AMC Update Wednesday 1/9/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan comes to see Zach. Zach asks if Aidan found Hannah, but Aidan says that he has nothing. Zach thinks that he has a clue about Hannah’s whereabouts. Kendall comes out as Zach asks Aidan to stay with her. Zach tells Aidan to keep Kendall safe. Zach leaves.

Annie puts a picture of her and Ryan with the kids on the table beside his bed. Ryan tells Annie about his dream. They start kissing. Erica walks in and Annie leaves so they can talk. Ryan tells Erica that she doesn’t have to repay him for saving Kendall’s life.

Annie walks out and sees Ritchie sitting in a wheelchair at the nurse’s station.

Greenlee wakes up. Jack comes in with some coffee and asks her what is going on. Greenlee says that she was having a nightmare about being in the bomb shelter and explains the details to Jack. Jack reminds her that she and Zach are both safe. Greenlee asks about Ryan and Jack tells her that Ryan is okay. Jack tells Greenlee that Zach went to find Hannah. Greenlee freaks out saying that Hannah will try to shoot Zach. Jack assures her that Zach will be fine, but Greenlee says that no one is really okay.

Adam makes a call. Zach comes over and drops Adam’s cell phone in the orange juice. Zach demands to know where Hannah is. Adam claims that he doesn’t know or care where she is. Zach tells Adam that Hannah tried to kill Kendall. Zach threatens Adam.

Jack tells Greenlee that he couldn’t protect her before, but he won’t let anyone hurt her again. Greenlee tells Jack how she felt when she and Zach were rescued from the bomb shelter. Greenlee says that she never thought she would worry about Zach. Greenlee tells Jack that she keeps having the bomb shelter panic attacks and the last time she had one she called out for Zach. Jack explains to her that it is perfectly normal to do that. Greenlee says that she and Zach were so lucky to have each other while they were in the bomb shelter.

Aidan tells Kendall that he brought breakfast. Aidan thinks that Kendall wants to talk about their night together so that she can stop thinking about someone trying to kill her. Kendall criticizes Aidan for telling her how she feels.

Ryan asks about Kendall. Erica explains that she is a little worried about Kendall. Ryan explains that he doesn’t need to be checked up on and gets up out of bed. He leans on the bed and on Erica and walks to the end of the bed. Erica offers to get him a wheelchair. Ryan asks Erica to dance and they dance.

Annie wants to know why Ritchie isn’t in the psychiatric ward. Ritchie explains that he has been down for more tests. Ritchie explains that they are going to try to put him on a list for a bone marrow transplant. Ritchie explains that he won’t ask Annie because he already knows the answer. Annie says that she should get back to Ryan. Ritchie says that their father isn’t a match and their mother is dead, and that only leaves one relative. Ritchie says again that he isn’t going to ask her for the transplant. Annie tells him that he is going to try to make her feel guilty until she goes through with it, but it isn’t going to work this time. Ritchie tells her that if he gets a second chance, he will not want revenge anymore and the anger will be gone because he would be so thankful. He says that it would be good for her too because she would know that she did the right thing.

Ryan assures Erica that he is going to be fine. Ryan sweet-talks Erica. They embrace and Julia comes in to check on him. Erica tells Ryan that he could use some help with his dance skills. Ryan tells Julia that she can do whatever she has to do because his smile isn’t going anywhere. He tells Julia that he found a new therapy called “S.I.T.H.” and explains that it means “shot in the head” therapy.

Aidan tells Kendall that he doesn’t want to mess up what they had because he really loves Greenlee. He asks her how she and Zach are doing. Kendall thinks that Zach has been gone too long. Aidan assures her that Zach will fix this. Kendall explains that she has a really bad feeling. Aidan reminds her that she always says, “I am a Kane woman, and I can handle anything.” He tries to comfort her, but she pulls away and tells him not to touch her because he isn’t her husband.

Jack and Greenlee go for a walk and agree that it is exactly what they both needed. Greenlee admits that she changed a lot while she was trapped in the bomb shelter. Jack realizes that Greenlee is shaking and asks her if she is cold. She claims that she is fine. Jack thinks that she left the hospital too soon.

Adam and Zach discuss their revenge tactics. Adam tells Zach that Hannah came back to Pine Valley for him.

