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All My Children Update Friday 12/28/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca visits with Babe at Fusion.  They talk about their past, and Bianca’s current visit.  Babe asks about Zoe, and Bianca tells her they are friends, but not lovers.  They occasionally see each other. 

Adam visits Erica at “New Beginnings” to tell her about the marriage between Tad and Krystal.  He talks to her about her issues with Jack, and she talks to him about dealing with Tad and Krystal’s marriage. 

Julia draws blood from Jack.  The blood is for Greenlee.  They talk about Greenlee and Erica.  Jack is adamant that he and Erica are through. 

Kendall and Greenlee talk about Zach and Greenlee’s surprise at how caring, friendly, and reliable he is.  They broke through their barrier of contempt for each other.  Kendall apologies to Greenlee for falsely accusing her of kidnapping Spike.  Greenlee talks about how Kendall set her up by framing her for Spike’s second kidnapping.  Kendall promises to get Greenlee out of the mess with the police.  Greenlee is happy that they are a team again.  She wants to work with Kendall to free herself from possible imprisonment.  She reminds Kendall that she should not and cannot do it alone. 

Aidan visits Zach wanting to know how they can free Greenlee of the charges.  Zach suggests that they work together.  Zach vows to protect Greenlee and Kendall.  He is afraid of Kendall’s impulsive behavior, which can land her in trouble.  Aidan questions Zach’s loyalty to Greenlee.  Zach explains that the time in the hole with Greenlee allowed them to discuss their differences and make amends.  They had to depend on each other in the hole, and that drew them closer together.  Zach promised not to leave Greenlee hanging.   

The band talks to Dre about a sound check and a gig for New Year's Eve.  Dre bows out and makes excuses for not being able to attend.  He is acting very suspicious as he cites "family stuff.”  Colby questions him about his behavior and reasons but he brushes her off.  A private investigator comes to the door looking for Andre Woods who is better known as Dre.  Colby, Sean, Ren, and Corinna all cover for Dre by telling the investigator that Dre moved to Chicago or maybe Cleveland.  The investigator is looking for Dre for his father, because he is needed for an important family matter and leaves his business card.

Greenlee continues to praise Zach.  She tells Kendall that they got past the bad stuff, and now they are able to have a friendship.  In her words, Zach is amazing, patient, and he kept her strong and focused.  She wants Kendall to know that she was wrong about Zach.  Kendall is surprised at how close Greenlee and he became.  Greenlee agrees that they got close, but she let Kendall know that she did not take advantage of him.  That statement caused Kendall to have flashbacks of the “grief sex."

Zach wants to know if Aidan will work with him to keep Greenlee out of jail.  He calls Dr. Martin and asks to be released.  Dr. Martin would like to keep him in the hospital one more night for observation, but Zach insists that he be released.  Aidan thanks Zach for saving Greenlee.  Zach believes that he and Greenlee are even since they saved each other’s life.  Zach insists that they all work to keep the family together. 

Erica and Adam talk about mending their relationships.  She tries to stay positive in the belief that they will get back together.  Erica believes that she and Jack belong together.  She believes that she will get Jack back, and Adam believes that he will get Krystal back. 

Tad and Krystal got married to keep the family (Jenny, Tad, and Krystal) together, and to keep Adam out of their lives.  Krystal and Tad talk about not getting any loving.  Krystal suggests that they eat, or just have at it.  To make it clear to Tad, she asks him to make love to her. 

Zach wants to know how Aidan and Kendall found Greenlee and him.  Aidan has flashbacks of “grief sex” with Kendall.  Kendall discovered the shelter plans while sleeping on the floor.  Zach is sad that Kendall had to be alone.  Aidan said, “She was not alone.”  His guilt was obvious.

Preparing to return to Paris, Bianca and Miranda say goodbye to Babe at Fusion and to Erica at “New Beginnings."

As Kendall was returning to Zach’s room, she ran into Hannah who brought a gift basket for Zach.  Kendall refuses to let her enter the room.  Hannah threatens Kendall for rebuking her, and imagines Zach kissing her and thanking her for getting rid of Kendall.  Kendall insists on talking to Zach, Aidan, and Greenlee at the same time.  Zach tries to talk to her first, but she insists on implementing her plan.  After Derek enters Greenlee’s room, Kendall confesses to entrapping Greenlee.  Zach is outraged, and Aidan and Greenlee are shocked as well. 

Erica and Jack each receive a note to meet the other at the Yacht Club.

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