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All My Children Update Monday 1/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Hannah points a gun at Kendall’s forehead. Ryan pushes Kendall out of the way and ends up getting shot in the side of the head. Everyone rushes over to Ryan. Babe calls for an ambulance. Aidan goes out on the roof of the building across the street and finds a bullet casing. Zach tries to keep Ryan awake. Everyone tells Ryan that he saved Kendall. Ryan keeps telling Kendall that she was the target. Ryan passes out. The medics arrive. Aidan comes back in and tells everyone about the casing. Kendall wonders who would do something like this. The medics say that it doesn’t look good and get ready to take Ryan to the hospital. Kendall tries to run after Ryan, but Zach stops her. Greenlee starts making calls and Babe leaves to tell Annie. Aidan stops Greenlee from leaving. Zach tells Kendall to get away from the window. Kendall realizes that she was the target and realizes that Zach knew it was meant for her. Zach promises to find out who did it. Zach and Kendall leave to be with Ryan.

Richie explains to a doctor that he has leukemia. The doctor says that he might be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. Richie says that the doctor’s ruled that out before, but the doctor explains that there has been more research in the field and that more people are becoming candidates. Annie asks what the chances are about him living. The doctor says that the chances are 20-25 percent. Richie asks about the next step. Richie asks Annie if she wants to save his life when the doctor announces that a relative is the best chance.

Hannah shows up at Josh’s apartment. Hannah says that she doesn’t know what happened and why the cops are outside.

The medics bring Ryan in and Joe rushes over. They order some tests and an IV. Kendall and Zach get there. Joe says that they stopped the bleeding. Joe says that he wouldn’t bet against Ryan and asks if they have notified Annie.

The doctor explains the risks to Annie. Richie explains that he and his sister aren’t very close. The doctor leaves so that they can discuss the possibility of the transplant. Richie thinks that his chances just dropped back down to zero. Babe rushes in and tells Annie that Ryan has been shot. Annie rushes out.

Joe realizes that Ryan’s pulse is getting weaker. Joe speaks to Ryan. Kendall realizes that it was supposed to be her in there. Kendall thinks that Ryan is going to die. Zach tells her that Ryan will be fine. He asks how she is doing. Zach leaves to make a phone call and asks someone to make sure his father is still in custody.

Josh and Hannah are kissing and he pulls back. He asks her what she is doing. Josh tells her that she is acting strange. Josh admits that he didn’t believe that she was over Zach. Josh realizes that Hannah was working for Adam to spy on Zach. Hannah says that nothing matters now and Josh asks what she did.

Annie shows up and Kendall tells her that Ryan is still alive. Annie asks Joe about Ryan. Annie turns to go see Ryan and Joe tells her that Ryan is safe. Joe tells her that Ryan pulled through. Annie and Kendall hug. Zach confirms that his father is still paralyzed and locked up. He hangs up and gets the news about Ryan.

Aidan shows someone out and asks Greenlee how she is doing. Greenlee thanks Aidan for staying with her. Greenlee admits that she would have never made it to the hospital. Aidan tells her that he will make sure she rests. Greenlee jumps and screams, “Oh my God, Zach.”

Zach tries to call Josh. Hannah asks Josh to guess what she did. When Josh’s phone rings, and she sees it's Zach, Hannah pulls a gun and knocks Josh out.

Babe gets an update and says that she will call back later. Richie asks about Ryan. Babe asks what Richie and Annie were talking about. Richie claims that it was family stuff. Richie tells her what the doctor said about a bone marrow transplant. Richie says that Annie won’t try to save his life. Babe tells Richie that it is okay to hope. Richie breaks down in tears and Babe comforts him.

Annie asks Joe if she can see Ryan. Kendall thinks it would be good for Ryan and Annie. Zach says that Kendall is always right. Joe agrees to let Annie go in to see Ryan. Annie goes in and Ryan wakes up. He makes a joke about dying and going to heaven. He tells her that he feels lucky. Ryan tells her that he will be fine and that he is alive.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she meant to say his name, not Zach’s. Aidan says that he is okay with her saying Zach because they went through a lot and they got close. Greenlee calls him a saint, but he denies it. They start kissing and his phone rings. Kendall tells Aidan that Ryan will be fine. Greenlee wants to know what is going on. Aidan tells her that Ryan is okay.

Zach leaves a message for Josh.

Josh wakes up and Hannah says that she couldn’t let him talk to Zach. Josh offers to help her. Hannah admits that she tried to kill Kendall. Hannah threatens to shoot Josh. Hannah says that she missed. Josh asks her why she did it. Hannah explains that Kendall was going to be punished for her crimes and then Zach would turn to Hannah. Josh tells her that Zach would never turn on Kendall. Hannah tells Josh that Ryan pushed Kendall out of the way and ended up taking the bullet. Hannah says that Kendall doesn’t know it yet, but justice will be served. Hannah says that this way Zach will know the feeling of losing everything he loves. She tells Josh that she had to give up Ethan and Zach when she was 17. Hannah says that Kendall is really good at stealing other people’s lives and that Kendall will lose everything good to her.

Richie apologizes to Babe for crying. Babe tells him that he is human. Richie explains the feelings he went through since he has been diagnosed. Babe thinks that Annie will come through for him and that Annie still cares what happens to Richie. They talk about past mistakes. Babe tells Richie that she kidnapped Bianca’s baby and explains to him what was going through her mind. Richie tells Babe that he wishes he could go back to when he was just Wes the bartender because it was the greatest day of his life. They kiss.

Annie asks if it hurts. Ryan says that he could go out and run a marathon. Ryan asks about Kendall. Ryan wonders who would shoot at Kendall, and why. Ryan says that Zach would have done the same thing for Annie. Ryan makes jokes in front of Kendall and Zach. Kendall thanks Ryan. Ryan says that he is glad he got there in time and asks if they know who the shooter was. Kendall asks if she and Zach can do anything for Ryan. Ryan says that Annie will take good care of him and tells Kendall to be careful. Zach thanks Ryan for what he did and Ryan says that one day they will be even. Kendall kisses Ryan on the cheek and then leaves with Zach. Zach tells Kendall that he has to go over to Josh’s house to let him know what happened. Kendall tells Zach that she is going too.

Josh tells Hannah that gunshots make a lot of noise. Hannah says that she doesn’t want to shoot him. Josh tries to get her to put the gun down and tells her that she is acting crazy. Hannah says that she is going to wait for Zach to get there. Hannah tells Josh that she has been waiting for Zach for her whole life.

Babe pulls back from kissing Richie. Babe suggests that she leave to check on Ryan and Annie. She tells Richie how happy she is for him and leaves. Richie sticks something in a magazine and throws it away.

Ryan and Annie talk in his hospital room. They share a kiss.

Aidan catches Greenlee moving around. Aidan tells her to rest and to stay lying down. Aidan asks if she needs anything and Greenlee says that all she needs is to be with him. They start kissing.

Josh tells Hannah to think about what she is doing because it isn’t going to make the pain go away. Josh offers to talk to Zach. Kendall and Zach knock on the door. Hannah moves and points the gun towards the door. Hannah tells Josh to invite them in.

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