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All My Children Update Thursday 1/10/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

J.R. spends the night at Babe’s apartment. He says good morning to Babe as she makes breakfast. Babe wants to know why he came by last night. He says, “To ask you out on a date”. He asked Babe for a date, and she emphatically tells him that he, and she will never be again. J.R. explains what he meant when he asked for a date. He was asking that she, “Little A” , and he, go on a play date. He takes Babe to look out of the window to see the snow outside. He wants to teach “Little A” how to make a snowman. Babe agrees to the threesome.

Greenlee, and Jack return home from their walk, but Greenlee is dizzy, which causes Jack concern. Greenlee explains her dizziness by saying she is hungry. Jack offers to make her breakfast, but Greenlee collapses before he can complete the task.

Kendall tells Erica that she is worried about Zach going after Hannah. Hannah calls Zach on the phone, and he sets up a meeting with her. She agrees that they meet by the rocks at “Miller’s Falls” outside of town. Hannah throws her gun in her purse.

Colby And Dre are in the tunnel with a flashlight, and other things that will be needed for Dre. She has postcards so that Dre can write his Dad to end their disagreement. She suggests that Dre mislead his Dad regarding his whereabouts, by telling him that he is in New York, to get his dad off his trail. Colby hears Adam calling for her.

Dr Martin has been called to check Greenlee over. He is concerned, and recommends that she return to the hospital. She begs him to allow her to stay home, and Jack promises to see that Greenlee gets her rest. Jack regrets taking Greenlee on the walk. Greenlee is tired of everyone worrying about her, and would like to know when she will get better. Dr. Martin gives her a shot to boost her immune system. Jack want to know what is happening with Greenlee.

Erica calms Kendall down by assuring her that Zach knows what he is doing, and he is capable of taking care of himself. She assures Kendall that Zach is not a foolish man, he loves Kendall and he will not do anything foolish concerning Hannah. The phone rings; Erica answers it thinking that it might be a reporter. Kendall is still worried about Zach because she knows that everyone does foolish things. She has a flashback of Aidan, and her having “grief sex”. Aidan returns from outside and he and Kendall start picking at each other again. Erica wants to know why they are arguing again.

Hannah puts on lipstick while having a flashback of her crying to Zach about owing her a baby. Her words are “you owe me, you owe me a child. His words were, “ I am committed to Kendall, and my children and I’m not going to give them up for anyone”.

Aidan hears a noise outside; he goes to investigate. He finds Zach who tells that he plans to meet Hannah by the rock at “Miller’s Falls”. Aidan wants to assist Zach, but Zach insists that Aidan stay with his family for their safety. Kendall wonders what's taking Aidan so long. Erica thinks that Aidan is fine since he has a gun. Erica wants to know why Kendall and Aidan are going at each other all the time. Kendall explains their fighting by saying that Aidan is worried about Greenlee. Erica Calls Greenlee, and manipulate Jack and she into coming over to Kendall’s house. Her actions were not lost on Kendall. Aidan and Zach are disagreeing about how to handle Hannah. In the background Kendall calls out for Aidan. Her exact words are “Aidan, where are you, I can't wait all day”. Kendall walks outside to look for Aidan; Zach hides, while Aidan encourages her to go inside. Zach and Aidan continue to talk. Zach plans for Hannah upset Aidan.

J.R. has ”Little A” on his shoulders as they walk into the park. J.R. gives “Little A” tips on building a snowman. Babe has a carrot for the nose, buttons for the eyes, and a top hat for the snowman. As they all begin to build the snowman, Babe makes sweet eyes at J.R.

Adam continues to yell Colby’s name. Dre asks about Adam. Colby tells him that Adam is Adam. She tells him how Adam showed up at her prom and busted her date. Dre doesn’t think much of his dad, either. She gets Dre back to writing the postcard. She shares her experience of carjacking. She asks for details of Dre’s family life. Dre avoids the subject, but says that it used to be good, before his mom died. His mom died on 9/11. He went down to try and find her. He has a big scar on his arm from being scalded from hot steam. His dad played the victim, which probably aided in getting him elected.

Hannah and Sean are playing around on the bed; he throws her down and then gets a scary look on his face after seeing the gun. Hannah, after following his eyes, apologizes for having the gun. Sean asks about the gun. Hannah says it is for protection. She kisses him and then leaves. Sean, fearful of the gun, jumps up and locks the door behind her.

Erica thinks that something is going on between Kendall and Aidan. She insists on Kendall telling her the truth. Kendall denies it. Erica talks about past times when she was unfaithful. Kendall insists loudly that she has not been unfaithful to Zach. They later make up after apologizing to other.

Aidan finally comes inside. Before Zach leaves to meet Kendall, he looks through the front window fondly at his family. Kendall suggests that Aidan get back to Greenlee. Erica asks if Aidan has heard from Zach. He lies and says he has not heard from Zach. Kendall wants to know if he has not heard from Zach, why isn’t he worried. Erica is suspicious, and wonders if Aidan has heard from Zach, but is not telling them. Aidan is silent. Erica decides they all need to eat and leave to order food.

Babe, J.R. and “Little A” have fun making the snowman. Babe and J.R. flirt, and make sweet eyes at each other. After having a snowball fight, they end the day at Babe’s apartment with a cup of hot chocolate. Babe will not agree to anything but friendship with J.R.

Sean is getting dressed while he watches TV. The news report say a Cambias employee, Hannah Nichols, is being sought. When Sean sees the photo he is shocked.

Jack and Greenlee arrive at Kendall’s home. Sean calls Jack to tell him that he slept with Hannah. Jack asks about her whereabouts, but Sean does not know. Jack speaks to Aidan outside, and tells him that his oversexed nephew spent the night with Hannah, but doesn’t know where she is now. Aidan knows where Hannah is since Zach told him. When Aidan hears that Hannah has a gun, he worries, and decides to follow Zach to protect him from Hannah, and to protect Hannah from Zach. Zach told Aidan there would be not police involvement. Jack worries about Erica, and Kendall asking questions. Aidan tells Jack to go back inside and act like nothing is wrong; if the ladies ask about him, tell them that he had to take over for a security guard. Aidan is going to make sure that Zach or Hannah doesn’t kill each other. Aidan puts a new clip in his gun.

Dre finishes the note to his father; Colby approves it.

Zach climbs up the rocks to Hannah. When he reaches her; she turns around to face him. They give each other glaring stares.

Annie walks into the living room and sees Ryan in a Zen pose, standing out on the porch in the snow with his shirt off, with his arms out while looking up to the skies.

J.R. tells Babe that he loves her.

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