AMC Update Monday 12/31/07

All My Children Update Monday 12/31/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan decorates the penthouse and tells Annie that she can come in now. They kiss.

Richie talks to Dr. Chambers on the phone about the insurance policy. Lily goes to visit Richie.

Jack arrives at the club the same time Erica does. They suggest that they were invited by each other.

Kendall tells Derek that she set up Greenlee. Zach steps in and tries to keep her quiet. Greenlee suggests that they just let it go, but Derek says that too many laws have been broken. Aidan tells Derek to do the right thing. Zach steps up and tells Derek to arrest him. Zach tells Kendall to let him handle it. Kendall agrees to answer Derek’s questions.

Krystal and Tad come home. She suggests that they do “what married people do” and Tad makes a joke. Colby comes downstairs.

Jack and Erica deny inviting each other. They have a seat and Erica looks at a note in her purse. They realize that someone set them up. Jack thinks it was Lily.

Richie and Lily talk. Lily admits that she overheard him talking about a murder. Richie apologizes for scaring Lily. Richie tells her that Ryan decides when he gets out of there. Lily shows him a mystery book and Richie asks to borrow it.

Ryan and Annie toast to love, family and happiness. They discuss the good things that happened in 2007 and then share a dance.

Derek tells them to get their stories straight. Greenlee and Zach agree that everyone being safe is all that matters. Derek reminds them that they have all abused the law. Derek says that he expects someone to do the right thing and confess. Derek leaves and they discuss what happens next. Kendall yells at Zach for interrupting her.

Hannah overhears Derek on the phone saying that Kendall is going down for “it”.

Greenlee agrees with Aidan and Zach. Greenlee admits that she took Spike the first time. Kendall says that Greenlee doesn’t know what Kendall did to betray her. Greenlee wonders what she is talking about.

Colby tells Tad and Krystal about the band playing at a club. Colby tells them about an investigator looking for Dre. Colby asks them if they had plans. Krystal says that there is nothing real about her marriage to Tad. Colby leaves to get ready. Krystal tells Tad that she wants their marriage to be real. She throws the remote and it breaks a vase. They kiss.

Annie and Ryan talk about what will happen when Richie gets released. Ryan explains to her what he did to make sure Richie doesn’t get out.

Richie asks Lily about the book. Richie asks Lily how to plan a crime and blame it on someone else.

Erica and Jack talk about Lily. Erica accepts that her and Jack aren’t together anymore. She gets ready to leave and Jack takes her hand.

Zach says that he and Greenlee knew what they were facing, but Kendall and Aidan didn’t know what they would find. Aidan suggests that they move forward and Kendall agrees. Greenlee tells Kendall that if she apologizes again, Greenlee will have to slap her. Kendall is happy that Zach and Greenlee became close. Kendall leaves to get some air. Greenlee asks Aidan to get her a turkey sandwich. Zach asks Greenlee why she is struggling for breath and she claims that she is having panic attacks. Hannah walks in.

Aidan confronts Kendall. Aidan tells her that sacrificing herself will not make anything better. Aidan wonders if Kendall would feel better after confessing or if she would tell the truth about them sleeping together. Kendall says that it never happened.

Zach asks Hannah why she is there. Hannah asks if there is anything she can do. Zach says that they will talk at the office and thanks her for coming by. Hannah leaves. Zach tries to tell jokes, but Greenlee stops him. Zach says that he is going to protect Kendall and Greenlee. Greenlee asks for some water and says that it is hot in there. Greenlee passes out and Zach goes for help.

Jack asks Erica to sit down. Jack suggests that they celebrate their families being safe. Erica brings up when Jack told her he didn’t love her anymore and she says that they will always love each other and need each other. Jack tells her that she is one of a kind and that he will always love her.

Lily tells Richie that it would be easy to set someone up for a crime. She explains the steps to him. Richie tells her to come back to visit anytime. She leaves and he tells himself to remember to keep it simple.

Annie asks Ryan about the donation he made to keep Richie locked up. They start kissing and undressing each other.

Tad and Krystal quickly sit up when Colby comes in. Tad tells her not to get in trouble. Krystal says that Colby’s curfew for that night is dawn. They tell her to have fun and she leaves. They go back to what they were doing and Jenny cries.

Aidan tells Kendall that he wishes it never happened, but it did. Kendall wishes they had been faithful. A nurse comes over and tells them that Dr. Martin wants them.

Joe is examining Greenlee and starts an IV. Greenlee opens her eyes. Joe says that Greenlee is going to be alright. Greenlee asks how her best buddy is and Kendall says that she is right there.

Zach is sleeping and Kendall covers him up. Kendall kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Jack and Erica share a toast.

Richie looks at Lily’s phone number and goes over to the phone.

The phone interrupts Ryan and Annie, but they don’t stop what they are doing. Richie leaves Annie a message.

Krystal comes out and sits down. Tad gives her a beer. He picks up the remote and she takes it away from him. They start kissing again.

Hannah checks her messages. Hannah pulls something out from under her bed. She flips through pictures and newspaper articles.

Aidan and Greenlee share a toast and then cuddle up together.

Kendall arrives at the police station to see Derek. She admits that she set Greenlee up. They take her fingerprints and mug shots.

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