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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee stands at the edge of the river and hears screaming. Aidan shows up and scares her. She tells him that Leo died at the same spot as Hannah. She admits that Leo’s death still haunts her.

Kendall tells Zach that she made him some tea and asks him if he wants a beer or some scotch. She asks Zach to talk to her and he asks her what she wants to know. Zach says that he is fine.

Tad closes his computer when he hears Krystal come home. Tad claims that he was doing paperwork, but Krystal doesn’t believe him. He tells her that she might not like what she sees if he opens the computer.

Adam tells Colby that he has a job for her that involves Tad and Krystal. Adam says that he wants to give Tad and Krystal a wedding reception.

Someone walks in and Erica is happy to see the person. She starts talking about Kendall, Jack and Greenlee.

Adam explains to Colby that he wants to try to make things better because he just wants to see Krystal happy. Colby asks him what he is really up to.

Krystal wants to know what Tad doesn’t want her to see. She asks him if he is putting dirty pictures on the computer. Tad asks what if he is and Kystal yells at him because there are children in the house. They start running around the living room. Krystal tries to get the computer. Tad hands it over and she opens it. Tad tells her that he was thinking about planning their honeymoon.

Greenlee explains that Leo was her first love and that Aidan is her hero. Greenlee says that she finally got it right with Aidan.

Kendall asks Zach to tell her what is really going on inside of him. She reminds him that he was trapped in the bomb shelter and he tries to change the subject. Kendall says that she needs him to communicate with her. Zach says that he doesn’t want to sit there and talk about how he ruined another life. He tells Kendall that he failed Hannah the same way that he failed Ethan. Kendall says that she will not let him cut her out and she will not abandon him. She thinks that Zach wants her to leave, but Zach assures her that he doesn’t want her to go anywhere. Kendall says that she is there when he needs her. Zach says that he needs her to be his wife and understand. Zach tells Kendall the things that Hannah told him before she died. Zach says that there are things that are better left unsaid. Kendall agrees. Kendall apologizes for pushing him. Zach tells her that there is something he wants her to do.

Aidan and Greenlee get home. Greenlee tries to make a move, but Aidan says that she just got out of the hospital. Aidan says that she needs time to recuperate, but she says that all she needs and wants is him. Greenlee asks him to take her to bed right now.

Krystal says that she can’t just leave The Comeback and Tad tells her that Babe can run the place almost as good as she can. Krystal reminds him that they have Jenny to think about too and he says that the place has 24-hour day care. Tad thinks that Krystal isn’t comfortable with the idea that they have a real marriage.

Colby reminds Adam of all the bad things that he has done to Tad and Krystal. Adam claims that he wants to bury the hatchet permanently because Colby loves them. Adam says that he wants everyone to be invited. Colby thinks that it is an ambush. Adam says that he wants closure. Adam tells Colby how proud of her he is. Adam thinks that if he can really see Krystal happy, then maybe he can celebrate her choices and move on. Colby says that if Adam throws Tad and Krystal a party, she doesn’t think that they will show up. Adam says that he needs Colby to convince them to be at the Valley Inn the following night for a surprise.

Erica enjoys her massage. Erica rambles on about taking back her power. Erica says that she isn’t giving up on love and complains about Jack’s date with Julia.

Jack apologizes to Julia for answering his cell phone. Julia explains that she learned to tune Erica out a long time ago. Julia asks Jack what happened while he and Erica were trapped in the closet. Jack says that he wants it to be over with Erica, but he isn’t sure. Julia tells Jack that she has some very exciting things going on in her life and she hopes he will be part of them.

Kendall tells Zach that it is very cold outside and Zach offers to warm her up. Kendall says that she could stay there and never leave the house for the rest of her life. Zach thinks that it is a lie, but she claims that it isn’t. Zach starts kissing Kendall and she tells him that he can kiss her all over and she is going to keep talking.

Tad comes downstairs and sees Krystal standing in the living room. He goes over and embraces her. Krystal says that she got lucky when they got married. They start kissing on the couch and Colby comes home. Krystal says that they were having a belated honeymoon. Colby tells them that they have been the best and she wants to do something for them as a wedding present. Colby says that she was thinking a dinner at the Valley Inn on her the following night. Krystal says that they don’t want Colby spending her money on an expensive dinner. Colby says that she wants to and asks them if they will come celebrate their wedding with her.

Adam makes a call and tells someone to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow night.

Aidan puts together a scene and Greenlee says that he had her at hello. Aidan says that the night is about relaxing and getting her back to herself. They start kissing in front of the fireplace.

Zach and Kendall continue kissing on the couch and end up on the floor in front of the couch.

Someone comes in and introduces himself to Erica, as Marshall Logan, and says that he has been an admirer for years. He asks Erica out to dinner sometime. Erica says that you never know when she might need a dinner companion. He gives her his number and she thanks him. He leaves.

Jack tells Julia that her idea of a free clinic at Wildwind is a good idea and that it would make a great companion to the Miranda Center. Julia asks for Jack’s help in getting all the proper permits. Jack says that he will help pro bono. They toast to their partnership.

Tad and Krystal thank Colby for the thought. Krystal and Tad agree to go to dinner with Colby. Colby leaves to make the reservations. Tad and Krystal go back to the way they were. Colby calls Adam and tells him that Tad and Krystal are in.

Adam makes a call and tells someone to make sure Zach is coming because it is going to be a party that Zach won’t want to miss.

Kendall starts to get up to check on the boys, but Zach stops her. She gets up to get the left over pasta from the fridge. Zach asks her for a slice of scotch. Kendall answers the phone and tells Zach that Colby invited them to a wedding party for Krystal and Tad.

Erica tips Jessica, the woman who did her manicure. Erica gets a call from Colby and tells Colby that she will be at the wedding reception for Tad and Krystal. Erica asks if Jack is invited and if she can bring a guest. Erica picks up Marshall’s card.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she feels wonderful. Greenlee admits that she has never come first with a man before and that she trusts him more than anyone. They start kissing again.

Kendall comes back with Zech’s scotch and finds him sleeping. Kendall wonders if Zach is right about some things being better left unsaid. She flashes back to having sex with Aidan. Zach has a dream about holding onto Kendall and having her slip and fall into the river.

Zach goes over the details of the wedding reception with someone. Adam tells her that the following night will be one that Pine Valley will never forget.

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