Annie tells Ritchie that he will never change. Ritchie says that the conversation is over and turns to leave. She asks him what kind of a brother he is. Ritchie says that he had a reason for lying to her on the phone and tells her that he knew she wouldn’t come to the hospital unless she thought he was dying. Ritchie admits that he needed her to kill him and that was the day he was going to set her up to murder her own brother.

Jack tells Greenlee that sometimes the woman does fall in love with the man who saved her. Greenlee admits that she and Kendall used to have a thing for falling in love with each other’s guys, but no more.

Kendall says that she doesn’t want him touching her because that was how it happened before. Aidan reminds her that they were really desperate because they thought they lost the people that they loved. Aidan says that he will never touch her again and that when this is over, she will never see him again because he will stay away from her. She tells him that won’t happen unless one of them moves away. They agree that it will never happen again. Erica walks in and hears them arguing. Erica asks what is going on. Aidan says that everything is fine. Kendall says that she is just worried about Zach and wanted Aidan to go look for him, but Aidan wouldn’t because Zach told him to keep Kendall safe. Erica tells Kendall that Zach did the right thing by leaving her there with Aidan.

Zach tells Adam that he is aware of his mistakes. Adam insists again that he doesn’t know where Hannah is. Adam says that if he did know where Hannah was, he would tell Zach because he doesn’t like the idea of people taking shots at Erica’s daughter. Someone comes over and tells Adam that there is a call for him. Zach asks who it is and Adam tells him to mind his own business. Zach takes the phone and then gives it to Adam. Adam tells the woman on the phone that he wants to move ahead with the plan for Chandler Enterprises and that he wants her to buy as much Cambias stock as she can because he wants as much of Zach Slater’s as possible.

Greenlee asks Jack about his relationship with Erica. Jack says that he and Erica aren’t together. Jack says that it seems like an inquisition. Jack tells her that he and Erica spent New Years Eve together. Greenlee asks questions, but Jack dodges them because he says that there are rules that she has to go by because he is the parent. Greenlee says that he should take happiness wherever he can find it. Jack says that he and Erica didn’t fight at all on New Years. Greenlee asks Jack if he believes that he has a future with Erica.

Julia tells Ryan that he has a new nickname at the nurse’s station, “Slim”. Ryan asks Julia if she and Erica have a life long feud going on. Julia explains the problems between her and Erica.

Annie confronts Ritchie about calling her to kill him. Ritchie explains that Ryan was right about Ritchie’s plan. Annie can’t believe that Ritchie hated her that much. Ritchie says that he wanted her to see what it felt like to be locked up. Annie explains why she testified against him. She brings up a letter he wanted her to take that explained everything he had done and he says that he still has it if she wants to see it. He says that he doesn’t know if he wants to give it to her now. She asks him to let her have the letter. Ritchie gives her the letter and asks for the letter back. She opens it and finds blank pages. Ritchie says that this time it is different. Ritchie pleads with her to help him get a second chance. He promises her that if he gets a second chance, he will be the brother she always wanted him to be. Annie says that he is evil. Ritchie says that if he lives, he will never hurt her again. Annie reminds him that the same thing will happen if he dies. She turns and goes back to see Ryan.

Aidan leaves to check on the guards. Erica wants to know the real story. Kendall says that the real story is that this has nothing to do with her or Aidan. Kendall thinks that it has something to do with Erica and Jack. Kendall thinks that it is partly her fault that Erica and Jack aren’t together anymore.

Jack tells Greenlee that Erica knew that Kendall was putting her in danger. Jack explains that he can forgive Kendall because she is like a daughter to him. Greenlee wishes she had a magic wand and Jack picks up a stick and gives it to her. She makes a wish and taps the wand on Jack’s head.

Annie comes back in and watches Ryan sleep. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him that she loves him. Annie tells Ryan that he and the kids are all the family that she needs.

Greenlee and Jack agree that some hot chocolate would be great for the walk home. He leaves to go get it and she starts to stumble. Her vision gets blurry.

Erica tells Kendall that whatever is going on between Erica and Jack isn’t Kendall’s fault. Kendall admits that she is getting worried about Zach. Kendall wants to know where Zach is.

Adam tells someone to pull up Hannah’s file and to distribute the photo to the security people. Adam says that he wants Hannah kept out of the building and away from his house and increases the guards at his home, then hangs up. When he answers his phone, Hannah tells Zach that she needs to see him immediately.

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