AMC Update Friday 1/11/08

All My Children Update Friday 1/11/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Annie enters Ryan’s hospital room. She kisses him and tells him that he will be released. Ryan asked Annie why did she not tell him that Richie would live. Annie did not want to worry him about Richie, because of Ryan’s injury. Ryan is acting weird. He is silly, goofy, playful, and more positive than usual.

J.R. tries to kiss Babe. She turn away from him because she does not want to repeat her pattern with him. She now realizes that sex does not solve everything. J.R. continues to play around, and talk about the advantages of sex. He tells Babe that he loves her. Babe agrees to give J.R. a shot, at friendship only with no privileges. J.R. agrees, then kisses her.

Jack asks Aidan about Zach’s whereabouts. Aidan will not betray Zach’s trust. Kendall, Erica and Greenlee, question Jack’s story about Aidan taking over for a security guard. They converge on Jack trying to pressure him to tell Zach and Aidan’s whereabouts.

Hannah confirms with Zach that he is mad at him. He agrees, and states the reason being that she tried to kill his wife. He wants to know why. Hannah resent Kendall for living the life that she should have had. Zach angrily state that Hannah’s fantasy about them having a love affair must stop now. Hannah agrees as she pulls out the gun. Zach let Hannah know that if she kills him, his last thought would be of Kendall, because she has his heart. While holding the gun, Hannah spills her guts to Zach. She says, “You think you know me so well, but look at me and tell me what you see. Do you see anyone else? Your father made me do things. After you left I would pray for your return. One night your father heard my prayers, and laughed at me. You father made me have sex with him”. Zach tried to understand her and see someone different than today’s Hannah. Zach is saddened by her words. He lets her know that he did not know about his father. He is so sad that Hannah suffered at the hands of his father.

Kendall and Greenlee are upset that Zach and Aidan have slipped away without telling them. They compare and contrast both men. The two women bond over the similarities of their men. Greenlee is upset because Aidan is not as loving with her. He is acting different since she returned. Kendall thinks that will change. Greenlee talks about Zach and how he loves Kendall. Kendall knows that Aidan feels the same way about Greenlee. Kendall and Greenlee hug after their bonding.

Sean arrives at Kendall’s house to talk to Jack. Jack take Sean outside to talk in private. Jack want to know how did Sean encounter Hannah. Sean mentions that they ran into each other, and “hooked up” at the motel. Jack does not know the meaning of “hooked up”, and ask Sean to explain. Sean tells him that they had sex. Erica heard Sean say that he slept with Hannah and she is outraged. Sean tells them that Hannah asked about a place to meet and he mentioned “the rock” would be a good place to hang out.

Hannah began to cry, but continues to point the gun as she paint Zach a picture of what happen to her after he left. Zach repeats that he did not know. Aidan arrives, and hide behind a rock, after Zach signals him. Zach encourages Hannah to continue talking, and to tell him everything. Hannah continues, “I told your father that I was pregnant with your baby. He told me that I could stay at his home until I had the baby, and he would take care of me. After the baby’s birth he kicked me out, and called me a whore. I had to stay because I knew you would come back for me. You never did come back. I found a good home for Ethan, and became a successful business woman”. Zach received the answer to the question of why she did not leave. He is sadden by her story. Aidan looks on as Zach signals him not to interfere.

A psychiatric panel is interviewing Richie. He is conning them into believing that he has seen the light. Richie informs the panel that Dr. Chambers will be his reference if needed. They tell him that Dr. Chambers was stabbed, and killed on the prison yard. Richie pretends to be upset when he really wanted confirmation of the doctor’s death.

Ryan’s new rules are that nothing will bring down the Lavery family. He is curious and asks if Annie will be a donor for Richie. Annie is uncertain. Ryan no longer wants to talk about Richie.

J.R. asks Babe’s permission to take a shower before he leaves. “Lil A” want to know if the snowman is all right, and if J.R. is leaving.

Richie was released. He called to thank someone for taking care of Chambers.

Ryan and Annie arrive home. Emma is with Rachel.

Hannah was not rescued seventeen years ago, but so want, and need to be saved. She believes that Zach has rescued Erica, Dixie, Greenlee, and Kendall, but never her. Zach want her to give him a chance to rescue her now. She mentions that it is too late. Zach want to make it up to Hannah, by rescuing her now. He takes the gun, and pulls her into his arms as she cries. She starts to settle down.

Erica wants Sean to call the police to tell them about Hannah. Kendall, and Greenlee overhear the conversation. Kendall refuses to wait for the police and put on her jacket to leave. Greenlee want to go as well. Jack refuses to let Greenlee go. The two trick Erica and Jack by locking them in a closet. Kendall, and Greenlee races to the rock at “Miller’s Falls”.

J.R. walks out of the shower, with only his towel on. He yells to Babe for soap. The doorbell rang, but Babe does not hear it. J.R. opens the door to find Richie. Babe comes in wanting to know what is Richie doing there. Richie want to know what is J.R. doing there. J.R. is amused by the look on Richie’s face.

Annie and Ryan arrive home. Annie walks away then return to find Ryan on the balcony in his underpants, arms stretched out, eyes closed, standing in the snow.

Zach rocks Hannah in his arms as he holds her. He starts to walk her off the cliff. She turns around, and sees Aidan. Kendall and Greenlee arrive at the falls just as Zach was coming down with Hannah. Hannah steps back, but slips taking Zach with her as he held onto her hand. Kendall screamed Zach’s name as she reached for him.

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