AMC Update Wednesday 1/2/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written by Gisele

As Kendall sits in the police station waiting to be processed, Zach confronts her about her decision to throw away their family.  Kendall insists she had to turn herself in to clear her conscience.  Jack enters and offers to represent Kendall, because of what she still means to him despite her battles with his daughter.  Since Kendall is honored by his offer, he goes to arrange her bail.  As Kendall hugs Zach, she and Aidan exchange a long glance which Jack notices.  Once alone with Aidan, Jack wonders why his feelings for Kendall have suddenly changed.  Jack senses Aidan's hiding something, but he assures him he loves Greenlee more than anything, and nothing else matters.  Jack then warns him that if he breaks his little girl's heart, he will find in him the worst enemy he can imagine.

Finally back home, Zach makes Kendall understand that he fought to get back to his family, and now she's going to prison, because she thinks she can do everything on her own, just like before he disappeared.  If they're not a team, he wonders what they are.  Although Kendall says she's sorry, Zach wants her to tell him what she's hiding.  When Kendall cries about wanting to take the pain away and their bad karma, Zach hugs her, then kisses her passionately as she asks for his love and to make her forget what she's done.  As their ardor takes over, Zach presses Kendall against the wall, then they slowly lower themselves to the floor.

In her hospital bed, Greenlee assures a concerned Aidan that she's fine but doesn't understand why Kendall is confessing when she has forgiven her.  Aidan explains that Kendall needs to do it because of what she did to her.  When Joe goes over her chart and declares her in no immediate danger, Greenlee begs to be released and agrees to follow all of the doctor's orders.  If all of her tests are ok, Joe agrees to let her go tomorrow.  In the hall, however, he asks a nurse to do additional blood work on Greenlee, because something isn't adding up.  Aidan and Greenlee celebrate her imminent release with him crawling into bed with her.  With Aidan's arms around her, Greenlee basks in the happiness that all her dreams are starting to come true.

Alone in his big house, Adam leaves a message for Stuart inviting him over for coffee sometime.  Hannah arrives at Chandler Mansion with Zach's head on a platter for Adam.  She explains that before Zach disappeared, he ordered her to break up Chandler Enterprises which she sold to dummy corporations for pittance, so it will be easy for him to put his company back together.  Though Adam expresses concern, Hannah assures him that she covered her tracks and Zach won't have a clue until it's too late.  Finally convinced, Adam calls her a remarkably clever woman and offers to make her a part of his team.  When Adam makes a toast to Chandler Enterprises, however, she drops her glass, because she won't drink with anybody she loathes, then declares she's done with it all and walks out.  Following her to the door, Adam points out that she betrayed Zach because he scorned her which makes her hate him.  The tragedy is that he'll never know how much she also loves him.  When Adam asks if Zach reciprocates her feelings, she assures him that she always settles her debts.  After Hannah leaves, Adam calls an emergency meeting of his company's executive board and drinks to the fact that he's still standing.  Back in her room, Hannah smiles and begins to disrobe.

When J.R. visits Babe, he tells her how Amanda had his alibi all along and his father knew about it.  He then expresses regret for having let her go.  While they open Christmas presents together, J.R. looks at a drawing his son made saying, "I love my daddy," and is glad he now has time to show him how much he loves him, too.  Babe loves the bracelet J.R. gives her.  As J.R. places more presents around Babe's tree, he finds a box she has for Richie and cautions her not to involve herself with such a troubled person, especially for their son's sake.  Although Babe assures her ex that she's not attracted to Richie, she feels he has no say in her life anymore, but J.R. insists she stay away from Richie and storms out.  Little Adam returns home and shows his mom a picture he drew for his dad where they are all happily standing in front of their own home.

In the hospital's Psych ward, Richie informs the prison psychiatrist that he's chosen the day he's going to die next week.  After a little baiting, Dr. Chambers admits that Richie is a dangerous sociopath whose death will be a relief to anyone who's ever had the displeasure of knowing him.  Richie takes pleasure in notifying his former doctor that the deal is off, and he's named a new beneficiary -- Babe Chandler.  Incensed, the doc assures Richie it's not over and leaves.  Richie picks up the phone and orders someone to take care of his problem with the doctor.  As he walks into the Psych ward, J.R. throws Babe's present to Richie into the trash can, then advises him to stay away from his wife or else.  Chuckling, Richie points out they are no longer married but assures J.R. that he won't see Babe again and just tell her goodbye for him.

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