AMC Update Friday 1/4/08

All My Children Update Friday 1/4/08


Written by Bonnit

Zach, Kendall, Aidan, Greenlee, and Ryan are celebrating the victory of getting Kendall and Greenlee free. They prepare chips, dips and drinks. Zach and Kendall are glad to be together again, and they show it by flirting, nuzzling and touching each other. Aidan shows it by giving Greenlee a foot massage.

Josh returns from a trip and meets Hannah in her office. When he asks for an update on business transactions. Hannah talks to him about the sell-out of Chandler Enterprises. Josh is concerned that Hannah did not apprise Zach of her intentions to sell the company in small shares. Zach should have been informed. She is nervous about the questioning. Josh is suspicious, and begins to read the portfolio in detail.

Richie is upset that Babe came along with Annie to see him in the hospital's Psych ward. He does not want Babe to witness his plan to frame Annie for his death. He asks Babe to leave by giving her the excuse that he does not want her to see him dying. His rudeness results in Babe leaving. He begs Annie to stay in order to carry out his plan to frame her for his murder.

Greenlee and Kendall list all the things that they should be grateful for. They talk about plans for Fusion and their families.

Hannah tries to convince Josh to leave and celebrate with Kendall. He senses her mood and asks her out for a drink. She mentions that she has other plans. Hannah is jealous of how Zach always saves Kendall. She is angry that Kendall got off. Josh mentions that Hannah still has a thing for Zach, but she denies it. After Hannah leaves, Josh thoroughly reviews the records for the Chandler Enterprises split.

Greenlee and Zach mention reading the love letters they found in the bomb shelter. She mentions that she read them as a form of therapy. Kendall mentions that writing is a great form of therapy as well. She tells Zach that it helped her forget about missing her husband. Aidan and Ryan slap each other on the back for their handling of the Greenlee situation.

While Annie was talking to Richie, the crazy guy, pretending to be his doctor, came in, and repeated his phone lines to Annie which caused her to rush to see her dying brother. Annie figures out that Richie pulled a prank to get her to the hospital. She starts to leave, but Richie convinces her to stay with lies of his wanting to confess to all of his crimes. Annie is always pulled into Richie’s madness.

Aidan and Kendall continue to show guilt of their “grief sex.”

In her Yacht Club room, Hannah is in her underwear practicing her shooting skills. She is on her balcony aiming the rifle at Greenlee’s apartment. She focuses first on Ryan, then Zach, and last Kendall. The Kendall group joke about community service, and what it could be. Kendall is sitting on the sofa next to Zach. Ryan is next to Zach on another sofa. Ryan stands up and walks toward the window. He turns around and notices the red beam on Kendall’s forehead. He yells out to Kendall, while looking out of the window at the shooter. As the bullet fires, he runs toward Kendall and pushes her out of the way. The bullet hits Ryan and grazes his left temple. Kendall tries to help Ryan, but Zach orders her to stay down.

Richie offers Annie a confession letter while holding his knife in his pocket with which he's going to stab himself and make it look as though Annie did it. As Richie begins to set Annie up to stab him, his real doctor arrives to tell him that he just may live. Richie’s plan to frame Annie is foiled again.

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