AMC Update Thursday 1/3/08

All My Children Update Thursday 1/3/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Erica was awaiting word on the beginning of Kendall’s trial. While waiting, she was taping a show at “New Beginnings” called “Women’s Help In Prison”. At first she rejected the show, because Kendall is in danger of serving time, but she later agreed to the taping. Once the trial commenced, Erica headed to the courtroom to support Kendall.

Tad, and Krystal sat in a restaurant eating breakfast with Jenny. They were having a hard time trying not to stare at JR, and Adam sitting in the corner.

Adam invited JR to breakfast. Adam wants to make amends, but JR is refusing all affection.

Babe and Annie are at Fusion thinking about Ritchie. They mention joining Kendall at the courthouse, but both decide that it is in Kendall’s best interest to continue their work at Fusion.

Today is the day that Greenlee will be going home. Aidan is at the hospital to pick her up. Greenlee, being just as stubborn, and pig-headed as Kendall, wants to go to the courthouse. Dr. Martin overhears Greenlee’s request, and warns her against over doing it. She need rest and should go straight home.

Jack has made a deal with the DA. His plea is that Kendall was under emotional duress, because of life stresses. Kendall insists on pleading guilty, and telling the truth so that Greenlee is set free. Jack, Ryan and Zach try to dissuade her plea. Jack tries to explain to Kendall that her plea is just a technicality to get the charges dismissed, but she refuses to listen. Zach accuses her or throwing away their future. Ryan remind her that she is Spike’s mother, and it would not be in Spike’s best interest to grow up without a mother. Zach tells her to let her feeling’s go, because without the plea she could get 24 years. Kendall does not listen, she stand up, and plead guilty.

JR accuses Adam of holding back the DVD, which is evidence of his innocence. Adam continues to beg for forgiveness. He just wants to be JR’s father, but JR rejects him. Adam will buy JR’s love for $50 million. JR is intrigued, and questions how Adam will be able to pay that amount. Adam admits that he will be coming into a fortune, which will put him back on top. JR is still intrigued, and listens in earnest.

In his mind, Ritchie set up a plan to entrap Babe for his death. He is dreaming his plan to invite Annie to the hospital, place a knife in her hand, and grab her hand as he falls on the knife. This plan will set Babe up since her fingerprints will be on the knife. He would accuse her of killing him as he dies. The doctor reviews findings on Ritchie’s current condition. Ritchie is curious, but the doctor does not share information about his findings. Annie receives a call from Ritchie’s doctor telling her that her brother is on his last leg. The doctor calls Annie because he feels that someone should be with Ritchie in his final hours. Ritchie had a patient pretend to be the doctor, and make the call.

Hannah walked into the courtroom. Zach notice her entrance, and gave her a “what the heck are you here for” look. Erica walks into the courtroom, and Zach made room for her next to him.

Kendall tells the truth with flashbacks as reinforcement. The judge praises her for telling the truth, but believe she should be punished, because of the seriousness of her crimes. Greenlee comes in stating that she aggravated Kendall, and caused the crimes. Based on Greenlee’s testimony, the judge agreed to accept the DA’s plea-bargaining. After the judge read the verdict, which gave Kendall a $50,000 fine, 500 community hours of service with five years probation, Hannah left the courtroom in an angry mood.

Annie took the bait and arrives at the psychiatric ward to see Ritchie. Ritchie reach for the knife, but as he reached for the knife, Babe walked in, and foiled the plan. Ritchie placed the knife back in his pocket.

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