AMC Update Tuesday 1/8/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Tad is working on the computer and J.R. comes in. J.R. tells Tad that he needs to keep his hands busy so that he doesn’t hit something. Tad asks what Adam did this time. J.R. says that he is mad at himself for having so many buttons for Adam to push.

Babe goes to see Krystal. Krystal says that she heard about what happened to Ryan. Babe says that she is happy that it is over, but Krystal doesn’t think it is over. Babe starts to ramble and Krystal asks if they are still talking about the shooting or if they are talking about a man.

Annie kisses Ryan’s hand, waking him up. Ryan starts to get up and Annie tells him not to. Ryan gets a headache. Annie makes Ryan promise to be good and obey doctor’s orders. Ryan asks about Zach. Annie says that Zach went to warn Josh that there is a crazy person running around shooting people.

Zach knocks on Josh’s door. Hannah walks over to the door with a gun in her hand. Josh tells Zach to take Kendall and get the hell out of there because Hannah has a gun. Hannah tells Kendall to come in because Josh really needs her. Zach talks to Hannah and suggests that they talk about this. Hannah says that she can think of better things to do. Kendall threatens Hannah. Hannah promises Kendall that she won’t miss this time. Josh tells Zach to get out of there, but Zach says that he can’t. Kendall apologizes to Hannah and begs her not to drag Josh into it. Zach tells Hannah that she didn’t kill anyone and that he can convince them to take it easy on her. Zach tells Hannah that they should talk, just the two of them. Zach asks what she wants and Hannah says that she wants justice. Zach convinces Kendall to leave. Hannah says that Zach better be out there or Josh will die. Hannah puts the gun to Josh’s throat and drags it down. Hannah tells Josh that she really did like him and that she is sorry.

Ryan tells Annie what Joe told him. Annie tells Ryan that the doctors say he got really lucky. They start kissing and Julia opens the door. Ryan asks Julia if she can convince someone to let Annie stay the night. Another nurse comes in to change Ryan’s bandages. Julia and Annie wait outside. Annie admits that she is a mess.

Colby complains about Sean. Dre comes up and Colby tells him that everyone has been worried. Colby asks where he went and what he is hiding from. Dre claims that he is hiding from his family. Colby thinks that he is running from the mafia.

Hannah tells Josh that she doesn’t want to do it. Josh tells her that he can help her. Zach talks to Hannah and tells her that he never left. Zach admits that he had no idea how much he hurt her. Hannah tells him that now isn’t the time for apologies. Hannah tells Zach that when she found out he was missing, she prayed for him to come back. Hannah asks Zach if he remembers his son and suggests that they were his throw away family. Josh gets out of his restraints. Kendall comes back. Zach tries to get her to let Josh go. Hannah tells him that it is too late for regrets. Josh runs over and grabs the gun and holds it in the air. The gun goes off. Zach and Kendall rush in and Josh tells them that Hannah ran out the back with the gun. Zach runs after her and Kendall begs him to come back.

Krystal asks Babe if this is about a guy. Babe apologizes. Krystal wants to know what happened and Babe tells her about Ritchie’s news. Krystal asks how J.R. fits into the picture.

Tad asks J.R. what Adam did. J.R. explains that Adam is dangling 50 million dollars in his face. Tad says that J.R. needs to learn to tune Adam out. Tad tells J.R. that if he wants to survive, he has to start tuning his father out. Tad asks J.R. what his meaning of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is. Tad suggests that they talk about J.R.

Colby admits that she got carried away. Colby asks Dre what he is really hiding from. Dre tells her that his father is running for senator and that he is running from politics. Dre says that nothing is ever good enough for his dad and Colby tells him that her father is the same way. Dre reminds Colby that she is supposed to be meeting Sean.

Sean reads Colby’s text messages. Hannah runs into Sean, knocking them both on the ground. Hannah yells at Sean and asks him what he was doing.

Annie thanks Julia for comforting her. Julia tells her that Ryan is doing better than fine. Julia realizes that there is something else on Annie’s mind, Annie says that she doesn’t feel like talking about it. Annie goes back in to be with Ryan. Ryan says that he has never felt more alive. Annie lays down on Ryan’s chest.

Babe tells Krystal that J.R. has nothing to do with it. Krystal suggests that kissing Ritchie might have been Babe’s way of avoiding her feelings for J.R. Babe thinks that something is wrong with her because of her choices.

J.R. and Tad shoot a game of pool. J.R. says that he wants more and Tad starts laughing at him. Tad asks J.R. what he would be doing in a perfect world. J.R. says that he would be sailing a yacht with Babe.

Kendall tries to help Josh. Josh wants answers. Kendall says that Hannah obviously wanted her out of the way. Josh asks about Ryan. Zach runs in and tells Josh that he messed up. Zach yells at Josh and Kendall tells him to stop.

Sean offers to help Hannah up and asks if she is alright. Hannah says that she is fine. Sean asks if someone is chasing her and she pulls the gun out of her purse. Sean says that he would like to know as little as possible so that things can stay simple. Sean says that he never saw her and that he is just waiting for a friend. Hannah starts to flirt with him and then they start kissing.

Colby and Dre talk about her relationship with Sean. They talk about music and his possible relationships. Colby asks him if he has a place to stay and offers to hide him somewhere that no one will find him.

Annie says that she will never let Ryan out of her site again. Ryan asks what is bothering her. Ryan asks if something happened with Ritchie. Annie tells him that he needs to rest. Ryan wants to call the cops for an update and Annie tells him that he is allowed one call.

Kendall tells Zach that it is her fault. Zach apologizes to Josh. Zach tells Josh to make sure Kendall and the boys are safe and to let his men know to “take her down.” Kendall confronts Zach about ordering his men to kill Hannah. Kendall asks him what happens next and Zach says that she will be safe. Zach says that Hannah threatened his family and now she will pay the price.

Tad asks J.R. if his boat is just all Babe all the time and J.R. says that some things never change. J.R. says that he can write down all the reasons that Babe shouldn’t be with him. Tad tells J.R. to keep faith. Tad congratulates J.R. for making it through a whole conversation without mentioning “Edward G. Robinson.” Tad says that no matter what Adam does to J.R., he has Dixie’s heart.

Babe doesn’t understand why she has to keep coming back to her mom to sort everything out. Jenny starts crying and Krystal leaves to check on her. Babe takes her shoes off and lays down on the couch. She has a daydream about Ritchie.

Colby takes Dre to the Chandler mansion tunnels and tells him that he can stay as long as he wants. Colby tells him that it was part of the Underground Railroad.

Tad gets home and Krystal says that she is happy to see him. Krystal asks him to hold her.

Babe gets home with Little Adam. Someone knocks on the door so she puts Little Adam on the couch. She opens the door and sees J.R. J.R. says that he was in the neighborhood, but Babe questions that. Babe asks him where he is staying and offers to let him stay at her place in Little Adam’s room for the night because she had a nightmare.

Annie comes in and tells Ryan that she called everyone to give them updates. She looks up and sees that he wrote, “I’m alive” on some tape and stuck it on his bandages.

Hannah and Sean continue kissing. They leave the park together.

Kendall comes out and tells Josh and Zach that the boys are asleep. She asks about Hannah and Josh says that there is nothing yet, but Hannah will be found. Josh tells Zach that Hannah was working for Adam Chandler to spy on Zach. Kendall asks Zach not to do anything crazy with Hannah.

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