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All My Children Update Monday 1/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Zach moves away, but Hannah grabs his hand and falls backwards. Aidan rushes over and grabs a hold of Zach’s arm. Greenlee and Kendall rush over to help. Zach tells Hannah that they will get out.

Jack pounds on the door of the closet that he is stuck in with Erica. Erica explains the reasons that Greenlee and Kendall locked them in there. Erica admits that there are some things that she can’t control. Jack reminds her that they have been stuck somewhere together before. She asks what happens next.

J.R. asks Richie where his handlers are. Richie explains that he is out for good and Babe asks when it happened. Richie says that he thought Babe would want to know. J.R. tells Richie that he can leave now because J.R. and Babe are a little busy. Richie turns to leave and Babe stops him.

Annie comes in and sees Ryan standing out on the ledge. She grabs a blanket and tries to cover him up. She asks him what he is doing out there. Ryan stands there looking at her. Ryan suggests that she thinks he is crazy. Ryan starts yelling and Annie reminds him that they have neighbors. Ryan tells her that he isn’t crazy; he just wants to feel everything. Ryan suggests that they spend the night out there under the stars. Annie is unsure, but Ryan tells her that he is fine. They start kissing and lay down.

Babe asks J.R. to watch Little Adam for a little while. J.R. tells Babe that she doesn’t owe Richie anything, but Babe insists. J.R. says that he will be right there. She closes the door and tells Richie that he should have called first. Babe wants to know why Richie is really there. Richie tells her that he just got out and wanted to spend time with the one person he really cares about, her.

Jack and Erica try to get comfortable in the closet. They discuss Greenlee and Kendall. Erica tries to make small talk to take their mind off things and Jack goes along with it. Jack suggests that they stay locked up in there forever and Erica says that she can think of things that are worse.

Zach tries to get Hannah to keep holding on. Aidan tries to help Zach. Kendall tells Zach that they are all there and that she loves him. Zach tells Kendall that he loves her too. Hannah tells Zach that it is okay because she knows. Greenlee tries to help Aidan pull Zach up. Zach apologizes to Hannah for what his father did to her. Hannah tells Zach goodbye and lets go of his hand. Aidan manages to get Zach pulled back up with the help of Greenlee and Kendall. Zach says that he has to pull Hannah out of the river, but they all tell him that it is too dangerous. Kendall reminds Zach of the promise he made to her and the boys and says that she will not let him break that promise. Greenlee says that she can’t believe it happened again, just like with Leo. Aidan tells her that it is over. Derek comes up and asks where Hannah is. Zach tells him that she is in the river. Derek calls for backup so they can search for her.

Jack tells Erica how amazing she is. Jack and Erica admit that they wish that they could rearrange the past. Erica says that she knows she needs to move on, she just doesn’t know where. They talk about the last time they were locked up together. They hear a phone ringing and Jack realizes that his cell phone is in his pocket. Julia calls and he asks her for help. She agrees to come help.

J.R. says that he is kicking Richie out of there in 10 minutes. Richie tries to put his jacket over Babe, but she refuses. Babe reminds Richie that there is no “you and me.” Babe tells Richie that she doesn’t want to be the only person he cares about anymore. Babe says that when she kissed him, she was just happy for him. Babe asks him how he got released from the hospital. Richie explains that a bunch of shrinks have declared him legally sane. Babe asks if Richie talked to Annie about being a donor yet and tells him that Annie will come around. Richie isn’t as sure. Babe asks how he is feeling. Richie suggests that the kiss wasn’t just about congratulating him and that they talk about it.

Ryan and Annie come in shivering. He tells her how he felt when he drove over the cliff and how different he feels after being shot. He tells her how blessed he is. Ryan realizes that most of what he has built in his life came from the vault of a cold-blooded killer, Alexander Cambias. Ryan says that it has to change and Annie asks how he is going to do that.

Derek tells Aidan that he has to file a report. Aidan gives Derek the details of what Zach did to try to save Hannah. Zach can’t understand why the rescue team hasn’t found anything. Zach gets up to go help and Greenlee stops him. Greenlee tells Zach that no one could survive the falls and he has to accept that. Zach comforts Greenlee and Kendall. Aidan comes over and asks if everyone is all right. Zach thanks Aidan for saving his life. Greenlee suggests that this might be the end of all the darkness in their lives. Zach apologizes to Kendall for making her worry about him again. Zach tells Kendall that he went up there because he wanted to kill Hannah for what she did to Kendall, but then Hannah started talking. Kendall tells Zach that Hannah let go and there is nothing that Zach could have done about it.

Julia comes calling for Jack. Jack calls her from the closet. Julia is surprised to see Erica walk out of the closet too. Jack and Erica both thank Julia for saving them. Julia explains that she had a legal thing she wanted to run by Jack. Erica thinks that Julia and Jack had a date planned.

Annie asks Ryan how he is going to change the world. Ryan thinks that he should start by giving away the Cambias money to a good cause. Ryan suggests telling Zach and maybe they can do it as a joint thing. Ryan says that they will see who needs it the most and they will know when it is right. Annie thinks that the idea is wonderful.

Richie tells Babe that he is sure when someone likes him. Babe says that it wasn’t about her liking him or being attracted to him. Babe reminds Richie that her work and her son are her priorities. Richie asks why J.R. is at her house walking around in a towel. Babe says that they were building a snowman with Little Adam. Babe tells Richie that they will only be good friends and that he can make whatever he wants out of the kiss, but it won’t go any further than that. Little Adam asks J.R. where Babe is. J.R. explains that Babe went to take the trash out. Richie says that he isn’t going to waste anymore time. He tells Babe that he likes her and wants to be more than friends. Richie says that he doesn’t give up easily. Babe tells Richie that he better go now. J.R. comes out with Little Adam and asks if there is a problem. Babe says that Richie was just leaving. J.R. tells Babe that someone was calling for her and gives her Little Adam. Babe takes Little Adam inside. J.R. stays outside and asks Richie if Babe kicked him to the curb.

Derek asks Zach if Hannah had any family that they can contact. Zach wonders if things would have turned out differently if Hannah had a family. Kendall thanks Aidan for saving Zach again. Kendall asks about Greenlee. Aidan says that Greenlee is weak, but she is stubborn. Aidan asks why Kendall let Greenlee come out there. Kendall asks Aidan if he thinks that she could have stopped Greenlee. Kendall tells Aidan that Greenlee thinks that something is wrong and that he is acting differently towards her. Kendall suggests that Aidan do something to make things right again. Zach goes over to Greenlee and asks if that is where Leo died. Greenlee says that she blamed herself when Leo died too. Aidan goes over to Greenlee and Zach goes back to Kendall. Kendall talks to Erica on the phone. Aidan suggests to Greenlee that they go home. Zach asks Derek if there is anything else and Derek tells him to go home and get some rest. Derek agrees to tell Zach if they have any more questions or any news. Zach thanks Derek.

Jack and Erica are happy that their kids are fine. Erica tells Jack that Hannah fell into the river and that the rescue crews are looking for her. Erica leaves. Jack suggests that they go out for dinner and a couple of drinks.

Richie asks J.R. if they are going to fight. Richie says that he has been around tough guys for a long time, but some of them aren't so tough anymore because they're dead.  When J.R. takes that as a threat, Richie claims he is more of a lover than a fighter. When J.R. goes back inside, Richie watches the happy family scene through the window and vows to see him around for sure.

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