives. Kendall and Annie discuss the new packaging. Kendall asks if Ryan is really okay. Ava comes over and asks Kendall to look at the proofs from her latest shoot. Babe comes over and tells Annie that she is happy that she is doing so great and asks Annie to share the “wealth” with her brother.

Richie tells Ryan that he doesn’t want to hurt Annie anymore because they are family. Ryan says that Richie is violent and cruel and that is a dangerous combination. Richie turns to leave, but Ryan convinces him to stay. Ryan says that he just survived a shot to the head and he doesn’t want any more trouble for his family. Richie tells Ryan that he is an arrogant bastard. Ryan says that just because Annie can’t help him doesn’t mean that Ryan won’t help Richie. Ryan offers to personally find Richie a donor and pay for all of Richie’s hospital bills.

Babe tells Annie that she sent some stuff to accounting. Babe tells Annie that she is Richie’s one chance to live a full life. Greenlee and Kendall come up with ideas for the fashion show with Campbell’s. Greenlee explains to Kendall about her relationship with Aidan. Ava asks Amanda why she isn’t happy with all that money and realizes that J.R. really hurt Amanda.

Sean tells J.R. that what happened between him and Colby isn’t J.R.’s business. Sean admits that he hasn’t seen Colby in days. Colby and Dre walk in. Colby asks Sean if he is all right. Sean asks if he and Colby can talk. Colby agrees and they go to talk. Sean apologizes for not returning her calls, but things have been complicated. Sean tells Colby that he slept with Hannah.

Aidan brings Quinton some water. Julia shows up and Aidan tells Quinton that Julia is a nurse. Julia convinces Quinton to let her check him out. He describes his symptoms to her. Julia says that he needs to go to the hospital, but Quinton refuses.

Kendall calls Zach. Greenlee asks if everything is okay with them. Kendall changes the subject and Greenlee explains that she didn’t mean to freak Kendall out with the details about Aidan. Kendall says that she misses her family. Greenlee suggests that they get together just the 4 of them and Kendall says that they could get together at the wedding reception for Tad and Krystal. Annie tells Kendall that she has a phone call holding. Babe talks to Krystal about Richie. Babe tells Annie that she is being selfish. Annie says that she isn’t going to be bullied into making a decision about Richie. Amanda looks at Ava’s pictures. Ava thanks Amanda for making her a virgin margarita. Ava explains that she and Jonathan broke up and Amanda asks if it was because of J.R. Kendall tells Annie that she loves the idea. Kendall asks everyone to gather around and tells them to grab their glasses. Kendall explains what each of them bring to Fusion and they toast to Fusion. Kendall asks Annie if Ryan is up for a visit from her. Kendall asks Greenlee if she can hold down the fort and leaves. Greenlee realizes that Kendall forgot something and goes to pick it up and something called “Charm” falls out of the bag.

Richie tells Ryan that he has been watching too many talk shows. Richie explains that Annie is his best chance for a bone marrow transplant. Ryan says that Annie did the world a favor by putting Richie in prison. Ryan assures Richie that the offer is real and that Ryan can’t allow Annie to be a part of Richie’s life anymore. Ryan tells Richie to get out and stay away from Annie.

Babe tells Greenlee that the stuff for the fashion show is on the desk and leaves. Amanda and Ava discuss their mothers and make a toast.

J.R. tells Colby that Sean is a loser and that she deserves better. Colby tells J.R. that she thought that Sean would change after Ava. J.R. explains that he is trying to do what is right. Colby asks how you know when you are really in love and J.R. tells her that if she has to ask it isn’t really love. Sean walks back in and sees Colby hugging J.R. He goes over to the table and grabs his phone. Dre asks if Sean is really running away from Colby. Sean explains that Dre doesn’t know anything about his relationship with Colby. Sean and Dre discuss Colby. Colby comes over and tells Dre that she isn’t hungry and they leave. J.R. tells Sean that if he hurts Colby again, J.R. will hurt him.

Aidan tries to convince Quinton to get help, but Quinton claims that all he wants is to get back to his camp. Julia asks if he is hiding from someone. Aidan suggests that Julia leave and tells her that he will make sure that Quinton gets the help that he needs. Julia leaves and Quinton apologizes for getting out of line. Aidan apologizes and knocks Quinton out. Julia asks Aidan how hard he hit Quinton. Julia calls Joe and Aidan gets his coat.

Greenlee and Amanda talk. Greenlee tells Amanda that she must have gotten up to quickly and Amanda leaves. Greenlee starts reading the papers that fell out of Kendall’s bag.

Babe arrives home and J.R. tells her that he leased the condo across from hers and he is now her neighbor.

Annie walks to her car and Richie walks up behind her. He tells her that he wants to live and she is going to make it happen.

Ryan practices playing his guitar and someone knocks on the door.

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